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4,5 von 5 Sternen17
4,5 von 5 Sternen
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am 17. Juli 2000
I've read lots of Vonnegut and frankly I thought this was one of his lesser works. Boy, was I wrong. Here we have Vonnegut at his most focused on a long time, tearing off page after page that will make you laugh and stop and think at the same time. The story is basically the autobiography of an obscure artist character in Breakfast of Champions, but here he turns Rabo into someone you might think is real, so does his humor and pain cascade off the page. He bounces back and forth between his past and his present at his mansion where he just wants to be left alone, in the great Vonnegut tradition (and he doesn't need time travel this time out), comparing and contrasting the worst moments of his life with the best and trying to figure out what it all means. To me, this is one of Vonnegut's most human novels, his sense of satire and wit are still apparent and sharp but the entire story isn't devoted to Vonnegut making some barbed point about us and society as a whole, it's there but there's more time put into having get to know Rabo has someone who might live down the street from us. I devoured this book and found myself satisified, even the long anticipated secret of what lies in the potato barn was well worth the suspense (and it really is), this is the most fun I've had with a Vonnegut book in long time. Probably one of his more obscure works, it deserves to be read along with his other classics. It may not reach those peaks but it comes darn close.
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am 23. Oktober 1999
Again, Vonnegut has come up with a work of literature that leaves the reader (or at least me) breathless and hungry for more of his brilliant work. In all honesty, the book did lose something partway through, and right up until the end I would have rated it only about a 3-1/2. But the ending of this book (as with Mother Night and other Vonnegut novels) was worth the entire book. The secret in the potato barn was incredible; it was everything I'd thought it would be, and more.
A superb book, definitely worth reading. It also made me realize (since this was one of the first Vonnegut books I'd read) how interconnected his books really are; Rabo dates back to "Breakfast of Champions," where the reader is almost compelled to dislike him. However, during the course of this book, not only did I end up liking Rabo, I found myself cheering for him, and even understanding him. A must-read for any Vonnegut fan, and even for those who don't have a Vonnegut fetish like I do. Brilliant.
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am 1. Juni 2000
This really is one of the best Vonnegut books I have read. I loved the simplistic story and straightforward plot, much easier to understand than Vonnegut's other books and the characters are more like real people making them much easier to relate to than a soldier who travels through time used in one of his other books for example. Mr. Vonnegut even has some realistic romance in this story, which makes it quite refreshing. Most of his other books portray romance as a human folly that always ends in tragedy (I can see his point but it's best to enjoy nice things while they last). I would highly recomend this book for anyone who loves Vonnegut or anyone who has hope for the human condition.
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TOP 500 REZENSENTam 17. Oktober 2013
Bluebeard ist eines seiner besten Bücher. Wunderbar geschrieben und voller unglaublichen Ideen. Und Vonnegut schreibt so überzeugend, dass man ihm einfach alles glaubt.

Die Idee zu diesem Roman, so sagt Vonnegut selbst, kam ihm, als die Preise für abstrakte Kunst geradezu lächerlich in die Höhe schossen. Da wurde Rabo Karabekian, der Erzähler von Bluebeard, geboren. Und der Roman enthält alles, was man an Vonnegut liebt. Zeitsprünge, Annekdoten und zynischer Humor an genau den richtigen Stellen.

Vonnegut versteht es, Dinge beim Namen zu nennen. Direkt, unverblümt und treffsicher.

Natürlich hat das Buch auch eine Handlung. Die fiktive Autobiografie erzählt von Krieg, Flüchtlingen, Hoffnungen und Ethik. Schwerer Tobak, möchte man meinen. Doch Vonnegut versteht es wie kein anderer, seine Geschichten spannend, interessant und unterhaltsam zu gestalten. Dank lebensfroher bis zynischer Blickwinkel macht das Lesen richtig Spaß!

Sein vorheriges Buch Galapagos gefällt mir zwar noch ein wenig besser. Ich mag die bizarre, surreale Komponente darin. Aber das ist eine reine Geschmacksfrage. In Sachen Erzählkunst sind beide Bücher genial!
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am 12. März 1999
Rabo Karabekian, a successful post-modernist artist of Armenian descent, struggles to create his autobiography while his present relationships evolve and his life's works and secrets are laid bare.
Karabekian is written in the same first person, reflective style of many of Vonnegut's creations. This somewhat aged character has always possessed tremendous artistic talent, which has led to his more memorable experiences. Estranged from many old friends and family, he attempts to catalog these in an autobiographical work. He meets a new, energetic woman-friend, who gives him a new perspective on life. Like the story-figure Bluebeard, his intriguing secret is the focus of much action in the story.
While the characters in the book are as developed and interesting as in many other Vonnegut works, the narration itself is laid out in an even more rambling style than usual.
Also, "Bluebeard" entertains while manifesting the simple bits of wisdom readers have grown to expect from Vonnegut.
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am 4. Oktober 1999
After reading other reviews of this book, I have come to the conclusion that it's a book for certain people, and those people love it to death, while the others find it a disappointment. Having said that, I must say that this is quite possibly the most moving book I have ever read. It is so much of an enigma to me as to what precise ingredients touch me so emotionally, but something in there spoke to me underneath the words. It's heartbreaking, beautiful, lonely, incredible, and as my title suggests, it hits, for me at least, incredibly close to home, as though I were a Rabo Karabekian in my last life. And, without giving it away, I thought the secret was, for lack of a better word, perfect.
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am 4. Mai 1999
I have read every Vonnegut novel, from PLAYER PIANO right up to TIMEQUAKE, and I can honestly say that he is one of the most uneven writers around. For every brilliant CAT'S CRADLE there is an equally ludicrous SLAPSTICK. That being said, I believe BLUEBEARD to be his best work. The story is wonderfully involving without relying on gimmicks (like BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS), and the characters are marvellously drawn. I can also say that this novel involved me emotionally more than any other of his books. Not only do I consider it Vonnegut's best, but I would probably rate it among my personal favorites. Compelling and touching.
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am 14. Januar 1999
I saw Kurt Vonnegut speak once and he said the best literature had the honesty to not tell us if life and it's experiences is good or bad. "The truth is, we don't know." In Bluebeard, he once again creates a character who is going through life without telling us what parts are worthwhile and maybe doesn't know himself. The journey is what seems to matter and how it shapes each person's soul - that piece of ourselves which we lock away like bluebeard, letting others see only at high risk. This is a marvelous book.
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am 19. Februar 1999
This was my first Vonnegut book ever and it was....geez it was good. I finished the book in almost a day (i would have finished it straight but i had to go to class and eat dinner and such). It's not like something that's so gripping you can't put it down, it's more like it's just something that's so GOOD you don't want to stop. I really enjoyed it, and i'm definitely going to be reading some more Vonnegut in the very near future.
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am 11. Dezember 1998
I'm not into awarding stars to books, films, etc., but as long as it helps other people know how dear I hold a book within a particular author's bibliography, HEY, LET'S DO IT !! BLUE BEARD ranks definitely among the author's best. It's insightful, melancholic, yet inspiring ! People from all around the World: KURT VONNEGUT Jr. is not only worth your time, he's FUN, FUN, FUN !!
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