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am 8. Januar 2000
I am not going to comment as so many have on the quality of the content of this book. When dealing with a writer like Shakespeare, it is unnecessary to critique his writing, because nobody would be looking at his Complete Works if they didn't know if they liked his writing. However, I will try to give opinions that may help others decide whether or not to buy this volume of Shakespeare as opposed to another collection.
The binding, as some have said, is not of the highest quality, it seems. My copy is completely new (as evidenced by the "gilding" on the pages still sticking in places), yet there are significant creases where the book opens.
The thickness of the paper, which some have claimed is lacking, to me seems quite adequate, especially for a tome of this magnitude. I have recently been using extensively The Norton Anthology of American Literature, whose pages are as thin as tissue paper, so my basis of comparison may be off.
The text itself claims to be unabridged. However, for texts such as King Lear, where at least two conflicting manuscripts exist, the editors give no information as to what choices they themselves made regarding the text. Text that in other editions is noted as having been adjusted by editors is in this edition laid out as truth, with no indication whatsoever. If you are interested in this sort of thing, I would recommend the individual plays published by The New Folger Library, which have excellent editorial markings.
Another problem, in my opinion, is marginalia. This volume contains none, which makes it tremendously difficult if one intends to use this book as reading. Shakespeare is difficult reading even with textual notes, and without borders on impossibility. I'm not sure how easy it is to include extensive footnotes in an anthology like this, but little things like the accents to show when the stress in certain words (e.g. obliged) falls on the last syllable would be nice. For the individual plays with great notes, again I recommend the Folger Library editions.
I would add that the things I have critiqued here are not all things that might matter to another reader. I present them as my feelings, so take with a grain of salt.
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am 23. Juli 1998
Of course, this does not reflect on Shakespeare. The binding is terrible and the publisher seems to have forgotten the well established convention of including line numbers with the texts. If anyone expects to use their volume for a class or ever expects to need to refer to a specific line in the text, you shouldn't buy this edition. Also, there are no footnotes, another convention established because Elizabethan English differed significantly from modern English. Finally, the publisher seems to have decided that it was just not necessary to leave enough space for each line, often ending a line in the space above, which is the first time I've ever seen this done. Just buy the Riverside, Folger, Yale, or Oxford Shakespeare. Don't waste your money with this.
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am 5. Oktober 2012
Eine weitere Autorensammlung von Delphi Classics von hoher Qualität, wobei die entsprechende Sammlung von Goethes Werken ein wenig ausgereifter erscheint. Im Shakespeare sind z.B. vereinzelt Dramen nicht lesefreundlich genug formatiert (ausreichende Absetzung des Sprechers, Abstände der Absätze, etc.; hier bsp. in „Double Falsehood“), aber insgesamt befindet sich alles auf Delpi Classics Niveau. Ich habe vor dem Kauf einige Leseproben der verfügbaren Shakespeare-Ausgaben verglichen, alle anderen sind eine Katastrophe mit unausgereiftem oder gar keinem Layout und wären geschenkt auch noch zu teuer.

Die erwartbaren Delphi-Standards sind ein wohlsortiertes Gesamtinhaltsverzeichnis sowie ein jedem Werk beigestelltes internes Inhaltsverzeichnis; auf ein einblendbares Inhaltsverzeichnis (welches über „gehe zu“ eingeblendet wird) hat man verständlicherweise verzichtet, da dieses bei der gebotenen Textmenge schlichtweg unsinnig wäre. Shakespeares Quellen, sofern verfügbar, sind über das Vorwort des jeweiligen Dramas verlinkt; eine weitere nette Idee sind die Filmposter ausgewählter Verfilmungen. Vermisst allerdings habe ich ein Verzeichnis der Gedichtanfänge bei den Sonetten, hier werden lediglich die Nummern aufgeführt, was es unmöglich macht, gezielt ein einzelnes Sonett anzusteuern, dessen erste Zeile man nur noch vage behalten hat.

Zu beachten ist natürlich, dass es sich um eine Lese- und nicht um eine Studienausgabe handelt, auf Kommentare und dergleichen muss man hier verzichten und wird mit den Originaltexten alleingelassen. Wen das nicht stört, kann fortan zum Preis einer Tasse Kaffee den (beinahe) gesamten Shakespeare im lesefreundlichen und rückenschonenden Format mit sich herumtragen. Bewusst verzichtet man dabei jedoch auf eine gewisse intellektuelle Note im heimischen Bücherregal, denn einen vielfach teureren Betonklotz des gedruckten Shakespeare wird man dann wohl nicht mehr anschaffen wollen.
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am 18. Oktober 2009
I'm not going to say what I think about Shakespeare's work, just about this edition.

This book has loads of beautiful colored illustrations - the cover says they're more than five hundred.
-William Shakespeare by John Aubrey
-Shakespeare's Life
-Select Bibliography
-Sir John Gilbert, Illustrator& Painter
-The Shakespeare Head Press
-Dedications from the First Folio

as well as

-the plays


-poems and sonntes

and the


As I said before, this edition is just beautiful. The thin pages are bound in hard cover.

Well, I can really recommend it. You should consider buying this one! ;)
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Don't question it. As a complete Shakeperean collection, this book is, by far, the best one of its kind. If you love sonnets, plays, or crave the rush of owning a complet book such as this one, you will undoubtedly enjoy receiving its weighty wisdom in the mail. Whether a curious browser or an avid Shakesperean, you'll find it a literary treasure.
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am 20. Oktober 1998
An excellent one-volume edition of the Shakespeare canon, thoroughly reconsidered to present as closely as possible the plays acted on the stages of the London playhouses of Shakespeare's time. An essential volume on every literate person's bookshelf. I highly recommend it.
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am 22. Juni 2000
There are, obviously, pros and cons to buying any book. This edition of the complete works of Shakespeare is no different. Of course, Shakespeare is great no matter what the binding of the book looks like, but I would really hesitate to purchase a single book containing the complete works, if you're buying for everyday reading. I find that such large volumes are awkward, hard to hold and really thick. My personal collection of Shakespeare's works consists of single-work paperback volumes, not lovely to look at, but functional. Someday I hope to buy a set of the complete works in hardcover, but when I do, I'll look for a set, not a single book. However, if you're looking for the complete works in a compact package, this book is for you.
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am 19. August 2013
This book does not contain long winded dissertations or explanations. We have no distracting, no annotations, and foot notes; in fact nothing to distract us from the pure Shakespeare experience. This book naturally has all the advantages of a physical book of which I will not go in to. Among other advantaged this volume makes a great reference. Although if find myself reading for the fun and not just a reference.

I do of course have individual copies of my favorites (some with pictures). I also have kindle versions for better or worse.

Yet you cannot have too many versions and this is a keeper.

Just a note each page has a vertical line down the center so it as like two pages. I am not sure the purpose or the advantage. And do not expect a lot of illustrations they are more like black and white pictured of old paintings.
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am 16. März 1998
William Shakespeare's works make sense out of what it is to be alive. They cover every facet of the human condition, and include some of the most beautiful poetry ever written. Nobody should ever go through life without reading these incredible plays. And this edition is an excellent choice; it's not overpriced, it's thorough and clear; and unlike many collections of Shakespeare's Complete Works, you can pick it up and read it without breaking your arm. Highly, highly recommended.
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am 29. Juli 1999
I am only 14 years of age and I find Shakespeares art of an excellent manner.I loved Romeo and Juliet and was able to recieve a level 7 in a book report for it(The top mark possible in such a piece).The laungage may be difficult for some, but I was able to understand the text and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole book.
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