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am 18. Dezember 2011
At the back cover of this book there are such glowing reviews such as "Sensational book ... pivotal work ... provocative reading ...", but this book contains barely any thoughts that originate from the writer of this book. It is essentially a compillation of excerpts from books and techniques that have been around for a very long time - like Image Streaming Technique from The Einstein Factor by Win Wenger, Microcosmic Orbit from Awakening Healing Light of Tao by Mantak Chia, bits and pieces from NLP Techniques - mainly dealing with submodalities) and the work of Richard Bandler, bits and pieces from Vibrational Medicine by Richard Gerber, etc.

In the foreword to this book the author writes "I would write this book on weekends, late at night, and sometimes sandwiched between clients. I wrote parts at 30,000 feet on cross country plane flights" - and that's exactly how this book reads.

There are many other books that present works of other people, and that this book doesn't seem to have any original thoughts coming from the author (except few insights he got from his dog) wouldn't be a problem - the problem is that the book has no flow to it and every few sentences, as the author seems to change his state of mind, you are thrown into another direction, never sure if you're coming or going.

Since the book is entitled "Brain States", I have actually expected that that is what is book is going to be about, but there is only one chapter with 9 pages that deals directly with brain states.

Every once in a while, the author uses metaphors which I'm not sure how helpful they are in helping the reader to understand the main point. For example, to help the reader better understand neurons, he compares them to amoebas, and concludes that amoebas and neurons are not animals, but very few animals can live without them. I don't know if that was supposed to be funny or insightful, but there are books that much better explain neuroanatomy, that few pages at the beginning of this book.

It seems that the author has attempted to present here so many different techniques from different traditions and modalities and which may be helpful in alleviating problems or boosting performance that practically none of them are adequately explained.

The choice of books from which the excerpts for this book are taken is good and the reader would derive much greater benefit by reading those books. In that respect, I believe the 6 pages of the Appendix C with Resources to be the most valuable part of this book.
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