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am 25. Oktober 2011
I was really sceptical on this one, but I wanted to know especially what ElkY thinks, or much more how he thinks.

1st: This is definitely for advanced players. A lot of terms that are used are unknown to the beginner. Additionally there is so much information that a rookie will be overwhelmed with and wont be able to take all the pearls out of it.

2nd: Almost every sentence is full of wisdom. It is hard to keep all of the great ideas in mind, especially remembering those at the table is very hard. Even though hand analysis is kept short, it shows the essence of it, which is perfect.

3nd: The structure of the book is terrible. Everything seems random within the chapters. You quickly realize that none of the authors ever wrote some kind of structured script. It is more like a list of ideas on certain topics that are squeezed together without real interdependency. But to be honest, that does not matter too much as this is mostly due to the fact that we are talking about ideas and thoughts and not about a master analysis of a certain topic. It is an inherent problem that is simply due to the approach itself.

4th: A little advise from my side. Do not take every idea as a masterpiece. Just an example: Try to call with absolute shit hands (94s) against a tight player capable for going all the way with top pair in the early stages of a tourney. When you flop like A94 or A44 you can win a lot. Hmmmmm ... what is the chance for such a flop to come? Even though 2 pair is nice, the guy might have a lot of outs on future streets. How about the players that will act behind you ... Anyways, the idea is to exploit the behaviour of an opponent, therefore it is fair enough to mention this idea.

At the end you will have a book full of little magic in your hands. A thinking player will know how to use some of these ideas and add them to his style of play. In a world full of bad poker books this is a real masterpiece giving insight into how you should or at least could approach the game. And last but definitely not least, it gives insight into how a pro thinks, which is the basis for outplaying him!
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am 15. September 2011
das buch ist super und behandelt alle aktuellen themen. kann es also leider nur weiter empfehlen :)was aber schade ist da andere spieler auch besser werden
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