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2.0 von 5 Sternen great history, below standard characters, 25. November 2011
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Rezension bezieht sich auf: The Golden Catch: A Thriller (English Edition) (Kindle Edition)
Somewhere in the forum there is a thread about somebody looking "for a really good read".

this title came up - in self promotion by the author and I guess it was mentioned by somebody else as well.

To tell you the truth - this is not a really good read, though it sounds like it reading what the promotional lines on the product page say.

Lets start with what was good: the historical background. I really enjoyed that and with my non-existing knowledge of the Korean dynasties I found it really interesting, particularely with the link to this "lost" treasure and the WWII tie-in. I like the setting - that remote Aleutian island, the feel of the storm and snow... The author really managed to convey a feel of that landscape, the forces of nature and the historical injustice of why this treasure came to Kiska in the first place.

About what was not so good, I don't really know where to start...

For me the most important feature of a book is THE character, the person in the story I can relate with (so to speak). I doesn't matter if this guy/ gal is the baddie or the goodie, I need to be interested...

Frank has the potential of a good character, his background and the events he gets involved it make for a good hero... but unfortunately the perils in his life, the remorse and the constant feeling sorry for himself were getting on my nerves... oi, guy. Man up! you're a killer, you can't seriously have expected this not to affect your life / your family. Deal with it.

The odd comment about this might have worked, but the author really indulges in this and made me roll my eyes. I don't feel pity for Frank, which might be deserved, or feel with him in his attempt to become a better (non-killing) person... nope, nothing.

luckily the passages were the remose was simply shelved away somewhere way back where the reader doesn't have to see it, are good. and there are quite a few of these... that's where the book acutally makes a good read.

another thing nagging at me was the shop talk on board the Pinishi (that huge freight ship)... okay, I'm not a native speaker, so maybe I was just lagging the vocab, but for the better part of that chapter, I had no idea where this guy was...I always find knowledge is good, but you don't have to share everything you know, and on top of everything else I didn't like about this book, this just tipped the scale further towards "dislike".

Finally - luckily not the ultimate final straw - there are a few loose ends at the end of the story I would have liked to be tied up... they weren't but at the same time, luckily the overly depressed and remorseful hero at least didn't commit suicide, which at some point was actually dreading he would. Not because it would have been a shame, but simply because it would have made that story really bad.

So overall, yes you can read this book, and for this prize it's not like I'm pulling my hair out - but prepare yourself for a weakly drafted main character, several exagerations of his super-hero powers, unlikely events (swimming 20 minutes in icy, shark-infested waters, severely bleeding and without dying?) and loose ends at the end of the book.

As I said, had I really liked Frank all the other things wouldn't have mattered to me, because I'm quite forgiving if the character fits.
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