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am 25. Februar 2012
... if you download "The fallen star" you're actually buying a book without an ending - it all stopps right in the middle of action, no questions answered, evil seemingly wins, the heroine seemingly dead. Obviously, the author felt she needed some other kind of incentive for readers to purchase the follow up novel than simply writing a good book with a convincing plot. Well, she didn't. The first chapters are very nice to read, but then, at least for me, it all got just way too fantastic. I couldn't really relate to the heroine, who obviously has a problem of counting one and one together - by the time she finally solves a riddle, you kind of want to hit her on the head for getting there like three chapters after you did. She hardley ever does anything couragous or intelligent, and her admitting to acting stupid and unwitty constantly doesn't really make it better for the reader. Sorry, I'm not going to buy the next novel, for most likely, it will be another book without end - given that there is still No. 3 out there, and No. 4 coming up. I don't feel like reading TV-series with constant cliffhangers. If you don't either, stay away from this one.
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am 12. März 2013
Die Überschrift sagt es eigentlich schon alles. Beim Kauf hatte mich der Preis von 0€ verführt und ich bin froh,
dass ich keinen Cent für dieses Buch rausgeschmissen habe.

In dem Plot, wenn man das so sagen darf, gab es soo viele Logikfehler und Unschlüssigkeiten, dass man es nicht mehr tolelieren konnte.
Nur weil man ein Buch für Teenies schreibt, heißt es doch nicht, dass wir alle strohdumm sind und sowas nicht bemerken.
Vor allem hat mich der Hauptcharakter aufgeregt, dessen Entscheidungen bei einer scheinbar schizophrenen und
masochistischen Persönlichkeit für mich keineswegs nachvollziehbar waren.

Zum Thema Spannung kann ich nur sagen, dass keine Aufkommen konnte, denn nach wenigen Kapiteln hatte man als Leser
bereits die ganze Intrige durchschaut. Ab dann hatte ich das Gefühl als würde ich in einem schlechten Horrorfilm sitzen,
wo man dem dummen vollbusigen Mädel am liebsten zuschreien will nicht allein in das nächste Zimmer zu gehen,
wo ein offensichtlich der Killer ist. Natürlich kann sowas in manchen Fällen spannend sein, aber dieses Buch ist keiner davon.

Deswegen rate ich keinem Geld oder Zeit damit zu verschwenden.
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am 3. März 2012
I actually enjoyed the book, its story and it's worth seeing it through to the end because the books actually get better! I enjoyed the heroine, even though she did take a lot longer than me to figure a few things out, but there are these interesting characteristics that make her special. For example, the book starts with her just having experienced what it is like to actually have emotions. Meaning, she did not have any before. That is a somewhat different approach to such a story. Her struggle to make sense of all the newfound emotions is actually described nicely and it does not get boring. I for my part found the male character much more annoying but not in a way that made me put the book aside. I actually wanted him to get a grip and pull himself together so I kept reading to see what will happen. All in all I must say that I am looking forward to book 4 of the series. However, watch out for spelling mistakes!!!! There are loads of them, which is why I could not give 5 stars. The spelling and grammar is so bad at times that it seems like someone must have slept while getting this on paper. Too bad because otherwise it is a nice read!!
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