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am 12. Juni 2000
Like all the "For Dummies" books, this is a good purchase if you really don't know anything about the subject. I think there's a place for these books. They're a good for absolute beginners who want to get started. They can also help you decide if you like something enough to find out more about it. It's just that they're not that cheap and I think they almost always leave you wanting more.
If you know anything about hockey, you'll probably find much of this book useless or uninteresting. There are better books on how to play hockey (like Percival's Hockey Handbook) and about the sport (like Total Hockey) out there that are worth buying. You'll probably skim this book quickly and never pick it up again.
If you're just learning, this will give you all the basics along with a few bits of interesting information. Still, I'll bet you don't read this thing more than once. There are better books to get into the various aspects of hockey as a player, parent of a player, or fan.
I'd recommend this book to someone who just wants to watch hockey and have some idea what's going on...although finding a friend who can tell you is probably better and will only cost you a beer or two. If this book were cheaper or went a bit further I'd recommend it to more people. As it is, all I can say is with the title right on the front of the book you can't say they lied to you!
PS: This review isn't meant as a slam to the authors who I think did a good job. It's just a problem with this series or format. It serves a purpose, just a very narrow one.
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am 22. Juli 1998
When the NHL arrived in Arizona two years ago with the Phoenix Coyotes, I had the chance to attend a few games and was immediately HOOKED. Looking to learn more about what I am now convinced is the greatest sport ever invented I chose this book. I already knew the DUMMIES series from their excellent software guides and figured they'd be just as comprehensive here. I was not disappointed. HOCKEY FOR DUMMIES is now my hockey Bible. It includes sections on the history of the game, the rules, the equipment, coaching and training techniques, and advice on playing from the likes of Wayne Gretzky and Brian Leetch among others. Also included are profiles of the players past and present who have made the game: the famous (coaches, goal-scorers, goaltenders) and the infamous ("pests," "enforcers" and others.) There's even a section on fights and hitting which has helped me understand and at least respect that aspect of the game, even though I still don't care ! for it. HOCKEY FOR DUMMIES is a great introduction for the rookie hockey fan and an indespensable reference for the veteran.
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am 14. März 2000
For those who know nothing at all about hockey this may be a useful introduction, and that is apparently its purpose. It is rather shallow. Want to know what a "left wing lock" is? Or what the penalties are? Or what the basic theories of offense and defense are? Or even what the rules are? You can learn a very little about them from this book. But you'll learn more just by listening to the television announcers. Those familiar with the fine "For Dummies" series will expect more and may well be disappointed.
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am 29. Dezember 1998
I have been a hockey fan for about 2 years, and when I heard about this book, I had to get it. It took me a while, but when I finally got it, I was not disappointed!!! Hockey for Dummies is an excellent book! It gives an in-depth look at the game, and is very understandable. It was also of great use to me because I have been thinking of learning the great and excellent sport of hockey, and this book tells me basically everything I need to know. I would recommend this book for anyone!!!
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am 6. März 1998
Hockey for Dummies is the most comprehensive guide to the sport that I have ever read. Outstanding insight and thought by the author JD who knows the game inside and out, provides accurate and in-depth commentary about the sport. If you're just learning or want to learn about the fast and furious sport of Hockey, this book is a must. I keep mine next to the television remote during games to refer to the rules and plays section! Game ON!
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am 18. April 1999
i have enjoyed other "dummie" books, however this book didn't answer my questions, and i was displeased.my questions were simple and the book didn't even touch on them. simple things about how to play. i had to look else where to find answeres.what a waste of money for me.
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am 2. August 1999
Hockey for Dummies is the best book you can buy on the sport of Hockey. It's takes a humorous and in-depth look at the sport. It answered all my questions and is a great reference for the rules if i'm watching a game on TV.
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