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am 27. April 2013
Nach After Eden (Fallen Angels, Book 1) dachte ich mir, dass Engel-Romanzen schön sein können, und hab mir Ethereal runtergeladen. Und dann nach 30 Minuten lesen wieder gelöscht. Es war nicht soo schlecht, einfach nur langweilig, zusammenhangslos und vorhersehbar.

Ich würde ja etwas zum Inhalt angeben, aber da gibts nicht so viel. Flache Figuren, die keinerlei Persönlichkeit haben, naive, aufgesetzte Entscheidungen, und lauter verschiedene Engelsorten. Also, es hatte Potential... doch das wurde leider nicht ausgenutzt.

Die Idee therotisch ist gut, man müsste einmal nacheditieren, große Teile rausstreichen, und einige Erklärungen einfügen. Doch da es kostenlos ist, kann ja jeder mal reinlesen, tut schließlich nicht weh. Ich kenne allerdings weitaus bessere Bücher für 0 Euro, man muss nur mal suchen.

Generell werde ich jetzt die FInger von Engel/Gott Büchern lassen, weil die zu schnell seltsam und nervig werden.
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am 25. Februar 2013
I was so looking forward to starting a new series on angels since it was also my last book in the Paranormal Reading Challenge for February.
Yet, I was deeply disappointed by this one. I'm kind of glad that it was a freebie because I'm not sure whether it would be worth any money at all.

First of all, the plot. It has a lot of potential, angel story where there are several fractions of angels with different abilities. But the plot was more than just 'nice' and the potential unfortunately wasted. I didn't feel any of it, not even the evil part. There's lot's of talking about all the dangers and the threat to Skyla's life, but in the end only one murder attempt was made and it didn't feel that dangerous.
One of Skyla's and Logan's ability (them being both Celestras) was mind-reading. But they only seemed to used it on each other whenever they felt like it. Nothing too exciting here, either.
The problem with the plot is that it doesn't develop AT ALL. It just jumps from one conclusion to another. There are even big gaps. I mean Skyla sees Logan one time, thinks he is hot and that's it... they're a couple. Soon after, she throws the L-word around. Very very, way too often I turned the page to a new chapter, read a few lines, looked up and thought 'Huh? Did I miss something?'.
Example: Logan takes Skyla on a trip, he describes the place that he wants to go to her in great detail. I can already picture it and am curious what they will do there. Then, there is an incident on their way to this place. Chapter break. Skyla is at home.
This should give you a hint as to how full of huge, gaping holes the plot is.

Secondly, the characters. Skyla is supposed to be good-looking but I couldn't describe her a bit right now. So, her appearance doesn't really make an impression on anybody. But she does make an impression on me with her outright stupidity. Her parents are away for the weekend, best friend says 'Hey, let's invite some friends!' and every single person in the world knows that this is a bad idea, might be lots of fun but it's not very sensible when you want to keep a low profile. But not Skyla... when she sees the wasted house in the next morning, she's completely shocked. Whoa, how could that have happened?! By the way, she arrives there in the afternoon (!!!!), because of yourse no one could have guessed that there might be a lot of work in the house before the parents come home in the evening. She obviously has problems with logical thoughts. And reactions, too. Because when told that she is an angel she is .... (angry, shocked, surprised, confused, ignorant, troubled, whatever?) ... not touched in any way. She just asks one or two only slightly interested questions and then, guess what happens? Chapter break.
Logan and Gage were nice as characters, even though I couldn't understand their immediate love for Skyla at all.

As you can see, I had lots of problems with this novel which really is a pity because there IS so much potential and I'm kinda interested in how the story goes on. But I don't think I can once more put up with this 5th grade writing style (short, simple sentences, sometimes starting with the same word 5 times in a row), this missing plot development and the stupid decisions of the main character.

Was it just me or did you also have problems with this book?! Did you even read more in this series? (Then you could just tell me how it goes on.) I'd really like to hear about your reading experiences with Ethereal!
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am 31. März 2013
this is the worst book i have ever read. it was highly unlogical and the characters had very simple personalities.
i do NOT recommend it.
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am 11. April 2012
This series is something else. Skyla, a high school student, moves to Paragon island and discovers that there is a whole world of supernaturals out there and that she is one of them! But this world is on the brink of war and there is no way of knowing who the enemy is. Unless, of course, you agree to start a new race of supernatural beings with the Sector Marshall, aka the local maths teacher, by becoming his lover. But who would do that, when Gage, the nephew of Skyla's new boyfriend, Logan, tells her that he can see the future and that she's going to marry him instead. Maybe it's time to think about resurrecting his old girlfriend Chloe and dig up her grave? At least she seemed to be a nice girl on Skyla's time travels to the past!

This series is well written, creative, hilarious, deeply absurd and full of shocking turns of events.

I enjoyed reading books 1-6 so far, the only major flaw that has to be mentioned, is that actually almost none of the big questions and mysteries get resolved in these 6 books. There are great scenes, surprising twists, but in the end of each book you feel like nothing much has changed. That can be a bit frustrating.

I still give it 5 well deserved stars.
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