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4.0 von 5 Sternen Interesting, 17. Januar 2000
Von Ein Kunde
An intelligent book about the modeling business seems a contradiction in terms, but Michael Gross writes well and informatively about the models and their agents/scavengers/parasites. There are some caring agents, but the business also attracts oversexed adult men/agents whose main reason for entering the business is so they could have serial sex with 14 year old girls. If you have a 14 year old model daughter, who is going to a fashion shoot and/or show in Milan, GO WITH HER. Unless you want her deflowered prematurely, and to end up in rehab 10 years later. Yeah, she'll have enough money to PAY for rehab, but better she not have to go there in the first place. A model relates in this book how she was about 21 years old, with a friend the same age, walking through Paris, when they happened upon Jack Nicholson, who they had never met. They said, "Hi" and he invited them to a party at Roman Polanski's. Nicholson and Polanski were in their fifties or sixties. When the two girls entered the party, all they saw were 14 year old girls, and they thought, "We're too old!" (Girls in their early 20's, I remind you! ) The model took a puff on a cigarette handed to her, and passed out. She and her friend got out of there with their virtue intact. But what was Roman Polanski doing, giving something to 14 year old girls, that would make them pass out? What do you think he did with them once they passed out? Anyway, that was only part of the book, but it haunted me while reading the rest of it. These people are overpaid, overpraised (both the models and agents), often immoral, and you learn a lot about them when reading MODEL.
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5.0 von 5 Sternen A complete and detailed account of the modeling industry, 4. März 2000
I have been developing the most ideal modeling agency for the past 2 years. I am at my last round of revision on the business plan before meeting with investors. On this book alone, I found information that 2 years worth of research didn't provide. I haven't finished reading it yet, but find it hard to put it down, until I realize it's 2 hours before I have to get up! This book has provided strong insight into what I must watch out for and what I must do to succeed with my agency. His description alone of Eileen Ford, her personality , and the results of her attitude, helped me realize I have nothing to fear. That my concept can succeed. If Mr. Gross ever reads this, I would like to say thank you. my success will be built on this book.
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