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4,5 von 5 Sternen13
4,5 von 5 Sternen
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am 24. Mai 1999
It's been a while since I've read this book, and I realize now that Maria Von Trapp wrote it in the style of an earlier time in which the main characters look unfailingly noble. While we can admire the family's stand against the Nazis, the details that have been left out, which were recently revealed by A&E's "Biography" make them more human and realistic. For in reality, we learn that Maria was the stern, tempermental, dictatorial one and the Captain the more mild mannered one, and that it was against Maria whom the children had to fight for their independance when they wanted lives outside the singing group. The A&E version also gives a more detailed account of Maria's harsh childhood, that she hadn't always been so religious and in fact had been an atheist at one point, her stepchildren's true feelings about accepting her into the family, and the way Maria took her husband for granted. Her account of their lives resulted in one of the world's greatest musicals, and is a clear monument to virtue in the world, but as part of a modern audience, I don't mind a touch more reality and humanness to such stories. Without it, they seem a little too lofty and untouchable.
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am 22. Dezember 1999
My mother ran the gift shop at the Trapp Family summer camps in Stowe in the late '40s, and I spent my summers with her when I was three and four, the youngest child there. Agatha, the oldest daughter, appointed herself as my caretaker during those two summers, and I have many clear and wonderful memories of those times - Cor Unum, their home which later became the original Lodge, just completed; singing and dancing all day and evening, indoors and out; hiking Pico Peak singing; the family with their dirndls and braided crowns; and always, the figure of Maria, the Baroness, looming over all, larger than life, laughing and singing and leading the fun.
That said, this book was one of my earliest attempts to read a "big people's" book. I loved it - still do! - and the way it captured the characters of the people I knew. But I also recall my mother telling me that while the Baroness was a wonderful raconteur, her book, like all memoirs, was somewhat skewed and biased. She was not the holy innocent who had no idea that the Captain was in love with her and who meekly married him only because it was the will of God. She was an immensely strong-willed woman who knew exactly what was going on and also knew that she was entirely ill-suited to contemplative convent life. Which isn't to say that her account is untrue; light that passes through a prism is still light, although bent, and her account, while similarly bent, is still fundamentally true. There is some truth in all she says, but some of the details have been fluffed up a bit.
The family probably wouldn't have survived without her strength, will, and humor, and there is no doubt of her religiousity - she turned to charismatic Catholicism in her later years and was speaking in tongues. As is the case with all strong people, some people, including some in her family, had difficulties with her. And of course, the play and film bear very little resemblance to reality - the very fact that the family names weren't flossy enough for Hollywood tells you that the producers felt a need to tart up the story.
But I've always loved this book, and will continue to recommend it - forget the movie!
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am 23. August 1998
This is simply one the most uplifting books I have ever read! I adore the movie "The Sound of Music" but this book is even more amazing. The von Trapp family went from immense wealth to poverty in a very short time, but throughout their trials they never lost their faith that God would provide. I was also impressed that they were so easily able to recognize the evil around them (Hitler, etc.) for what it was. My favorite part of the book is when Georg gathers his family together and tells them, "Children, we have a choice now: do we want to keep the material goods we still have. . .our friends, and all the things we are fond of?--then we shall have to give up the spiritual goods: our faith and honor. We can't have both any more." The family chooses to relinquish their wealth and retain their honor. This is the best example I know of a family that stuck together through thick and thin.
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am 17. Oktober 1999
I, too, saw the A&E Biography of the Von Trapp family, which revealed the "real" story. So, while reading Maria's book, I had to be somewhat skeptical when she characterized herself as a decent, noble, loving mother, always ready to do the will of God, (Well, she probably was, at least in part.) Despite this skepticism, I still enjoyed the book. Parts of it are quite humorous, and others are filled with richly detailed descriptions of Austrian folk life and thier celebrations of holidays. Some parts were even a little moving, too. It was nice to hear what really went on, even if Maria left certain things out conveiently. There's no reason why anyone shouldn't read this, especially if they're interested in the story behind The Sound of Music. Even if it isn't the complete true story, it's still throughly engaging. And it's got to be at least half-true, so, oh, well.
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am 26. März 1997
This adventure is full of human laughter, tradition, and inspiration. The true story greatly surpasses "The Sound of Music" in humor, candor, and joy. You also get the rest of the story: after they flee Nazi Austria, they come to the United States to share their traditions and song, and it would inspire anyone to read how they survive through financial struggles, tour the nation singing, set up a humanitarian organization to aid severely depressed Europe at the end of WWII, and start music camps in Vermont. This is one of my three favorite books
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am 23. November 1999
This book is an easy read. It is interesting and there are many entertaining parts. Inspiring, uplifting? Less so. One soon realizes that Maria is the "Captain" here. Such amibition, enthusiasm and hard work is admirable but it becomes a little tiresome when piously clothed in "the will of God". Clearly all of this is the will of Maria. Read it for part of the "real" story. See the play and movie to see how great artists can make a story come alive and inspire us to better things.
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am 17. September 1999
I read the 1949 edition of this book, and in doing so I got to share in Maria's heart, her mind, her faith, her family. I feel as if I know them all! Too bad the movie didn't come even close to being as real as this true story. I can't help but feel like America was fed a fluff story of little substance with "The Sound of Music", and too bad everyone knows the stars but not the real Trapps! May the remaining original Trapps be blessed and honored, wherever they may be living out their years.
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am 8. Mai 1999
I was so suprised when I discoverd a tatterd copy on my mothers shelf. The movie is so diffrent from the story. I liked the movie but Johannes,Lorli, and Rosemary were forgotten. When they decide to hold the music camp, I coud just picture little Maria teaching her little students the recorder. Also why leave out the true names of all besides Maria and Georg? What happend to Johanna, Martina,Hedwig,Agathe,Rupert, Werner,and Maria? Over all this was a 10 star book. I reccomend it to ages 11-?
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am 30. Juni 1998
This book is a refreshing view of family life that is exemplary. A great deal more of the spiritual character of Maria and the Trapps are seen in this book than was even hinted at during the movie. Throughout the book the reader can rejoice in the love and understanding of people that Maria von Trapp has. The Trapp children readily sacrifice and work to make it during the hard times. Maria says that the family that sings together, plays together, and prays together usually stays together.
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am 16. März 1999
The Sound of Music is my favourite film I have seen it at least 25 times. But when I read the real story I liked it more. I think Maria was a great woman who kept the family together with her love. It was the most important thing for her. When I am sad and fed up with all the things around me I always read the book /of course only parts of it/ and after reading I always feel better. It is One Of My Favourite Things! I would recommend to everybody to read it. It is about love and history.
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