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4,4 von 5 Sternen
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am 1. September 1999
I first read this book as a student in the 1960's and was puzzled but liked it. It seemed, to quote Nabokov, a violin in a void. Suddenly in 1989 I realised it is a prophecy about the Fall of Communism, its symbolism very close to what actually happened: the State and its ideology - once wielding real power and terror- have withered to an absurd shell, its rewards and blandisments have someting of senile infantilism about them, only its power as a death-dealer is apparently undiminished. The victim, Cincinnatus, suddenly realises he has had enough, stands up and comes to his senses and the whole idiotic apparatus of oppression crumbles to dust. It could have been the story of Prague, Budapest, Warsaw or East Berlin in 1989. My favourite Nabakov, it is a beautiful, haunting and unforgettable piece of writing.
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am 7. Juni 2000
It's almost impossible to give Nabokov anything LESS than five stars. He has become such a giant in the world of literature, that one ceases to be able to compare his work to other authors, and instead begins to hold them up against Nabokov's other works.
To validate the statements of so many below, "Invitation to a Beheading" is probably not good intro-Nabokov. Some will find the familiarity of his other works more palatable. As well, it may be unwise to tackle this text without a general knowledge of Eastern European politics.
The text is somewhat muddled in places, and I had a hard time deciding whose fault this was...the author's or the editor's. Some sentences were malingering, unclear, and broke up the natural flow of Nabokov's text, which usually reads easily. In the end, I chose sloppy editing and read on.
This text is HIGHLY introspective and symbolic, and I found myself actually applying pen-and-paper to the symbols I encountered, trying to sort out what Nabokov was saying. So saying, this book ended up being more academic reading than pleasure reading, but has nevertheless taken up quick residence on my favorite bookshelf.
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am 18. April 1998
Where else but between the pages of Nabokov's Invitation to a Beheading could one find a story so well written and so exceptionally powerful that you beg for more. The story follows a lonely isolated man who responds to the name of Cinncinatus. He is charged for a crime rarely described and sentenced to death for it. And what more is reason does not exist in this world, it's inhabbited by irrasional, and rather frustrating characters. The characters are odd, granted, but they are described with such passion, and such enthusiasm that they truly come alive. This is an art I love about Nabokov (as well as the other Russian authors Dostoyevsky, Tolstoy, etc). However there are some weak points to this story, One is the repitition of descriptions, and Two is the vague details of some events. I got confused at some points in the book (however I am only 17 and this is the first non short story I read by nabokov). All in all the book is fascinating, and a defenite read. -sorry for the spelling errors-
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am 12. Januar 1998
Whoever it was that wrote the encyclopedia entry at the top of this page either didn't read the book or didn't understand Nabakov. Invitation to a Beheading is one of the most gorgeous books I've ever read. To drop it under the label "anti-utopian" and try to resolve the ambiguities at the end in a poorly aimed summary doesn't even hint at the richness of the book. Thank goodness Nabakov dedicated his life to writing literature instead of lousey encyclopedia entries. Leaving the political and entering the artistic, the world Nabakov lived in after all, Invitation to a Beheading is one of the finest metaphores on the artistic condition I've ever read. Yes, Kafka is mild in comparision, and, as Nabakov always asserted, there's no connection anyway. --Dane Larsen
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am 5. Mai 2000
This is the first of Nabokov's books that I've read and was rather unimpressed by it. I understand that Nabokov has what might be described as a "cult" of followers, and perhaps some of his other novels are better for the first-time reader than "Invitation." I was put off by his strange plot twists and overt symbolism. I will not deny that Nabokov is a fine writer, and I've since read and enjoyed several of his short stories. But as an introduction to "Nab," this is perhaps not his best, and as far as dystopian novels go, I'd choose Orwell's "1984" over "Invitation" any day.
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am 8. Oktober 1999
Definitely not for the reader that can only appreciate overt symbolism a la "Lolita". Nabakov offered to take me into his dark and unjust world and I was a very willing participant. Watch out, with his scintillating wordplay, he treats his audience with about as much sympathy as his characters! After cracking the spine of this one, I found it hard to get off my futon for anything but the occasional hummus break! If you like this, I recommend the other pieces of Nabakov's "Invitation" trilogy, "Invitation to a Swap Meet" and "Invitation to a Rib Cook-off"
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am 13. Mai 1999
A brilliant concept and well executed (no pun intended), but in the process of recreating the dual lives we can lead (and sometimes do lead if we take part in the creative world) and conveying the surreal life of the 'accused', Nabokov makes the experience needlessly tiresome for the reader. Check out his "Pale Fire" for a real flavour of his talent.
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