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am 31. Oktober 2011
Hohn's book is probably the first book I'm willing to call life-changing. It covers so many issues at once without ever being overladen, it makes me think, laugh, wanting to cry, and it makes me angry.

Moby Duck is a book about a personal journey, but yet it is so much more. It philosophizes about things most of us take for granted; it tells us about post-Panamax container ships an the perils they face at the high seas; it's a stunning critique of the way our Western (and increasingly non-Western) economies work, and of the way we treat the environment. And here's the good news: it does so without ever being just another dumb, self-righteous, fact-laden book. Hohn remains skeptical, open-minded, and inquisitive. Plus, it's an adventure tale of sorts.

The book is complex, funny, and smart, and foremost it's beautifully written. There's a wealth of new information in it, but the author introduces that carefully, sometimes just like an afterthought, without overwhelming the reader by sheer facts. I''m embarking on the last chase now, but already I can tell that if I had to recommend *one* book, and one book only, it would be this. Case in the point: it made me write my first Amazon review ever.

If you care about how the world works, if you want to learn a variety of new things, or if you just want a book that's extraordinarily well written. buy it. You won't regret it.
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am 13. Februar 2012
I'm not an environmentlist at all and bought this book, after hearing an interview with the author, because it sounded like a good, real-life adventure story.

Needless to say, Moby Duck changed the way I see the everyday consumer world around me. This book often (but not constantly) cirrculates around ocean pollution and its causes but does so without laying heavy handed blame on any particular source. Normally I don't enjoy discussions about environmental problems because they tend to have an agenda if "blame the purpotrator". Moby Duck was quite refreshing because it was a statement of fact and the only agenda that the author seemed to have was "find a solution". I highly recommend this book.
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