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4,8 von 5 Sternen67
4,8 von 5 Sternen
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am 18. November 2010
Nett zu lesen aber eine alberne Geschichte, fast schon Pseudo-religiös.
lernen kann man daraus sicher nichts. Schon gar nichts zum Thema Verkauf.
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am 29. Oktober 1999
I don't have much to say, since I am not a frequent reader. But I did spend some time reading "The Greatest Salesman in the World". As I began to read it, It really brought me down since it began in the end of the main character's life. The reason it brought me down is that my father named me after the main character. My name is Hafid, and I AM a salesman, and today I came to find out tghat my sales were the greatest for this month. I was really compelled to find Mr. Mandino, since he visited my country (Costa Rica) about 21 years ago. I still have the copy of his book in Spanish signed by him. All I want to say is Mr. Mandino's book is the story of my life.........but my life is not near the end. It's just beggining.
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am 12. Oktober 1999
This is the first book that I read for Og Mandino. I think this mind carries a lot of wisdom to be conveyed to people who are seeking assurance and hope in this world.
My only concern is the story itself. I started the book with enthousiasm to know what will happen to the salesman and how he would apply the wisdom he is learning. But, unfortunatly, there was no story. Only beautiful metaphores but no examples and illustrations from his life. I beleive that the application of the philosophy would have made the author's point clearer and more relevant.
Yet, I have to admit, that I couldn't get my eyes off the book before I found the back cover facing me.
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am 7. April 1999
I was told to read this book in my Intro. to Business class for extra credit, I started it with little enthusiasm, but once I scratched the surface, I was able to really feel something, I don't know, words cannot describe it. I have found a way to feel good about what I am doing, and profit from it as well. Og Mandino has shown me that there is so much more to selling than the act it's self. There is the very important INTRINSIC reward that one gets when he helps someone else. This book has changed my life with just one reading. I am going to read it many times in my life, that is for sure! Thank You Og Mandino... And I thank my Business teacher as well...
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am 19. Januar 1998
So many times you are promised that a book is going to "change your life." This one did the trick. Even though it has been many years since I first cracked the spine of "The Greatest Salesman in the World." I still pick it up regularly. While the underlying message of this book is persistance and definitiveness of purpose, its lessons need to be read in the authors pre-defined order for maximum benifit. The riches you can recieve will only be given if you put in the required reading, study and applications of the suggested action steps. If you are in a sales slump, this is the one that will get you hitting homers again!
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am 21. Mai 1998
This is without a doubt the best book I have ever read in my life! I read it the first time in 1978 while living in Switzerland and I have read it many times since. With each reading, I learn more and more valuable truths about how to live a more successful life. Og Mandino is a Master Story Teller of all time and this little book is repleat with valuable lessons about the true universal laws of success that govern all of our lives. If you want the most out of life, but haven't read this book, I highly recommend it to you. It will touch your heart and soul forever.
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am 17. März 1999
Life is about selling, convincing or persuading others to buy, do, act, love, behave, etc. Og Mandino reveals the 10 commandments for those who really desire to make a change in others: customers, spouse, children, students, etc. Its motivational, inspiring and provides simple steps for achieving our "selling" goals. A must for any salesperson, teacher, parent, priest, politician... anyone who wants to serve others through their products, services or ideas. It's the perfect gift that will make a big difference, will be useful.. a friend for life!
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am 4. Juni 1999
I've had this book for some time now. It was a gift from my mother that just sat in my desk until I decided to give it a chance. I can't beleive I had written this treasure off as just another self-help book. Since I've read it I look at things with a little more optimism, and a liitle more zest. The scrolls in this book inspire you to live life to it's fullest, and be successfull in both you're career and you're personal life. It dosn't matter if you're religous or not, this book will brighten your outlook on everything.
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am 30. Mai 1999
This is one book that I continually recommend to everyone I know, and I have never had one of them come back to me without expressing an amazing amount of gratitude. This is a book that will profoundly impact your life, on many different levels. I have owned the book for six years and still return to it frequently for perspective. While many self-help titles are helpful and encouraging, I don't think you'll ever read another book like it. Give it a chance, and soon you'll begin to see what I mean!
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am 15. September 1999
First time I have read this book, I had started late in the evening, and I couldn't stop reading till finish far after midnight. And I am sure you will have this book always at hand even after you read it. I can say much about it's content, but I'll just mention, that misterious history with intuitively felt guideline takes all your mind and you live in that world while reading. More over, when finished, you feel a burst of energy and a complete satisfaction of time spent.
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