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4,9 von 5 Sternen
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am 28. November 1998
I recently read the Backstreet Boys biography " Givin' It Their All", and I must say, I was impressed. With the limited amount of BsB biographies for fans such as myself to choose from, this one outshines the competion. It gives you the basic information included in every biography ( how they got together,extended information on each member,etc.) but it also had some info that I didn't expect to read, such as some of the crazy things fans have done for the Backstreet Boys, info on the BsB's love life, and tons more. It even had a section on the best BsB websites on the Internet. I learned alot about the Backstreet Boys that I didn't know or had thought about before, and I consider myself a pretty big fan of the Backstreet Boys, having read four bographies so far. All in all, I highly recomend this book to all BsB fans, including the ones who don't really know much about them and the ones who have read just about everything on them!
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am 17. Mai 2000
The Backstreet Boys are just some kids who had dreams of being pop stars. While people frown on this band as well as Nsync and other "Boy-Bands", they fail to value the potential positive influence such groups can have on our youth. And while those people are to busy doing that, you have the media who play on the emotions of teenaged girls (boys in regards to ChristinaA) and make these fine young artist into perfect-can-do-no-wrong idols and lead young girls to hope that somehow THEY will one day call one thier mate for life. This book does none of that but presents it's case in a down-to-earth manner in which fans can relate to. This can be a positive influence as well as an inspiration to the readers. So go out and get this for your little girl who adores these artist, it will at least get them off the TV for awhile. And it's better than all that teen-mag-fluff.
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am 23. August 1998
The Fave Five rise to the top with girls all over the world screaming they're heads off. The young men have come along way. First it was harmonizing to staring on the Regas & Kathy Lee Show. The five guys hve many stories to be told,but it seems Nick (Kaos) has the most. As the youngest he is also the populariest. He says " The group is better than the attention." People have just now recently noticed the five guys from Florida. Their new hit on the radio is "I'll Never Break Your Heart". Girls everywhere get their heart's stopped when they hear the song. Well lets hope the group stays together and wish them all luck on any tours commin soon.
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am 18. Oktober 1998
This book is grreaat!!! I am OBSESSED with the Backstreet Boys! I expecially luv Brian and Nick. But this book makes me luv all of boys that make up the Backstreet Boys, each in a different way. I learned about each of them individually, and I have stuff in common with each of them. I learned about what happened before they hit it big in the US. And I also learned how to tell if a BSB is flirting with you. God, I hope I can use this info in the near future. Anyways, this book is great, and everyone should get it! Keep the Backstreet pride alive! BSB4EVER!
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am 22. Juli 2000
When I read the book I fought out how they first met each other. Their personal background, how they grew up as a child. I fought out that A.J., Kevin, and I went through the same thing growing up{if you know about those two and what happened in their life.} I love the Backstreetboys and I found out that they try every possible thing they can to make their fans happy. I think that if a Backstreetboys' fan wants to know everything about them they should get this book..It also, has awesome pictures of the group. So, if your a BSB fan I advise you to buy the book.
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am 7. Oktober 1998
I really loved this book. Being a really, really big backstreet boys fan, and wanting to know more about them, this book really did the trick. I had already read a pretty good book, but this book went a little more in depth into the BSB's lives. If you are one of the fans who's always looking for one more detail about the BSB's, this book should satisfy your needs (At least for a little while). I recommend this to anyone who likes,the BSB's, whether you liked them from the start, or you've just become a fan. It's a GREAT book, about 5 the GREATEST guys ever!
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am 17. April 1999
I have been a Backstreet Boys fan for under a year, but I have to admit I love them. My sweet <sarcasism> 19 yr. old brother got me this book for a gift. It was really easy to read (maybe because I'm 16...) & it was entertaining. Their little biographies are so cute. I cried when I read Kevin's, Brian's, & AJ's because of the sad things that happened in their pre-Backstreet lives. Then again I'm really sensative! Anyway, this is a great BSB book, and it has a picture of Kevin wearing a Kentucky tee-shirt! Go UK!!!!
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am 14. Juni 1999
I think this book has lots of info, and some stuff you probably don't know, but there are two downsides to this book. It needs more pictures number one, and also the author of the book repeats some stuff too much. One other thing, that you can't really blame on the book, is that when they talk about releasing albums in different parts of the world, it gets a bit confusing! Otherwise, I thought this book was really great, detailed and gave an interesting view of the boys rise to fame.
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am 22. Januar 1999
Giving it Their All, the Backstreet Boys Rise to the Top is a good book, full of information. The problem is that some of that information is wrong. The book also skips around and repeats a lot of facts, and that gets confusing. The pictures in the book are great, really cute and funny, and I haven't seen them before. But there are not very many of them. But all in all, it is a good book for any Backstreet Boy fan, and we need to keep the pride alive. Good job Sherri Rifkin.
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am 20. Juli 1998
Hey fellow fans, what's up?! This book is byfar the BEST Backstreet Boys book that I have ever gotten - it has everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) that you could ever want, and want to know (even that you didn't want to know about them!! *s*) It's amazing, with totally complete biographies, 8 pages of color photos, links to websites, background info, and information as recent as their 1998 European tour!! It's great!!!!! Go out and get it!!!! :o)
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