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am 5. April 2007
If you think you know it all with regard to backup and recovery, I'm quite sure there is some little bit you are missing. One person who doesn't appear to miss much is W. Curtis Preston who, early 2007, published Backup & Recovery.

The book is quite amusing, although I did wince a couple of times upon reading some of the anecdotes in the book, remembering a few of the foobars that have happened to me in the past...

It is packed full of background information as to why and when to do backups, what media and devices to use, how to recover, and Preston concentrates on readily available tools which belong to Unix/Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. A few larger Open Source products are also discussed, notably Amanda and Bacula, and these certainly whet the appetite for more. Database backup for DB2, Oracle, PostgreSQL and MySQL are also discussed in detail.

I highly recommend Backup & Recovery to any person in charge of backups, be it in a multi–billion–euro corporation or be it in a small office or home office, because the author has recommendations for a very low budget as well as a very high backup budget.
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am 18. April 2007
This is an excellently written, complete and thorough guide to backup strategies for various platforms and databases, having ease of recovery in mind. It teaches the reader why to backup, what to backup and how to backup and presents practical, affordable solutions, including even bare-metal recovery methods.

The author writes with a distinctive style matching clear, concise and easy to understand technical content with a humorous conversational tone. He tells anecdotes and horror stories to illustrate the importance of the subject and the pitfalls to avoid. The various tools and concepts are excellently explained. Numerous options are presented and lots of examples are given. In addition to providing a vast amount of valuable information, the book is a pleasure to read.

It is aimed at professional systems and/or database administrators, although especially its first part is written in terms also novices can understand and contains useful information for any computer user. Since the author always has costs in mind and presents many tools that are already comprised by the operating systems or freely available, also ambitious home or small office users will find valuable information and practical solutions. But when it comes to following the author's suggestions the reader should be comfortable with using command line tools and the shell.

With his website [...] the author intends to keep his book up to date by providing information on things that may change. Further he wants to build a community around backup and recovery issues. For this purpose he provides, in addition to his blog, forums, mailing lists and a wiki. This seems like a great idea that adds further value to this excellent book.
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