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am 29. Juli 2000
This is an Ok Reference and Just that.
PROS: (the very few there are) It list every function, subroutine, and Language construct in VBscripts with tips on how to use the command, and problems with the command. The information present is layout well.
CONS: This reference lacks versioning info on commands! Regular Expression where not introducted until 5.0!
The beginning sections are written like someone rambling on about VBscripts. This person is knowledgeable but completely ignors organization and structure leaving out important topics.
1. Syntax Rules (ie case-sensitive, how to define a script, identifier rules) 2. Variables, Types, Constants, and Expressions (maybe Scope) 3. Control Structures (If, While, For) 4. Functions, Subs, Classes, Events (Scope, pass by ref, parameters...) 5. Error handling 6. etc..
I know a lot of this is covered in the reference but it is nice to have it laid out logically. Also he is missing a list of reserved word (keywords). I am also aware that this is just a nutshell book but these sections could have been included in a very brief way.
These seam like large omissions to me.
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am 24. Juli 2000
Covers EVERYTHING. Scripting techniques, error handling, differences between VB, VBA and VBScript, Structuring your program for reuse, etc. It gives a quick, down and dirty, high-level overview of the places you're most likely to use VBScript -- ASP, IE, Outlook and Windows Shell Scripts (wsh) -- and an incredible reference to nearly every VBScript function, procedure and call.
This book is not for the beginner looking to learn the language -- it's for the intermediate or advanced scripter who already knows a little but needs a reference to know HOW to use the functions, etc. It excels in this regard, not only explaining every command and option under VBScript, but also the syntax, parameters, rules and even 'Programming Tips & Gotchas'.
In short, if you need a true reference that documents nearly every facet of the VBScript language, this is a must have.
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am 23. Juni 2000
I have always favored O'Reilly reference books and this one is no exception. It is the only book I need for writing VBScript in Active Server Pages. Being a programmer who never programmed in VB before but wanted to learn ASP, I needed a complete, well-indexed guide to the language - THIS IS IT!
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am 23. Juni 2000
It's about time someone else reviewed this book!
I needed a good VBScript reference book to consult when doing scripting projects for my company. The entire book isn't just a reference to the VBScript language-- that's only about half of the book. The reference is organized alphabetically and contains a description, rules and usually a decent example of the VBScript function, statement, method, etc.
So the surprise is the first half of the book, and it may be important to you and it may not. There are 20 pages on general program structure that most every programmer will find boring: pasing parameters by reference, passing variables into a subroutine, etc. After 8 more pages on data types and 22 pages on error handling/debugging, the authors included four other sections on VBScript with Active Server Pages, Programming Outlook forms, Windows Script Host, and VBScript with Internet Explorer. I found these sections to be out of the scope of what I was looking for in what O'Reilly calls a "desktop quick reference" book: simply a reference to the language.
I gave it four stars because the thing is only $( ) and you are getting 500 pages. I bought the book for the reference, even if it has this other stuff I don't care about. If you are programming VBScript or ASP in Notepad without "Help" to consult, this may be the best pure VBScript book out there. It will come in handy.
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am 30. Mai 2000
I think if you are a beginnner or an intermediate you should have this book
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