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am 14. Dezember 2011
There are quite a few books on this subject so it was not easy to choose one to get started. Knowing the importance of Vitamin D in one's health I felt I needed to know more about it in order not to make mistakes and the fact that doctor Khalsa bases a lot of what he says in his long professional experience appealed to me. Still.... I intend to read one or two more books on the subject so that I can compare notes.

I have to confess that I had no idea just how life changing Vitamin D can be. It can play a role in many illnesses like cancer, mental illnesses, cardiovascular health, bone, chronic pain, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, sinusitis and more. Dr. Khalsa tells the reader how he treats his own patients and gives a lot of practical information like when you make the most vitamin D from the sun according to the place where you live, your age, the color of your skin, the quantities of vitamin D supplements to take in order to optimize health, toxicity, etc.

Interestingly enough he says that at that time (and this book is quite recent), top researchers were trying to have the RDA augmented but.... as I understand it, the RDA for most supplements is going to be reviewed on the down, not up. As far as fortified foods go I think that we have a lot less of that here in Europe which is good. How can you monitor what foods people eat and how much? Better each person who needs a supplement takes it, I think, it is time people were treated as responsible adults again!

There is a very interesting subject in this book, the fact that one day doctors could be sued big time because inexpensive, harmless supplements have been available forever that could cure a lot of ailments, only the authorities in the matter don't quite seem to care. Just imagine a much healthier world due to substances like vitamins? And how much money wouldn't that save? But well, big companies wouldn't make as much money either and that is maybe the big problem!
This is a small book but full of very useful information and there is a site related to it where you can discuss matters further, as the author encourages interaction. His writing style is very easy to read so I would recommend this book to anyone interested in the subject!
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am 24. Februar 2015
Der Inhalt ist gut, auch der Aufbau der Themen. Englisch ist leicht verständlich geschrieben, aber immer wiederkehrende Wiederholungen des selben Inhalts.
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