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4,7 von 5 Sternen
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am 28. Februar 2011
"Nothing to envy" tells the stories of 5-6 persons from North Korea who ended up escaping to the South. Barbara Demick interviewed people from one city in North Korea and was thereby able to check the narratives making it very likely that the accounts of the people interviewed are as factual as possible. I am very impressed by the approach: too often we go for the dramatic and emotionally touching effect rather than for intersubjectively agreed narratives (aka "the truth"). Demick also makes a point of mentioning that the people who had the courage to escape from a terrible regime were people who are singleminded and that just this singlemindedness can also pose a problem in South Korean (or any other) society: what is heroism in one context can be stubbornness and a resistance to fit in in another. Apart from these more philosophical learnings, I really appreciated how Demick tells the stories of her informants: respectfully, as truthfully as possible and emotionally compelling. When I read "Nothing to Envy", I had actually wanted to read on a train ride just for a bit after a long day of teaching and had already packed a few DVDs to watch in case I get tired of reading. I never stopped turning pages until I had finished "Nothing to Envy".
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am 16. August 2015
This book is giving an insight into the lives of North Koreans which the author came across as a journalist during her time working for the NYT.
There are not a lot of books like that, therefore this read is really interesting. The first chapters are a bit lengthy, and it takes a while to get used to the style of writing. Even though it apparently is a documentary, it reads like novel in the first place. But it's absolutely worth reading this book.
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am 3. November 2011
I thought this was one of the most interesting books I have ever read. It contains a detailed, objective account of life inside this secretive state. The picture near the beginning that shows the darkness that descends over nearly all of the country at dusk is incredible. It's packed full of facts about the ordeals and trials that the common people face. To read that the children only receive presents on "The Great Leader's" birthday and not their own is sad enough but when you get to the part about the detention centres it really is heart breaking. That said, I feel it is important that we know what goes on behind the facade and for that reason this excellently written book should be compulsory reading.

If you like this, I also recommend the peerless Kate Adie's book, "The Kindness of Strangers. The Autobiography". Both made deep and lasting impressions on me.
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am 28. September 2010
Der Journalistin Barbara Demick gelingt es, in diesem Buch sehr gut, dem Leser Eindrücke in das Alltagsleben unterschiedlicher Nordkoreaner, Männer wie Frauen, zu geben und die Schicksale schließlich in deren Flucht nach Südkorea zu beenden. Dies schafft die Autorin durch einen sehr lebhaften, unverblümten und gut lesbaren Stil, der vielen Journalisten zu eigen ist.
Das Buch ist vor allem deshalb empfehlenswert, weil es auch auf seltene Momente wie eine Romanze zwischen zwei jungen Menschen eingeht, wie man sie vielleicht aus
der Zeit des Kalten Krieges kennt oder wie sie viele sogar erlebt haben! Unglaublich berührend und bildhaft beschreibt Demick einzelne Gespräche, die sie mit den tristen Bildern des nordkoreanischen Alltags und dem Machtapparat Kim Jong-Ils umspannt. Natürlich schreibt eine westliche Frau und kein Nordkoreaner selbst diese "Memoiren" nieder, doch gelingt es ihr in ihrer Sprache, Gefühle und Spannung vermitteln. Dieses Buch hat die Qualität eines mitreißenden Romans, ist aber kein Roman.
Besonders lesenswert ist die letzte Phase, auf die sehr wenige Nordkorea-Autoren in ihren Büchern eingehen: Die der Verarbeitung von Erinnerungen und den Problemen einer Integration in die südkoreanische Lebenswelt, die sich grundsätzlich von der Welt, in der die Flüchtlinge aufwuchsen, unterscheidet.

Für alle, die sich für das alltägliche Leben in Nordkorea interessieren, gibt das Buch sicherlich Eindrücke, politische und historische Hintergründe kann man aus anderen Fachbüchern heranziehen!
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am 1. August 2015
Das Buch wurde mir von einer ehemaligen Studentin empfohlen, die unlängst in Asien war.
Nord Korea war ein Land über das ich nicht viel wusste, außer den üblichen Klischees (oder den Nachrichten), doch diese Augenzeugenberichte geben einen erschreckenden Einblick in eine völlig andere Welt.
Die Puzzlestücke der Berichte ergeben ein Gesamtbild, zeigen auf, welche Hoffnungen und Ängste die Bewohner haben, welche Lügen und Bigotterie in der Diktatur inszeniert werden - und wie Auswege gesucht und gefunden werden.

Ein Augenöffner, der den Wissenshunger weckt und der der den Verstand noch lange danach beschäftigt.
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am 14. Februar 2014
This is the first book I ever read about North Korea and I must say that it was a truly enlightening read. The book follows the life stories of several people living in North Korea - their hardships, the rise and fall of fortunes, and the evolution of daily life in North Korea over decades. I couldn't put it down.
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am 1. August 2013
Buch beschreibt anhand von den Lebensgeschichten von einigen Nordkoreanischen Bürger, das Leben dort. Es ist interessant einen solchen Einblick zu bekommen, unter welche Bedingungen die Menschen dort leben müssen. Interessant zu lesen.
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am 23. Juni 2013
It is very difficult for many of us in the comfortable West to really comprehend that life can, in fact, be hell on earth in some places. Can there really be a regime so bent on its own survival that it controls its own people in such a way that the masses end up living like caged animals who are taught what to think, how to act, and whose lives are so predetermined from infancy? North Koreans are not, in fact, robots or brain-washed, but compared to the rest of the world, their lives, horizons and realities are so cruelly limited merely so a small clique of government leaders and their immediate circles will not collapse into total destruction, and in order to maintain this delicately balanced leadership, its people are destined to lives beyond most people's outside its borders can imagination! "Nothing to Envy" is a well-titled book, which if it doesn't make you think differently about your own world and certainly about that of the people of North Korea, then I don't know what will. Well done, Ms. Demick!
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am 15. August 2014
I think almost everybody has heard about complete shutout of everything outside of North Korea in North Korea, and I think almost everyone has heard of famines there. I have read several articles about the atrocities going on there, I have even been to the DMZ between North and South Korea, so I've had a glimpse of what's roughly going on there.

What I didn't know, though, is what that exactly meant for the people living there. I had no imagination of their lives and didn't know what complete shutout or famine might mean in real life. This book gives me that insight which makes me understand really how unreal the world is seen in North Korea and how everything is built lies upon lies, and the people aren't even aware of how they suffer.

Very interesting stories, extremely good to read, I can barely lay it down, fascinating, shocking, intense all the way. A must read for EVERYONE.
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am 8. August 2013
Das Buch ist, bezogen auf dieses Thema, sehr gut zu lesen, ja ich würde sogar sagen - spannend. Hier werden Einzelschicksale beschrieben. Dabei stehen die persönlichen Einschätzungen, Erfahrungen und Verhaltensmuster im Vordergrund. Dies ist keine historische Beschreibung im klassischen Sinne - kein Geschichtsbuch. Trotzdem, oder gerade deswegen, vermittelt es tiefe und intime Einblicke in dieses verschlossene Land.
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