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4.0 von 5 Sternen Most interesting book!, 14. Dezember 2011
Rezension bezieht sich auf: MORE Instant Self Hypnosis: Hypnotize Yourself As You Read (English Edition) (Kindle Edition)
I have never been hypnotized or used self-hypnosis before, so this is completely new territory to me. So far I have only had the time to use the script for past lives but... unfortunately I don't think that I dreamt of anything that could be related to a past life! Too bad... it might be interesting... There are scripts for all kinds of purposes like Brighten your Aura, Deeper Voice, Forgiveness, Joyful Living, Stay in the Now, Smile, Attract Mate, Stop Worrying and many more. Actually it would be great if Amazon would publish an index list. Many times one buys such a book without knowing exactly what the contents are. The possibility to look inside the book helps a lot but in cases that possibility doesn't exist it would be good to be able to have a look at the index.

The author also explains what self-hypnosis is and how it works, great for first timers. He does repeat himself quite a bit though and that is a pity but it is maybe a way of filling pages. Also at the beginning of the book there are two pages with the title Aches. What does that mean exactly? Is there any connection to the book? No idea!

The induction text seems to have been revised and seems to be now better than in the first book Instant Self-Hypnosis: How to Hypnotize Yourself with Your Eyes Open. I have used it a few times to help me sleep and it worked. I go through the induction in my mind and before I finish it I am asleep. I intend to use quite a few more scripts but what I actually bought this book for was to find a script to help me sleep. Ok, I do it now with the Master Induction but I still have no script. I wonder what the scripts in his other book Instant Self-Hypnosis are..... I don't dare to buy it in case the book is too much like this one, that would be a waste of money! I think that the other book also gives tips on how to write your own scripts. This one teaches you how to use simple, daily tasks to hypnotize yourself.

At the end of the book there are ways to improve your results and also explanations to help you hypnotize someone else. That would be fun..... At the end of each session you have a wake up script so that you get back to normal! A book worth reading..... There are a few others on the subject, therefore it would be interesting to know how they compare to this one. I think that I read a review where someone said that this one is actually better than the others ones but you never know whether you can trust the reviewer, especially if there is only one review!
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