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3.0 von 5 Sternen Jay Abraham's Marketing Methods Applied to the Internet, 25. Juni 2007
Donald Mitchell "Jesus Loves You!" (Thanks for Providing My Reviews over 124,000 Helpful Votes Globally) - Alle meine Rezensionen ansehen
The fundamental example in this book is flawed. Mr. Allen set up an experiment to show that he could make $24,000 in 24 hours on the Internet. He actually did much better than that. Presumably, the purpose was to show you that anyone could. What he did was make a lot of special offers on products and services that he sells all the time to an e-mail list of 11,000 names he had been developing over the prior 9 months. In fact, he used four messages to the list to define the offer and to alert everyone it was coming. Now, if you were one of the most famous authors and investors in America and you gave special deals, couldn't you sell over $24,000 worth in a day? But presumably you aren't, so this book will be very valuable to all the other celebrity authors as an example, but not so much for you. The book does have a few examples of ordinary individuals succeeding on the Internet, but these examples don't exactly scream out at me about how I can do the same.

The principles in the book are a distillation of almost every marketing guru who has published a book. In fact, there is so much Jay Abraham in the book that I wondered if Mr. Abraham might have ghost-written it (or at least commented extensively on it).

Mr. Allen promises too much in the beginning. If you follow "the strategies and techniques in this book, you will be well on your way to Internet riches . . . ." Not only will you be rich, you won't have to work very hard for "the by-product of your start-up Internet business is freedom." If one percent of the people who follow this advice get to either result, I would be surprised. I suggest that Mr. Allen take 100 people, teach them his principles, and report back on the results a year later. Then, if they succeed as he promises, I will write a new review that gives this book five stars.

The strength of this book is in encouraging you to select your target audience and understand their wants before you think about what type of business you want to have and the services or products you want to provide. The advice about how to build traffic to your site, get income once they are there, and to build repeat business is all quite good at a general level.

The other interesting part of the book is Mr. Allen's description of how he changed his unique selling proposition over the years from "nothing down" to "hands-on-training" to "real-time millionaire mentors."

There's no bad advice in the book, as far as I could tell. It just overstates the ease of making money on an Internet start-up with limited investment capital.

Where else have people indicated that things are easy that you have found difficult? How about losing weight? How about getting into shape using the latest piece of equipment? What's the best way to evaluate these claims, without pursuing them yourself?

May the Internet bring you all the success you would like to have.
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