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4,3 von 5 Sternen82
4,3 von 5 Sternen
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am 22. November 1999
I am a person who reads a lot, and I learn a great deal about myself by sifting through the wisdom of writers. There have been many books over the years that have touched me deeply and positively impacted my life; of all of them, this book is probably the most personally important book I have ever read. Dr. Northrup has a lot of facts about various conditions and ailments, but her book goes FAR beyond that. Her message is that we all have the ability to be completely whole, healthy people, in every aspect of our lives, and that each of us has the power to change our own lives for the better. She talks about how emotional issues of every type can affect our physical health, and illustrates over and over again how problems in our body are actually our souls' way of teaching us how to heal and grow. The stories she tells about her own and her patients' healings are amazing; her message of hope is the most real and specific I have ever read.
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am 7. Mai 2000
I straddle the fence between faith in allopathic (Western) medicine and a more wholistic approach. So I bought this book eagerly. I have been both intrigued and disappointed.
I appreciate the hard scientific information: how our bodies work, how various procedures and substances affect them, the latest developments in health care. I also appreciated reading that things that I have long considered normal, like pregnancy, are indeed natural processes and not diseases or disabilities. But I didn't appreciate hearing that most medical problems are rooted in dysfunctional emotional states. While I think that there are some conditions that are amenable to a psychotherapeutic approach, I KNOW that the hideous cramps I suffered all through my young girlhood, from age 11 to about 27, were a lot more than merely a function of my ambivalence toward my burgeoning womanhood. And while this isn't my problem, the idea that an enlightened female doctor would tell an infertile woman that her infertility is caused by her own psychological state vis a vis parenthood is absolutely horrifying. As is the idea that grapefruit-sized ovarian cysts can be reduced by changing the way we regard ourselves in a patriarchal society. And the idea that most of our plumbing problems are rooted in our victimhood reverses all the gains in strength and self-confidence we've made in the past 30 years. And the less said about her friend the "medical intuitive," the better!
I recommend this book only to women who are grounded, strong in their sense of self as non-victims, and well-versed enough in medical knowledge to winnow through the junk and glean the good medical information. For the rest, I think it could be quite damaging.
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am 5. Januar 1997
I read this book a year ago, and because of Dr. Northrup's candid and holistic way of defining women's health problems and causes, I was able to deal with a cyst on my ovary without falling apart, and without losing my ovary. We women sometimes forget to acknowledge the damage "stuffing" our emotions can do to our bodies. Dr. Northrup and Carolyn Myss are wonderful, intuitive women who have literally saved my life. I love this book so much that I bought a copy for my best friend and my two sisters; I think every woman should have a copy!! I have also attended a seminar where Dr. Northrup entertained and educated the packed auditorium. Her expert knowledge combined with her refreshing humor relating lots of what is in her book(s) and some new things as well, was worth every penny I paid and every mile I drove to hear her. In addition, Dr. Northrup publishes a monthly newsletter which is well worth the $69 subscription. I learn many things every month and anxiously await its arrival in the mail. For those interested, her office in Maine also has an 800 number for providing referrals to health care professionals with the same holistic approach to women's health (most of us know it isn't easy to locate doctors like Dr. Northrup). Read the book -- it'll be the best money you every spent on yourself!! (Dianne Garrett,
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am 3. Februar 2000
Before you buy this book, read the negative reviews. If you're into self doubt, self guilt, and self blame... then buy it. Every problem you have with your body is your fault. Sure all of us want to change things about ourselves, even many men. But, this book won't help. For positive motivation and change from diet to self esteem, then try something like Neurosync behavior modification techniques or buy a Light & Sound machine and learn to meditate and change your brainwaves at will while you relax. My spouse and I thought this book was a real waste of time and money.
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am 29. Juli 1999
There are a few books that have changed my life. This is one of them. Before reading Dr. Northrup's book, I had horrible and irregular periods, was constantly getting sick, had horrible sore throats everytime I went to see my in-laws, and was a much grumpier person. Dr. Northrup's book changed all that. After reading her book the next time I got my period, I didn't see it as the curse. I wanted to celebrate it and dance under the moon. I now embrace my fertility and all that it means to be a woman.
And my daughter will thank her one day too. Because of what I have learned from Dr. Northrup, my daughter will be raised to celebrate, not curse, being a woman. I will teach her about the inherent wisdom of our monthly cycles and how to use this to enrich her life. I gave birth using Dr. Bradley's methods and Dr. Northrup is the logical extension of many of his ideas.
I love this book so much, I keep it by the computer. I have recommended it to countless men and women and explained Dr. Nothrup's ideas about such things as menopause, cancer and our menstrual cycle. I have counciled people against putting artificial hormones in their body (including as birth control) and explained why Mother Nature is better.
The other books I recommend are Gavin De Becker's "The Gift of Fear" and Carl Jung's "Man and His Symbols." What all of them are about is listening to the inherent wisdom we all possess. In Mr. De Becker's book, he shows how it can save our lives. In Dr. Jung's book he shows how it can enrich it. Dr. Northrup's book she shows how it can do both.
Her book should be subtitled: How to listen to your body to enrich your health and life. I know that is what it did for me.
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am 26. Juni 2000
I recently spent 5 days in the hospital with a diagnosis of Erlichiosis, a tick borne disease similar to Lyme but more violent in it's onset. As I lay in my hospital bed, sick as can be with a 105 temp, nausea, vomiting, and a terrible hacking cough, it became clear to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that ALMOST all illness is a result of emotional imbalance.
I had been working very hard in the previous months and years at personal healing- overcoming my addictions, healing an eating disorder, working to get to the core of my tendency towards depression and imbalance. In the weeks leading up to my illness I had been practicing a lot of yoga and completely avoiding all of my "trigger" foods- as a result I set the stage for some deep repressed emotions to come up.
Even though I did pull a tick off me and no doubt did have a tick borne disease, there was more going on than just that. Grief, sadness, anger and panic that I had been carrying around since my father suffered a massive stroke when I was just 10, that I had suppressed due to an inablility to process or understand, was working it's way out of my body and into my consciousness to be released and healed.
I believe if I had not had this emotional patterning I would not have had the weakness in my immune system that allowed this to take place- one aspect begat the other. So it is with ALMOSt all illnesses- I do believe there are exceptions.
For the people who reviewed this book negatively, I say, open your minds to the possibilty that this approach is the truth. Healing deep emotional wounds is painful, but the results of looking at ourselves honestly are well worth the pain.
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am 4. Dezember 1999
After seeing Christiane Northrup on PBS I immediately ordered my first copy from Amazon. This book is not to be read in one or two sittings. It should be read one chapter at a time, to digest every morsel of her expertise and knowledge. Keep this one close by, so you can pick it up on those bleak days. This book is remarkably low priced to make it affordable for everyone. It's the best gift you can give to any woman in your life. My three daughters will be getting each one at Christmas along with a weekend retreat at a lovely place that I found in Maine by the ocean. This will be my gift to them, so that they can take some time out of their very busy lives and get centered on the importance of taking care of spirit, body and soul. You can't be for others if you don't take care of yourself. You can't give what you don't have, if you push yourself beyond your limitations you get very negative, burnt out, depressed and overwhelmed. It's not easy to stay focused and centered but it is a must, if we are all going to survive in this sometimes very noisy world. Christiane Northrup, I salute you for taking the time in your busy life and giving of yourself in seeing this book published. Other books that have help me become more centered: Care of the Soul-Guide to every day by Thomas Moore and Anatomy of the Spirit by Caroline Myss.
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am 3. Juli 2000
This book is both a reference guide and a very readable series of essays about womens' health care. Dr. Northrup begins the book by looking at the feminine "energy body" and chakra system, thus placing the book squarely in the camp of "mind-body medicine" from the very beginning. However, throughout the rest of the book she very skillfully blends the complementary outlook with allopathic medicine, in a way which is very reasonable and helpful. She definitely comes across as someone who has had rigorous medical training, both in school and later on her own as a very observant practitioner. One of the things I found most helpful about this book was the way she linked womens' emotional states with physical illnesses. For instance, womens' chronic low self-esteem and resulting depression have measurable physical repercussions. What I did not find so helpful was her description of our patriarchal system as "addictive." I personally think the terms "addiction" and "addictive" are way overused right now in our culture, and I did not understand the connection between patriarchy and addiction. However, I found so much in this book that empowered me to accept myself as I am, rather than how the larger culture wants me to look and be, that I strongly recommend the book to others.
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am 23. Mai 1999
This is a compassionate, extremely well-written book that gets to the core of the physical and emotional issues related to every aspect of women's health. The idea here is NOT to instill self-blame for getting ill, but rather the issue is to instill self-love through understanding of our bodies and illnesses. Best of all, it's about health, not just illness.
This is a very empowering, healing book for women that includes the hardcore clincal data & references, the stories of actual women, and the nutritional, emotional, and spiritual aspects of healing. It accomplishes all of this in clear, easy to read laymen's terms. It helps to debunk a number of misconceptions that affect our approach to health.
This book is by and for women. This book treats women with respect and acknowledgement for what we instinctively know about our bodies and our health. Every woman should own a copy of this superb health reference source.
Dr. Northrup's appearances on PBS specials, Oprah, and others along with her leadership at the Women to Women health care center, and her past presidency of the American Holistic Medical Association, to name just a few, provide all the credibility anyone could ask for. Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom, as the name implies, is about and for WOMEN. It succeeds on every level.
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am 25. August 1999
This book is amazingly information poor. For an "authoritve" text writen by a physician, I found little real useful information, save how I am "responsible" for the illness that may plague me. Or should I say my sex organs as that is all women appear to be comprised of per "women's health" books. I understand that the author is a gynecologist, but the average woman is more at risk from a heart attack than cervical cancer. The average young to middle age woman is more likely to be killed by a drunk driver on the way to or from her all important annual check-up than to have a life, health or pursuit of happiness threatening disease discovered at said check-up. Three stars for the interesting take on chakra energy and the lessons that an illness may have for us if we are ready to receive the teachings. But for actual medical oriented facts, there are other authors, Dr. Neils Lauersen (gasp, a male) comes instantly to mind, who have presented the given material with more substance. Never the less I take these books for what they are; filtered information from allopaths with a specific field of interest, NOT as guides to life! For that we have the Shamans of the ages. And our own beautific experience. Namaste.
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