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4,6 von 5 Sternen7
4,6 von 5 Sternen
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am 9. August 2010
Eigentlich muss man positiv bemerken, wie gut die anderen Foundation-Bücher alle sind, obwohl sie über einen so großen Zeitraum geschrieben wurden und in gewisser Weise Fortsetzungen von Fortsetzungen sind. Aber dieses Buch ist definitiv nicht auf einer Stufe mit den anderen Foundation-Büchern. Man kann gut darauf verzichten, es zu lesen.
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am 20. Juni 2009
I rate the Foundation Series with 5 stars.

The Foundation series consists of the following books (in chronological order):

a) Prelude to Foundation
It is a prequel published in 1988. It explains how Hari Seldon traveled through Trantor and developed the basics about psychohistory. It is definitely not a good book, maybe the weakest in the Foundation series. If you want to read the Foundation books, I recommend you do not start with this one since you will probably end up not wanting to read the rest. Skip it and start with Foundation.

b) Forward the Foundation
Another prequel, published in 1993. The story starts a couple of years after "Prelude to Foundation" and tells about Hari Seldon's life in Trantor until his death. The book's quality is as good as, say, Foundation and Empire and much better than "Prelude to Foundation". The only downside is that Asimov seems a little constrained by what he had written before on the Foundation history (remember this is the last Foundation book he wrote) and is therefore somewhat focused on knotting the lose ends together.

c) Foundation
Published in 1951, this is the first Foundation novel published. It tells the story of the Foundation set up by Hari Seldon and how this Foundation deals with their stellar neighbors during its first 200 years of existence. It is a fascinating book.

d) Foundation & Empire
Published in 1952. It consists of two parts: the first one ("The General") tells about the conflict between the dying Empire and the Foundation that occurred about 200 years after the Foundation was created. The second ("The Mule") is the story of the Mule and how he upsets the whole Seldon Plan (approximately year 300). I think this is a very good book.

e) Second Foundation
Published in 1953. The Second Foundation tries to fight the Mule and to correct the deviations from the Seldon Plan. I think this book is as good as Foundation.

f) Foundation's Edge
Published in 1982. This book's story and narrative have a rhythm and a dynamic that possibly would make it the best book from the Foundation series, were it not for the last fifth of the book. The bad part starts with chapter 17, which contains a mix of 1980's New Age rubbish. Even worse, I had the impression Asimov tried to preach and proselytize. Besides that, it's actually a good story.

g) Foundation and Earth
Published in 1986. The story is good, yet somehow its rhythm is frequently interrupted as the story shifts from one planet to en next. Another positive aspect is that Asimov clearly does not take the New Age rubbish seriously anymore. In conclusion, this book is not as good as the original Foundation trilogy published in the 1950's nor as good as Foundation's Edge, but nevertheless it is an enjoyable read.

Notes on the Voyager and Bantam Spectra editions

I have the Voyager edition, an imprint of Harper Collins Publishers. This is not a good edition, since most of the Foundation books I've read so far have imperfections (e.g. a line printed twice, spelling errors, etc.) and the printing quality is rather cheap. In addition to that, as far as I know Harper Collins has not published "Forward the Foundation".

I have the Bantam Spectra Edition of "Forward the Foundation". The quality is satisfactory.

Assuming that the printing quality of the whole Foundation series edited by Bantam Spectra is as good as in "Forward the Foundation", I would recommend the Bantam Spectra edition. The only downside is that the the Voyager books have prettier book covers.
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am 4. Januar 2011
I really recommend this book along with all the other Foundation series titels. I enjoyed reading it alot, gread language, interessting plot and hidden insights which I love to uncover :)
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am 21. Oktober 2015
Although written a long time ago, not boring or outdated at all! A true classic in literature. A must-have in everyone's sci-fi library!
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am 15. Januar 2016
great book, as expected
why do i have to write more ? a five-star note speaks for itself. stop this, amazon
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am 26. November 2013
Schön zu lesen, gute Ideen. Ich würde es wieder lesen. Schön klassischer Science Fiction. Vorangegangene Romane sollte man vorher lesen.
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am 23. März 2001
The titel says it, I have red this book, then lost it, now I will read it again. Is it the last one of the foundation series or is it the first one of asimov work ? Civilization is a cycle ...
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