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4,5 von 5 Sternen
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am 19. Januar 2000
This book addresses no well-defined audience. The writing style assumes Wiccan background knowledge that solitary Wiccan novices will not have (knowledge that this book and its predecessor do not provide). Yet this book's discussions are not very useful for experienced Wiccans. This book is disappointing compared to Mr. Cunningham's excellent first book "Wicca: A Guide For The Solitary Practitioner".
In this book Mr. Cunningham is careful (pp. xi, 87, 124, and 138) to state that he is assisting solitary Wiccans who lack access to Coven teaching resources. He also states that solitary Wiccans must carefully incorporate basic Wiccan principles into their worship. The reader wonders if Mr. Cunningham's first book was criticized for its free and open writing style.
Chapter 2, "Secrecy", strongly discusses a controversial Wiccan topic. Here Mr. Cunningham acknowledges past persecution of Wiccans, and discusses his own past dealings with non-Wiccans. He also discusses the role of secrecy in magical activities.
Chapters 3 through 7 deal with everyday Wiccan practices. Chapters 8 through 11 deal with Wiccan prayer and provide example prayers. These chapters' discussions are weak.
Chapter 12, "Magic and the Solitary Wiccan", deals with raising energy within the Circle and with directing it outside the Circle. This chapter's discussion relates primarily to Wiccan Coven members. Mr. Cunningham acknowledges (pg. 78) that the solitary Wiccans has few energy-raising options.
The remainder of this book addresses creating and documenting your own Wiccan tradition. Mr. Cunningham discusses the Wiccan Goddess and the God. His Wiccan God discussion assumes an alienation of affection not reflected in his first book or in other Wiccan literature. Mr. Cunningham also discusses ritual accessories, ritual design, and traditional Wiccan beliefs and rules (with example Sets). He discusses creating your own Book of Shadows. Mr. Cunningham ends with an excellent discussion concerning if and how One should teach Wiccan beliefs to others.
This book includes a comprehensive listing of Wiccan symbols (pg. 154). The book also includes a number of good and concise Suggested Reading lists (pp. 103, 125, 148, 180, and 185) and an excellent Annotated Bibliography.
Mr. Cunningham's first book allowed a Wiccan true novice to create a free and open Wiccan tradition. This book is organized similarly, but its discussions are incomplete and would confuse a Wiccan novice. In addition, this book so stresses Coven membership that Wiccan novices might question the validity of solitary worship, defeating the book's stated purpose.
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am 28. März 2000
Cunningham is a very talented author, and Living Wicca is one of his greatest books. It is devoted to the Solitary Practitioner, helping the individual to create your own tradition, develop your relationship with the God/dess, ritual design, create your Book of Shadows, and even perform a self-initiation. There is a great chapter on Wiccan beliefs and "rules" that translate the Laws of the Ordains into plain language that is much more accessible to the beginner. At the end of this book, you will have a greater understanding of the everyday practices of Wicca, as well as a deeper connection with the God/dess
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am 19. Mai 1999
I have enjoyed this book but not learned as much as some of the other Wiccan books I have read. It just doesn't seem like there is a lot of good content in it. I enjoyed his book, "The Magical Household" a lot more. But still, a good book for beginners.
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am 15. Mai 1999
It is a good book, but he repeats a lot of stuff from Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner. I am only half through this book but it is a good.
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am 20. Juli 2000
Living Wicca is first and foremost a sequel. People have accused it of being unclear and referring to unexplained concepts, but Cunningham does state that he expects readers to understand basic concepts before reading it.
It covers more religious aspects of Wicca: prayer and the right attitude, beginning your own tradition, deity concepts, offerings and simple rites away from home. It's an expansion on the first book.
However, there are a couple of things which would have improved it no end. The section on simple rites, which was a major pointer for me buying this book, is rather vague and doesn't give specific ideas and suggestions as I hoped it would. There is a lot of focus on prayer, but the overall impression given in some sections is rather more judgemental than the first book. It gives you the idea that this is a response to criticism as well as an expansion on ideas.
This is a good book on religious Wicca, aimed at people with some knowledge and experience. Read, enjoy and expand on it, but don't be put off by it.
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am 4. Februar 2000
I am grateful that Scott Cuningham has written so many wonderful books to assist us with our journey towards a focused and personal relationship with our spiritual Deities. I love books with indexes because I like to study the same subjects in many books all in one session. Most of Scott's books are indexed. This book has helped me develop a meaningful and comfortable circle-casting. I use both this book and "Wicca, a Guide for the Solitary Practitioner" the most of all the books I have. I believe that more study and knowledge by reading many books on the subject has helped me to develop my Wiccan practice in accord with my intuition. Scott promotes intuitive practice. The seasonal festivals are not complicated which I appreciate. I also use "Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem & Metal Magic" quite often. Thank You, Scott for your contributions.
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am 26. April 2000
When I read Scott Cunningham's "Wicca: A Guide For the Solitary Practitioner" I felt that there needed to be more. Something was missing. I picked up "Living Wicca" and found what was missing from the first book. Scott Cunningham goes over Prayer, gives some ideas on how to do a ritual when you don't have access to all you're tools (like in a hotel room while on a trip), basic ideas on forming your own tradition, and bringing Wicca into your everyday life. I loved reading this book and recommend it and its predecessor to anyone. I can't wait to read it again and again! This book should be required reading for everyone interested in Wicca.
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am 7. Januar 2000
I do reviews on my website, and felt I should share it with anyone interested in buying this book: The education of Living Wicca is based solely on a study guide plan for the serious Solitary Wiccan. There are a few chants and prayers included, but the content mostly revolves around where to go to learn more and how to create your own tradition. The suggested reading at the end of each chapter and at the end of the book is invaluable! Mr. Cunningham provides descriptions and useful passages of every book suggested, and considering his background I personally trust his judgment. Another great piece of work Scott, and may the Goddess enfold you in Her arms.
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am 2. April 1998
This book is a good follow-up to his first book. Cunningham discusses Wiccan protocols and idealogies in more detail. Although I find this second book useful, I enjoy the first book a lot more. Cunningham seemed more cordial and open-minded in his former book. In reading the second book, bear in mind that Wicca is a very personal religion. Hence, one may not agree with everything Cunningham says, which is perfectly alright in the Wiccan sense. Overall, I recommend this book as a good resource for ideas on Wiccan practices, and important exposure to another Wiccan's religious interpretations.
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am 26. Oktober 1999
While this book doesn't break any huge new ground from his previous "Guide For The Solitary", I think Cunningham's intent was to, once the reader has digested this tome, have you decide if the Wiccan way is for you or not. Even considering buying it, the reader is obviously delving deeper into the subject matter, and Cunningham's prose, enticing in its simplicity and honesty, makes that decision-making process easier. I'd recommend this book to any almost-Wiccan deciding whether to take the final step, and dedicate yourself to it.
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