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am 17. Juli 2006
Radford, the fourth Viscount Evers, is injured while in the Peninsula. Being that close to death forces Radford to admit that he must settle down with a wife and beget an heir. He even has his irritating best friend, Lord Nathan Wynter, help him make up a list as to what he required of a potential viscountess. He sets his eye on Lady Lillian, the lovely and vain youngest daughter of the Duke of Newbury. However, it is a complicated and outrageous lady named Miss Margaret "May" Sheffers that intrigues him to the point of distraction.

May is the only one who dares to stand up and go toe-to-toe with the sufferable Viscount Evers. Her parents disappeared years ago in a South American jungle. Uncle Sires is trying to have May's parents declared dead. Therefore, all May's funds have been seized and are tied up in court. If Uncle Sires (a.k.a. the Earl of Redfield) succeeds, he will inherit all the money rightfully belonging to May. If that was the only problem, May could easily deal with it. However, Uncle Sires is trying to throw her into the arms of a man old enough to be her grandfather. If Uncle Sires has his way, May will be wed to the man within two weeks. Yet once May and Radford share one passionate kiss, things begin to change.

***** There are a few more secondary characters that add keep two sub-plots running and the story moving right along. I never found myself bored. In fact, I read this entire novel in one sitting. I could not put the book down. I feel bad for any Regency Romance fan who misses out on this fantastic novel! Highly recommended! *****

Reviewed by Detra Fitch of Huntress Reviews.
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am 10. November 2012
May Sheffer lebt mit ihrer Tante zur Miete. Als ihre Geldmittel auf Veranlassung ihres Onkels eingefroren werden, kann die Miete nicht mehr gezahlt werden. May kann es verhindern, dass ihre Tante, die Herzkrank ist, von der Kündigung erfährt. Zusammen mit ihrer Freundin Iona begibt sie sich auf den Weg, zu ihrem Vermieter Redford Evers um einen Rausschmiss zu verhindern. Evers soll auf Wunsch seiner Mutter heiraten und eine Familie gründen. Evers Bedingungen für eine angemessene Braut und May's Verwandschaft sorgen für die nötige Spannung der Geschichte.

Die Charaktere der Geschichte sind liebevoll gezeichnet und erwecken den Wunsch nach mehr von dieser Autorin.
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am 9. November 2012
Gut gezeichnete, liebenswerte Charaktere und eine zwar vielleicht nicht originelle Geschichte, aber dennoch lesenswert. Bei mir jedenfalls hat sie den Wunsch hinterlassen, mehr von dieser Autorin zu lesen.
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am 10. Mai 2005
An enchanting Regency for first time writer Dorothy McFalls. I have seen a review slashing at this book, and frankly, all reviewers/readers need to take a deep breath and step back. All writers are first time writers. It's not an easy process, and if you cannot do it yourself, then you need to have compassion for those brave enough to achieve this amazing feet. Only one in maybe one hundred thousand books ever see print. So celebrate another writer who got that golden ring. McFalls has a wonderfully fresh voice, which quickly pulled me into the story. She has a good sense at storytelling; she laces it with a good sense of humour and produces a very enjoyable tale! As for any tiny glitches, lighten up, and enjoy this fun tale.
Viscount Radford Evers was injured at Waterloo when his horse fell upon him, leaving his leg crippled. Currently in Bath taking the waters, hoping it will help his bad limp, he is a foul mood despite the teasing of his best friend Lord Nathan Wynter, who is determined not to let his friend wallow in his fit of self-pity. This day, Radford felt more than self-loathing - he felt trapped. His mother arrived the night previous and is pushing Radford to find a bride. Whether to actually zero in on finding a wife or just to forestall mother dearest, Radford hits upon the idea of making a list of all the requirements of the perfect wife for him.
Humble tenant of Viscount Radford Evers, May Sheffers intercepted the eviction notice in the morning mail before her ailing Aunt Winnie saw it. May's parents has been off awandering, as they are apt to do, and her uncle is trying to have them declared dead. This has caused a shortage in their funds, one May hopes is temporary. May has petitioned Mr. Bannor, Evers Man of Affairs for a stay, trying to show the money flow should be solved soon, but the odious little man is deaf as well as heartless. So when May learns Evers is in Bath taking the waters for his health, she is forced to outrageous action. With her friend Lady Iona Newbury in tow, May beards the elusive Viscount in his lair just as he is finished with his marriage list.
Of course, humble May - a follower of Mary Wollstonecraft and a bluestocking all the way up to her eyebrows - has none of the qualities the haughty Viscount has just put to paper...but that will not stop cupid from making opposites fall.
McFalls writing instantly puts you into the scene. She has a good feel for the period, strong, engaging characters, and so if there are a tiny slip here or there one skims over them. I really wouldn't have noticed them hadn't I seen another review demanding she be taken to the pillory for them. I was too in to the heartwarming tale to care. McFalls will obviously pen more tales. And I for one am looking forward to watching her talent and craft grow.
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am 9. August 2013
"The Marriage List" ist eine leichte Lektüre für zwischendurch, die wirklich Spaß macht!
Natürlich ist ziemlich alles in diesem Buch vorhersehbar, aber es ist wunderschön geschrieben und sehr romantisch ...
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am 1. März 2014
gut, es ist natürlich nicht zu vergleichen mit Anthony Trollope, da sie keine Zeitzeugin ist, aber sie hat die Zeit, über die sie schreibt, gut verstanden. es ist ein unterhaltsamer und entspannender Roman.
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am 9. November 2012
Habe das Buch für meine Freundin gekauft,
und es hat ihr gefallen. Eine wohl typische
Romanze mit Herz und Schmerz und Happy End.
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