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am 9. Februar 2013
is what the authors seem to think. The monsters can only be tamed by describing their meaning in long-winded and abysmally boring prose.

Someone seriously interested in the physics behind E=mc^2 should and will be able to understand the minimal mathematics of the theorem of Pythagoras, which is nearly all that is needed here.

My hunch is, if you don't understand this theorem, encoded in a^2 + b^2 = c^2, you will not get much out of the prose used in the book. And if it is nothing new to you, you will be bored.
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am 11. Februar 2013
I have hated physics since I was a schoolkid. Now, as an adult, I'm stuck with university-physics so I bought this book in the hope of finding something that might interest me - and thus get me to not throw my schoolbooks out of the window in boredom and despair.
I never thought I could understand any of it, but after having watched Mr Cox on the telly the tiniest spark of hope got kindled. And can you believe it! I understood it all, even the Standard Model. Admittedly, I took a long break halfway through, but the book was just too well-written to not finish it. Next semester chemistry is coming up and all the explanations about atoms, quants etc are going to be a great help. Apart from all the knowledge I received it was some great entertainment! (And it got me an excellent score in physics this semester:))
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am 14. August 2014
Es habe ich als Geschenk gekauft, es gefällt meinem Mann sehr.
So gut als er erwartet hat.
Ich wird diesen Artikel weiter empfehlen.
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