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am 21. Februar 1999
Like wine, Henry Rollins gets better with age. This, being his 13th release (or so) on 2.13.61 publications, proves to be a turning point for the hot animal machine. One might find this strange when considering that the book is a collection of material from his previous works. But, let's be honest; anyone who has read "High Adventures in the Great Outdoors" or "Now Watch Him Die" knows that Rollins usually has the tendency to drag things on a bit. In the Portable Henry Rollins, the very best segments of each work are compiled together. Thus, by reading straight through, one can actually see the progression and maturity of Rollins as a writer through the years. My personal favorites are the segments from Get in the Van, Solipsist, and the new short stories at the end of the book which, for the more nostalgaic reader, are memoirs of life with the zany Ian McKaye. Anyone who glorifies the lifestyle of American Punk (or should I say Hardcore to be politically correct?) really should check out this book. Here are testimonies from teenagers and young adults, exposing the less glamourous / more painful aspects of trying to make ends meet in a non-corporate way. One thing is for sure; after a read through, you will be convinced Rollins continues to do what he does for a genuine love of music and literature. Who else would put up with lose cartilidge in the knees, stolen equipment / clothes, and fights at their own concerts every night? Either he is committed or truly insane! It is worthy to note, however, that anyone foreign to the world of Black Flag / Rollins Band would also find this book to be truly enjoyable. As a matter of fact, my sister, who is a high school teacher of English, has went as far as to include the short story "Go Fish" in her curriculum. In my opinion, what Rollins has done is admitted to the far-fetched thoughts EVERYBODY has ever had, but was too afraid to admit. This is reflected in all of his writings, whether they be poems, jounral entries, essays, or short stories. Many people will find it incredibly easy to relate to his frustrations, twisted humor, and (at times) utter lonliness. For anyone who is interested in reading Rollins' books, but has yet to do so, this book is a resounding MUST!
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am 24. Juli 2000
This book is one of the best I've ever read. If you are stuck on which Henry Rollins book to buy I suggest you get this one. It is an anthology of his past books put together in one hell of a book. If you are a Rollins fan or not, I recomend you buy this book. Trust me you wont regret it!
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am 30. August 1998
As I flew home today to Chicago, I found myself once again bound to Henry Rollins and his insight, humor and distrust for men, pigs, skinhead punkers and wannabes. Henry Rollins is a voice of reality that far too often gets ignored by pop culture. A role that he seems to enjoy. However, it would be misleading of me to say that Henry Rollins would want any pats on the back or adjulation. Just read, understand and think. Don't accept whatever is spoon fed to you. Make your own decisions, accept the consequences, get in the van and see where you end up. Thanks Henry. You made a long flight less painful. (I am bound by the rating system, but I feel that this book stands on its own. Ratings are for week minded people who need to be told what is good and bad in life. This view is my own and does not represent
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am 3. Juni 1998
The book is about his journey on the road with his band Black FLag. I think that it would be hard to be a rock star. Dealing with people that you don't even know that come up to you and say they love you. They don't even know you. I'd hate having to always hide from the world. Or hear the stupid people, or deal with their actions. Towards the end it shows him wanting to get out of the secene. The book really shows how hard it is to be a rock star and how it can rip you apart. The book really made me understand how it would feel and it sucks to be them, or famous.
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am 26. März 1999
I really respected Rollins, a strong person who doesn't need drink or drugs to get by, but after reading this book I have to say I never want to read about him again. Reading about him working in an animal laboratory and finding it a real kick to gas between 15-17000 animals is too much especially when he finds it a joke talking about breaking a rabbits neck. Self absorbed, shock merchant and whinging yank all come to mind. We all have problems, thing is Rollins is to much of a baby to get over it. You let me down Rollins.
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am 17. Oktober 2005
I always thought Ozzy Osbourne is the madman ... no, it's Henry Rollins!!! This is good stuff, it's about music, love and life. And it is about HATE and DEPRESSION and FEAR. The storys and poems are sad and angry, and sometimes Rollins really goes too far. His work reminds me of the german rising star Andre Pilz (No llores, mi querida - Weine nicht, mein Schatz), its really powerful, it really hurts and it is sometimes really hard to go on reading ...
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am 31. Dezember 1998
Portable Henry is just that. Little quips of his previous writings all in one book. Take it with you when you feel you're the only one who gets screwed.After a few lines you'll realize you're not bad off. Hank got screwed bigger, faster, and harder than you could imagine. Sick humor and indepth look into this man's loneliness and why he's so messed up emotionally. A great read, and a must have if you're a fan.
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am 20. April 1998
This is a brutal, and often times brutally funny, introduction to the writings of Henry Rollins. Trippy poetry, life on tour, observations on life and human nature.....this book has it all. If you've always been curious about Rollins and his work, this anthology will give you a fairly thorough sampling of what he does best -- make you think. I recommend this book highly.
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am 3. Februar 1999
I have to say Henry is an amazing person and this book reflects that. I saw him doing his spoken word recently and it was amazing. In this book he tells stories of life in general, poems and writings that will change your thinking. It got me through a tough stage in life and it really makes life seem less worthless. A must have!!!
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am 2. Dezember 1999
I think that everyone should read this book! It is honestly the best book that I have ever read. Rollins takes us to places that we only think about, but don't have the guts to admit. He frees us to believe the things that we really want to.
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