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am 24. Januar 1997
"Laughs, Luck...and Lucy" is written by Jess Oppenheimer andhis son, Gregg Oppenheimer. Jess Oppenheimer worked formany of the legends of old time radio, including Fanny Brice, Fred Astaire, and Edgar Bergan and Charlie McCarthy. This book tells of Mr. Oppenheimer's career in writing radio scripts, and specifically deals with his writing for Lucille Ball. He wrote first for her when she performed in "My Favorite Husband," and then he tells about his creation of "I Love Lucy," the television series starring Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. Mr. Oppenheimer not only created the idea for the series, he was also the head writer and producer of the program. Because of his unique inside perspective, Mr. Oppenheimer is able to provide information about Lucy and Desi that no one else could. There are a few things that make this book absolutely unique... Several appendices are included in the book which are very interesting. The first appendix shows an actual script (complete with hand-written changes) that was used during the production of "My Favorite Husband." But, what makes this book fascinating is the fact that a 65-minute audio CD is included, composed of twelve different tracks. The first track is a recording of the presentation of the script for "My Favorite Husband" included in Appendix A of the book. Another real plus for this book is the number of photographs that are included. The photos provide another dimension to this richly-composed book. This book is not only informative, it is very entertaining! Anyone who has ever seen an episode of "I Love Lucy" will want to own this book. It now occupies a prominent place in our family library. "Laughs, Luck...and Lucy" will be read and re-read many times in our home.
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am 8. August 1997
Jess Oppenheimer was part of TV's greatest revolution. He not only created the most popular TV show "I Love Lucy", he also contributed a whole lot to the television industry (including his patented inventions). Oppenheimer had many inside stories about "I Love Lucy", and the many stars he had worked with. If you love Lucy, you won't want to miss the book that was written by the creator of the show. The book is also filled with things that happened to Oppenheimer's fascinating life. So whether you love Lucy or not, you'll find this book very interesting to read. The book is great, fascinating, and yes, FUNNY. I highly recommend this book to all of you
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am 5. März 2000
This book was written by two great men, Jess & Gregg Oppenheimer. I mean Jess was,"the man behind the Ball."Jess knows all the facts. I mean he was the brains behind it all. And when you complete this book you will know exactly what I'm talking about. He was a true genius.Jess & Gregg will lead you deep into a dynasty. This was not a one woman show. Before reading this book I thought Lucille Ball created "I Love Lucy." Now I know the facts. Please if you are a true Lucy & Desi fan,get a hold of this one! But get prepared for alot of hard core facts on the most famous couple in history! Christy Hunter
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am 16. September 1998
I Love Lucy - Behind the Scenes is a fabulous look back at the career and antics of one of t.v. and radios funniest ladies. With all of the demoralizing venues on the "boob-tube" today, it is refreshng to recall a time-gone-by when good clean fun could still be funny. Jess and Gregg Oppenheimer have compiled a wonderful memory book of everyone's favorite comidianne. The reader - Larry Dobkin who as I understand it, was a guest actor on several I Love Lucy episodes, delivers this story with the warmth and humor it so deserves. I give this audiobook 5 stars!
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am 12. Februar 2000
If you're into the behind the scences of what made Hollywood tick in the 30s, 40s & 50s, this is a tremendous book. From radio to TV, Oppenheimer was involved with it all, and told of the expertise it took to produce a show. I loved the technical jargon, since I've worked in broadcasting most of my career. And I loved the Lucy tidbits, but wished they had been more about specific episodes of "I Love Lucy." However, it was a good book about not only Lucy, but another pioneer in TV--Jess Oppenheimer!
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am 8. Februar 2000
I've read many books about Lucille Ball, I Love Lucy, and other members of the cast. I have to say, they've all bored me except for this one, and I'm a diehard "I Love Lucy" fan. It starts off as an autobiography of Jess Openheimer, but ends up explaining in great detail the wonderful show he produced. You'll learn a lot about Lucille Ball, other cast members, and the making of the series. It's a great book for real I Love Lucy fans.
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am 19. Juli 1999
This is one of the best books I have ever read, definitely worth your money. Not only does Oppenheimer talk about working on I Love Lucy, but he talks about his truly interesting life before Lucy. It's an endless line of funny stories while taking the reader through a history of the early radio and television days. I never wanted this book to end!!
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am 16. Dezember 1996
"Laughs, Luck ... and Lucy" is the definitive depiction of how the phenomenon of "I Love Lucy" sprung from the genius of broadcasting pioneer Jess Oppenheimer. This memoir is not just for Lucy fans, however. Written with wit, charm and candor, "Laughs ..." is perfect for anyone who loves to -- well, laugh
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am 15. April 2000
Laughs...Luck..and Lucy is a great book! An excellent edition to the I Love Lucy fan's collection! Delightful to read and to learn about the old days of radio, and the insight on the creation of the best sitcom ever made. Didn't want it to end. The cd is just as enjoyable! The old clips are great to hear! Great book!
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am 9. August 1997
This is one of the best Lucille Ball and "I Love Lucy" books I've ever read. It's at least up there with "Love, Lucy" (Lucille Ball's autobiography) if not higher. I especially enjoyed the in-depth look at "My Favorite Husband," which has never been so interestingly discussed before
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