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VINE-PRODUKTTESTERam 12. Januar 2010
I received this book as a review copy and started it in a hurry as I noticed the release date is next week. SO I put my newly loved In Death series down and started reading. So, you can see this book had no good starting point cuz I had to cheat on Roarke for it. But I can truthfully say: I so don't regret it. I really loved reading this book.

It's a great developed urban fantasy with a great variety of supernatural beings. We have my beloved shifters: not only the werewolves but all kind of them. They all have unique talents and attributes. On the other hand we have casters: kind of witches and warlocks. With this mysterious mumbling of spells and strange things put together for a potion. And don't worry nothing like Harry Potter. LOL We also me psychics like empaths and telekinetics. It's a great variety of supernaturals but one thing they have in common: their society-rules suck even more than ours. It's full of prejudices and archaic notions. Great potential for the bad guys!

This book is about Mackenzie, an ordinary girl with a great problem. Someone chases her from one city to the next and she has no idea why this lunatic finds her again every time. She finds help in New Orleans and meets the wonderful Jackson there. She's scared half to death but she would never give up. She doesn't want to get anyone else in harms way and is awe-inspiring brave for such a young girl. She's instantly attracted to Jackson but would never risk to bring him trouble so she wants to stay alone.

Jackson is a caster and one great man. He's a little Casanova and known for attracting the eye of the fairer *snort* sex. He works as a private investigator and knows all these little tricks- ordinary and supernatural- to get the information he needs without attracting attention. He's not a super strong shifter but he knows how to defend himself and the ones he cares about.

These two have some serious chemistry going on. They want each other but they know all the reason why they shouldn't get down and dirty. The build up between them can cause you real sexual frustration but I loved every minute of it. I thought the first time they finally get going was a bit rushed, I don't mean the act itself- not at all- but the way it came to it. Yeah, I know, that's really vague said but it's all I'm gonna say.

The plot is action packed and has a few nice and unexpected twists in it.
I like that we learn all about the world on the way together with our heroine. This way it always feels more real to me.
The tension builds up to a certain point and the outcome was a bit too smooth for me but it didn't ruin my reading pleasure at all.

Crux is a great start for a new urban fantasy series with the right amount of spice. Enjoyed every page and couldn't wait to start Crossroads, book 2 in this series.
The paperback of Crux releases next week on the January, 5th. The ebook is already available(for the ones who just can't wait).
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