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4,0 von 5 Sternen22
4,0 von 5 Sternen
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am 11. August 2010
Loved, loved this book! this was my second Emily Giffin book and it definitely won't be my last. So glad I discovered this author! I was getting a bit tired of what was in the market for chick lit, same old, same old. Mrs. Giffin is like a breeze of fresh air.

Rachel and Darcy have been best friends since their childhood. Now they are both living in NYC and Rachel has just turned 30. After celebrating with her best friend, Darcy, and Dex, Rachel's handsome friend from law school and Darcy's fiance, one thing leads to another and Rachel ends up in bed with Dex.
At first, Rachel tries to rationalize her fling with Dex as a one-nighter after too much to drink, but both come to realize that they have true feelings for each other. They continue to see each other over the summer, and as Dexter and Darcy's September wedding date gets ever closer, Dex and Rachel agonize about the future.

"Something Borrowed" is fast-paced and definitely engaging. I listened to it on my way to and from work and found myself wanting to actually be stuck in traffic so that I could listen to it a few more minutes.

Giffin really captures the complexity of female friendships. If this is considered chick lit, it is far more substantive than other books in this genre. Highly recommended!
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am 3. August 2007
Mir hat dieses Buch unheimlich viel Spaß gemacht. Wem schnulzige "Frauenromane" zu seicht sind, wird dieses Buch lieben. Lebhafte Beschreibungen von Gefühlen und Personen ziehen einen in die Geschichte hinein und lassen einen das Gefühlschaos der Hauptdarstellerin lebhaft mitfühlen! Die Skurrilität und der Humor der Geschichte tun den Rest- so dass man das Buch nicht aus der Hand legen mag. Wäre großartig als Romanvorlage für einen Kinofilm! Prädikat: sehr wertvoll.
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am 7. Juli 2011
Honestly said, I only picked up Emily Giffin's novel, because I was planning to watch the movie in the cinema, but after finishing it a few minutes ago I don't think I will even make this effort...

"Something Borrowed" by Emily Griffin tells the story of Rachel, who has never been very lucky in life: She turns thirty without any boyfriend around plus having a job she actually hates. Her best friend Darcy, on the other hand, is anticipating her wedding with the smart and handsome Dexter, has a wonderful PR job and... anyway, everything just seems to come to her without much difficulty.
That is, until Rachel and Dexter discover deep feelings for one another and start an affair that leads into absolute mayhem and, above all, to the question whether love is more precious than friendship.

The novel is really very entertaining and quite the right thing if you are looking for a beach read, as one hasn't got to concentrate much to keep up with the plot.

The style is, in my opinion, very pleasant and fluent as well, so that I would definitely call this book a page turner. It took me less than two days to finish it.

This is, however, quite astonishing when I think about it now, because there's really not so much happening apart from Rachel and Dexter having their affair, Rachel's feelings about it and how everything comes out in the end. This surely doesn't justify 388 pages, does it?

Another point I have to mention is how the sympathy I felt for Rachel constantly decreased during my reading. In the beginning I definitely could feel with Rachel: All her bad luck. How she feels lonely most of the time and her craving for someone who truly loves her.
But after some time this effect vanished for me and I just couldn't understand her actions anymore. Why do Rachel and Dexter wait such a long time to talk to Darcy, for example, and even after their secret has come out the two of them discuss how they had rather deceived Darcy forever to avoid any conflict that might have arisen.
If you ask me, this isn't the right behaviour of a protagonist in modern literature.

Also, I really didn't like the development of Darcy's character. Okay, she absolutely is a very selfish and self- centered kind of person, but I could always understand Rachel for being loyal to her for such a long time, as there were some scenes included that showed Darcy's good traits.
Unfortunately, this is shattered in the last few chapters as well: As if in order to justify Rachel's affair, Darcy is made meaner and meaner: She was already lying as a child, she cheated on Dexter too, she's even pregnant and decides to have the baby and so on... What I want to say is that it all becomes a bit too much in the end and it definitely didn't made me support Rachel and Dexter more, quite the opposite...

The end is of course highly predictable; in fact I would rate this novel with only two stars if it weren't for the nice message that is delivered on the last pages: Friendships can be destroyed as easily as relationships, so we really shouldn't take them for granted.

All in all I would recommend "Something Borrowed" to people searching for a beach read and who don't want to have a closer look at the characters' actions, their motives and the whole plot in general.
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Emily Giffin gave her fantastic debut with this novel. It introduces the reader to Rachel White and her surrounding. The protagonist lives a well ordered life. She works as a lawyer right at Manhattan; mostly she is very disciplined and always fulfils her tasks. Soon she will turn thirt. She has got her very best friend Darcy Rhone from school. They are used to share nearly everything. Besides, Darcy gets the first choice. She always wants to be prettier, smarter and more handsome than Rachel. By now, Rachel did not bother.

The night of the birthday party turns the relationship between them. Although she did not plan to end up in bed with Darcy's fiancé, she would do everything to wipe this part off her life. After all, Dexter is going to marry Darcy in a few months. Unfortunately, both could not leave their fling behind them. So they discover that life is not a fairytale. There is always one who gets hurt.

I hardly read a novel before which catches me in such an emphatic way. The author describes the two women in their different styles without forming an opinion for the reader. Rachel has the part of the good girl, but also has her own wishes and needs. In former times she suppressed a lot until it comes at the survey the weeks after her birthday. She is not willing to give up parts of her life anymore. That is the point when Darcy has to move on, too. She realised that her friend changed but still not knows how and where. She tries to save her life as a princess and is blind for her environment. That sounds rather bitchy, but Emily Griffin gives some emphatically explanations, too. I can really recommend this book to everyone who likes novels with some psychological ground.

This novel is already been published in German with the title "Fremd fischen". It will be continued by Something Blue, which tells you Darcy's view of the experience and how she got through.
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Nachdem mir der Film sehr gut gefallen hat, bestellte ich mir für den Urlaub das Buch.
Ich musste feststellen, dass es einige markante Unterschiede gegenüber dem Film gibt, die dem Film gut getan haben und die leider auch dem Buch recht gut bekommen wären. Das Buch konnte ich nach dem Ansehen des Films leider nicht mehr unvoreingenommen lesen, von daher kann ich mich nur auf Buch und Film im Vergleich beziehen, ich denke aber, dass es anderen ebenfalls so geht.
Das Buch empfand ich als nett und unterhaltsam, aber auch als deutlich langatmiger als den Film. Rachel verschließt möglichst lange die Augen davor, dass Dex sich anscheinend nicht wirklich bemüssigt fühlt, etwas an ihrer Beziehung zu ändern, obwohl es keinen wirklich nachvollziehbaren Grund gibt, warum er Darcy noch heiraten sollte. Sein Verhalten macht auf mich einen etwas schäbigen Eindruck, wobei Rachel ihm mit ihrer eigenen Erwartungshaltung (oder auch nicht Erwartungshaltung)hier durchaus entgegen kommt. Insgesamt haben mir die Charaktere alle in ihrer filmischen Umsetzung besser gefallen.
Das Buch war eine nette Unterhaltung, allerdings fehlte mir persönlich der Witz, den ich im Film genossen hatte und der auch auf dem Buchcover angepriesen wurde. Vielleicht lag es an mir, aber ich habe zwar mal geschmunzelt, wirklich lustig fand ich jedoch kaum etwas in diesem Buch. Es sind ausgereifte interessante Charaktere, deren Interaktion auf nette Art die Seiten füllt, aber gefesselt hat mich dieses Buch nicht, obwohl ich mich sehr darauf gefreut hatte.
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am 9. Juni 2007
Schönes Buch. Selbst wenn man nie in einer solchen Situation war, schafft es die Autorin irgendwie, dass man sich der Protagonistin Rachel sehr nah fühlt und sich regelrecht in sie hineinversetzen kann. Die Figuren sind überhaupt insgesamt sehr gut beschrieben. Die Handlung wirkt gegen Ende jedoch etwas gar überkonstruiert. Insgesamt würde ich das Buch aber sicher weiterempfehlen.
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am 19. Mai 2012
I have to say it's a good book, I don't understand why there are so many people complaining about it. It's definitely a page turner and I really felt with Rachel through all the book. It's really entertaining and you don't have to make a big effort to keep up with the plot. Definitely recommend it.
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am 24. April 2012
Ich MUSSTE dieses Buch lesen, ich konnte an nichts anderes mehr denken. Je weiter ich das Buch gelesen habe, desto mehr freute ich mich für Rachel und drückte ihr die Daumen.

Die Bücher von Emily Giffin sind sehr schön und leicht zu lesen.
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am 2. Juli 2011
Rachel wollte immer das gute Mädchen sein. Ihren Eltern gegenüber - und Darcy gegenüber ebenfalls. Sie wehrt sich nicht, auch nicht, wenn Darcy ihr Unrecht tut. Sie nimmt es immer hin. Selbst wenn Darcy ihren Freund stiehlt. Bis Dex ...
Ihr fallen immer mehr Dinge auf, die sie an Darcy stören, die sie vorher nicht bewusst wahrgenommen hatte. So erfährt der Leser, dass das im Grunde eine sehr einseitige Freundschaft ist oder besser gesagt: im Grunde gar keine. Darcy nutzt sie aus und sie ist still. Darcy ist immerhin die Schönere.
Als sie sich in Dex verliebt, Darcy's fiancé, ändert sich das allerdings.
Die Rolle von Dex fand ich nicht gut ausgearbeitet. Seine Gefühle, seine Entwicklung in dieser Story war für mich wenig erklärt. Trotz dem er eine Hauptrolle spielte, blieb er etwas im Dunkeln.
Alles in allem hat mir das Buch ganz gut gefallen, wenn es mich auch nicht total begeisterte. Ich schwankte zwischen 3 und 4 Sternen, konnte mich dann aber doch nur zu 3 hinreißen, obwohl das Buch nicht schlecht war.
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am 11. Januar 2012
I really enjoyed reading this book.
Everyone (I guess especially women ;) ) who likes stories about love and friendship -what does real friendship and real love mean- will love it as well!
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