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3,8 von 5 Sternen
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am 15. Juni 2008
Glitter Baby is the latest novel I read. I know that it is one of the oldest books of Susan Elizabeth Phillips, but it just got published in German. SEP is my favourite author and the first romance novel I read was 'This Heart of Mine' , which I absolutely love, by the way. Naturally I had to read her 'newest' book.

Just by reading I realized that it is one of her older works, it reminded me a lot of 'Honey Moon' (movie stars) and somehow of 'Ain't she sweet?' But I liked it a lot more than those two and 'Hot Shot'. It is deeper than most of her new books and thus not such a 'feel good' 'light read' book, but it is not too serious. It has it's humerous and romantic moments (and, of course, a happy end)

It does not come near her 'Chicago Stars' series, since her writing style and her character developement improved during the years. But I think the personal problems of her characters and the general issues she adressed (child abuse in 'Honey Moon' ect.) were better in the past. I believe she started to write more for the masses -> poor boy works hard and achieves riches, but is hounded by his past and some other problems, which he slowely overcomes with the help of the female protagonist. Her characters are deeper now, but early on they had 'bigger' problems, so to speak.

It was very interesting to read this book and realise the personal writing development of the author, ste storyline and the problematics were good, too, so:

4/5 stars from me!
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Susan Elizabeth Phillips is one of my favourite writers and usually I can't stop reading her books. However this book wasn't as good as the others. I couldn't sympathise with the characters that much and it just didn't leave me with that "Aw, how cute"-feeling that her books usually do. The main character's father was always trying to sabotage her and the main male character was always broodingand there were all these negative feelings involved.
It was ok to read, just not fun to read like her books usually are.
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am 4. Juni 2009
Soviel verfolgte Unschuld gibt es seit den Brüdern Grimm höchstens noch bei Judith Krantz - wem "Princess Daisy" oder "Die Champagner Dynastie" gefallen hat, wird auch dieses Buch mögen, ebenso Fans von den Familiendramen-plus-Firmenerfolgsgeschichte-Stories von Sidney Sheldon.
Erfreulich, daß es hier ein bißchen mehr als die übliche SEP "mittelmäßige Frau ohne Sexualleben trifft wunderschönen, reichen, berühmten alleinstehenden Mann für kurze Affaire, die bald zur ewigen Liebe samt Kindern im Epilog" Geschichte gibt - der Held hat nicht nur eine schwere Kindheit sondern auch ein Kriegstrauma und die Heldin - seit Aschenbrödel hat sich wahrscheinlich keine junge Frau mehr soviel von ihren (Stief)verwandten gefallen lassen.
Trotzdem: die Story geht irgendwie zu Herzen - Kitsch hin oder her und obwohl man schon ab Seite 20 weiß, wer mit wem in den Sonnenuntergang reiten wird ...
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am 20. Januar 2009
This story reminds me a bit of meringue - looks yummy, tastes sweet for a moment, then pouf it's all gone. "Glitter Baby" is frothy, light, and fun, a trip to the world of beautiful people - gorgeous gals and drop dead handsome guys. Now, we know our two lead characters are going to end up together (think Jackie Collins, Judith Krantz) but it's an entertaining, sometimes erotic trip getting there with such moments as this:
"Jake stumbled backwards as Fleur threw herself at him, and they both crashed to the ground. There was an explosion of laughter from the film crew. Fleur lay sprawled on top of him, pinning him down with her half-naked body. She wanted to crawl away into a corner and die."

So, forget office work, household chores, balancing the budget (ugh!) and escape for 14 hours to terra fantastic. Fleur Savagar is the most beautiful of the pretties. She does not seem to have any idea about her looks, just wonders what everyone is in such twits about (another clue that this is fantasy).

Of course, there have to be twists and turns before Fleur and Jake's final close-up - how about secrets from the past that haunt both of them? Fleur leaves fame and Jake behind to visit a convent in France where she hopes to discover her true self, which gives listeners the opportunity to visit posh places on the continent. The settings couldn't be more tempting - Hollywood, New York, Europe. And Fleur's mother, Belinda, is something else - she left home in search of James Dean (enter Errol Flynn).

Julia Gibson delivers an award winning narration of this story reminding us that the path to true love doesn't always run smooth (but it doesn't hurt if she's the most beautiful woman in the world, and he's a talented, handsome playwright/actor).


- Gail Cooke
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am 18. Januar 2014
I am a S.E.P. fan - just stating this fact. I can't read her books all the time but I like them very much, when I am in the mood of romance and laughing out loud.

But this book - it was far more. Glitter Baby was about messed-up families, about women, who used their bodies and looks for a better life (in one way or the other), it was about broken dreams and most of all, it was about an amazing heroine, who just made my day a lot brighter. I cried with her, I laughed with her and at times I were just so happy, just to be thrown in the next dark pit, that always seemed to open up, when everything seemed to work out.
The story is a lot darker than S.E.P.s usual stories, the people are not only as realistic as most of her characters are, but with dark traits and shadows in their personality, that only make them more likeable. I couldn't help myself but like even the "enemies" of the heroine - all, but one I have to admit. I think who I couldn't like, will be clear after you read this book - and you will read this book! ;)

Happy reading ;)
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am 2. November 2009
Ich habe Susan Elizabeth Phillips erst vor ein paar Monaten entdeckt und bin restlos begeistert!
Zuerst habe ich die aktuelleren Romane gelesen - erst jetzt arbeite ich sozusagen die Vergangenheit auf.
Glitter Baby erstreckt sich über einen Zeitraum von etwa 27 Jahren und über mehrere Länder und Städte.
Eine Starverrückte Mutter mutet ihrer Tochter (und ihrem Mann) so einiges zu. Zudem hat die Tochter - das Glitter Baby - mit ihrem Aussehen, ihrem Vater, der Presse und der großen Liebe zu kämpfen.
Phillips schreibt wie immer sehr einfühlsam. Sie zeichnet die Entwicklung des Glitter Baby von einsamen kleinen Mädchen zu einer starken jungen Frau so nach, dass man sie selbst miterlebt.

Achtung: Wer nicht auf Herz-Schmerz-Happy-End steht, der sollte besser etwas anderes lesen.
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am 9. April 2013
Romanzenschnulze! Ich habe das Buch für eine Freundin gekauft und es dann von ihr ausgeliehen bekommen. Normalerweise lese ich so etwas nicht, vielleicht fand ich's deshalb so kitschig. Lauter extrem schöne, extrem reiche Menschen und ihre extrem seltsamen Probleme.
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am 5. August 2009
I have read all of her books, but this one was by far the one I liked least. All her other books make me laugh when I read them, they are funny and entertaining. This book was more like a typical Danielle Steel book - ok but not something I will ever read again.
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am 16. August 2015
I have read almost all books from her and still I really enjoyed reading this book. And the statement from her website that you can read any book from her without having to read them in order of the series is true.
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am 2. Januar 2014
Meine Tochter hat mich mit den englischen Titeln der Autorin mit dem SEP-Virus infiziert. Dieser ist inzwischen auch auf meine Frau übergesprungen. Frauenromane oder nicht.... mir egal. Ich liebe diese Bücher.
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