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4,8 von 5 Sternen
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am 18. Juli 2000
This book is an amazing way to solve all the questions that have never been answered. If everyone could read this book, the world would be a much different place. There are so many people alive today that have so many questions, if only one of them find this book in their lifetime, I bet you they would be just that much happier.
When I read this book I half expected it to try and snow me with opinions, cloud my judgement, and confuse me until I wasn't sure what I was reading. Much to my amazement, that was completely the opposite. I was so into this book, I just couldn't put it down. He offers you the facts, nothing more, nothing less; and lets you make whatever decision you want to about it. It's almost as if he says, "Hey look, this is what I did, this is what they say, you make the decision."
This book did more than fill my time, it filled a part of my life. It sounds goofy I know, but it's true. I know what I believe. I don't pretend to defend it to anyone else, and honestly there are some things that I don't know why I believe them, but that they are right to me. This book filled in those gaps. It gave a reason to my rhyme, and I'm very greatful for it.
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am 13. Juni 2000
I bought this book and read it on my vacation on the Big Island of Hawaii. I rented a condo (the Kona Reef) which sits right next to the waves coming in, hunkered down on the Lanai, and read this book with unending intensity. All I can say is, WHOW! What a book!
Now I know why the color purple is rare and why, in some other books I have read, that healing goes on by advanced beings using purple light!
This book is an absolute MUST READ for anyone who wants to know about what happens in the Afterlife. I sat there for hours ensconced in the quality of the dialog of the different cases, trying to self-relate to where I might be on the spiritual level of evolution. This is a monumental contribution to Spirituality, excellent read, to-the-point, extremely well organized. I was able to follow the entire book systematically in reasoning and logic. I found myself filling in big gaps in my understanding of what I thought the evolution of the soul was all about. From time to time I read passages that were confirmatory with many other details which I have gleened through many many books on NDE's, death, spiritual soul development, reincarnation and so forth.
I am a little hesitant though in thinking that Karma is as important a facet of spiritual law as what it has been made out to be. That is, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction on a spiritual level? Michael points out that the soul does NOT have to reincarnate, although it is highly encouraged, as this speeds the development of the soul.
I am a little disturbed to think that we are all on some kind of schedule for which our spiritual "betters" have us hustling along, even if we are reticent to come back here and undergo the fire of pain and pleasure. It appears in Mike's book, that souls are continuously created, which is what I thought for a long time until I read some contradictory things which said that God made all of our souls at once, so we are all of equal age.
In context of God's Absolute Self, time does not exist, and so of course it would appear that all of us were created simultaneously in the ever present NOW. Yet, from my relativistic standpoint, there is the NOW that was, the NOW that is and the NOW that will be. If we all were created simultaneously, we all SHOULD be moving along the scheduled path approximately the same...though Mike says that each of us is developing at our own rate. What I found most alluring was the idea that because we are individually developing at different rates, as we advance as individuals, we CAN leave the Group Self.
I am hoping (though I doubt it), that I am not a beginner 70,000 to 120,000 years seems to be a long LONG time to get somewhere. Heck, they were bagging bronto's back then! <chuckle>
What Mike didn't cover was the fact that we can incarnate into the PAST! It appears in his book that we are all incarnating relative to progressive earth time as if the NOW of now and the future tie us to our incarnations...i.e., if we wanted to be born in Ancient Egypt, could we? Even though I just lead a 20th century life? Some sources I have read say YES...but it would be good if Mike could confirm this one for us.
I am effusive about this work to the highest degree, it is INVALUABLE! Anyone who wants to know about what to expect, or at least get an idea of where they have come from, needs desperately to read this book!
Mike, you get 6 Stars from me, A+++ or whatever, because this is one heck of a book!
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am 25. Juni 2000
Michael Newton collected interviews with some of his patients about their experiences between lives. Intriguing? You bet!
I am a mystic and have had memories of past lives, as have many people. My daughter recommended Journey of Souls, and in a conversation with her before I had received mine (her gift), I told her about my immediate past death and what happened afterwards. She was amazed as she said, "That's right." Why? The first thing I said was that I had died so many times that I knew what had happened to me. This was a familiar thread in this book because the trauma of death is exactly that--trauma; however, these interviews show hope and continuance.
My journey through this book was a confirmation of what I already believed happens right after death and of what the between-world, the place of souls, is about. So, although there was not a lot of new information for me in the first third to half of the book, it made me feel very happy just reading it because the descriptions from others paralleled my own. There is nothing so rejuvenating as corroboration from a myriad of strangers.
For anyone who wonders if there is life after death, this answers that question as well as providing insight into soul development and progression. One of the most interesting aspects were the "keys" that we memorize so that we will know certain people as they enter our lives; that feeling of "Gee, I know you," indeed is reality.
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am 3. Dezember 1999
Building upon the work of past life regression pioneers like Dick Sutphen, Newton has managed to produce possibly the most advanced text on soul theory. Students of metaphysics will no doubt gain much from this book. Having studied this subject myself for a number of years, this book helped me to finally solidify many of my own views and theories on the subject. Newton's research should provide a lot of inspiration to those searching for meaning in their lives. I can understand the skepticism that is rampant in this field of study, but I am confident that Newton's work will be regarded as one of the most important contributions to metaphysics in the coming Millenium. Indeed, Newton clearly communicates that there is a divine order to the universe that many of us are just beginning to comprehend. Because this material can be so overwhelming, I suggest that people who are new to this subject first read books written by Dick Sutphen and then follow up with this book. Highly recommended.
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am 10. Juni 2011
I read Journey of souls as a real sceptic, atheist and realist. But it shaked my principles to the core. I greatly suffer from the fear of death, because I cannot imagine that there should ne nothing, like some... or most of my friends do. Life would indeed be meaningless, and the cruelty, the faillure the trails the problems the love the hate the sins the good actions... all would be meaningless, because it would not last. It would not leave anything, no benefit. It would be just senseless. I respect people who can live with that theory. But I too ask: why does everything, since the age of enlightenment have to be proofed physically. How do you explain everyithing that is around us. I just think that there are many things we can not understand, and for me Journey of sould was a spiritual opening. And I needed to realize that all, what Dr. Newton tells seems to make sense. Just because all his patients said the same.
The final proof was that other therapists too do the same thing, and they speak from theire expirience, don't they?
So I ask, dear so-called sceptics:

What is it that the flowers brngs to grow, or bringing the sun up (thats biology)
but what is mercy, what is love what is wizdom. Sure no biological process!
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am 13. März 2000
I had never given reincarnation any real thought. I grew up in traditional churches & accepted the Christian version of heaven and hell, although it disturbed me. Christianity always seemed to me like a "victim" religion where we are thrown into this world by God without the slightest concern about our own preferences and left bewildered and at his mercy concerning the bad things that happen to us (like Job of the Old Testament). It also seemed so unfair of God that each person should have only one lifetime, and that one lifetime consists of such horrible things for some people and not for others. Reincarnation makes so much more sense. It makes us each responsible for what happens to us and at nobody's mercy. It also makes the bad things easier to deal with. A friend of mine, who is HIV positive, said, "As bad as things may be, it still is easier to feel that we somehow had a part in "choosing" our circumstances for some "higher" reason rather than simply having them inflicted upon us for no comprehensible reason. I would recommend this book to everyone, whether you believe or not! It'll change your thinking about what you're doing here.
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am 14. Januar 1998
I finished reading this wonderful book by Dr. Newton over a year ago. It touched me at my very inner level, and helped me to understand so much more about how we chose our life paths. I am a natural skeptic, but Journey of Souls rang true for me; I subsequently met and had a session with Dr. Newton, and it's true! I was regressed back to where I reviewed my past lifetime and decided on this lifetime, and now have a much clearer vision of why nothing is happening to me that I didn't choose. I also have a clearer understanding of the lessons I chose to learn and where my individual path is leading in this lifetime.
This insight has helped me through many issues in the past year, is assisting me in my work and interaction with others, and I will be forever grateful to Dr. Newton for writing such a truly inspired, and well-researched book! If you have interest in a higher view of the daily trials and challenges in your lifetime, this book is an absolute requirement for your personal reading list!
I have bought dozens of copies for my friends and relatives, and will look forward to Dr. Newton's next book!! He is a wonderful and caring man, as well as an outstanding author.
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am 10. Dezember 1999
As a reader of hundreds of books on the mystical, the occult, spirituality, etc. (Robert Monroe, Jane Roberts, Castaneda, Tibetan Book of the Dead, Lobsang Rampa, Theosophy, Yogananda, Chuang-Tzu, Dion Fortune, Eckankar, etc., just to give you an idea of what I brought to reading this book), I can only say that I was ASTONISHED by this book. There are so many questions answered here for which I've never gotten satisfactory answers: for example, how suicide affects karma, why humans are so often evil (and what happens to them when they die), what the ultimate goal and purpose of life is (stated everywhere, especially in Christianity) but for some reason this is the first explanation that has made any sense to me. This description of the nature of the universe and our place within it is fully compatible with discoveries in quantum physics, is simultaneously scientific and spiritual. I experienced profound shifts while reading this book- am changed by it. I cannot recommend it enough. If you buy only one book this year, make it this one!
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am 18. Dezember 1999
As someone who no longer needs to be convinced as to the reality of reincarnation, it's unusual to find a book on the subject that interests me anymore. However, I was fascinated by this book, and I understand why Journey of Souls captivated me so: Because the world of spirit described in the book (by Michael Newton's regressed subjects) resonates, on the deepest level, with what I remember to be the truth of that world. An excellent read, highly recommended to anyone who is seeking to lift the cloud of amnesia that most of us have about life before birth. As well, Journey of Souls beautifully serves as a clear reminder that a soul incarnates with loving purpose and by choice. I await more from this author; he has written an exceptional book on the relatively unexplored subject of life between lives.
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am 3. April 2000
This book starts where most of the other of its kind stop. Almost everyone knows about the "Tunnel", the Light at the end of It, the Guides that await one after death, etc., but through methodic and unbiased research, Michael Newton almost proves to the non-initiated that everyone human being on this planet has lived before. The only drawback however is that he doesn't say how reach these "inner worlds" while still living in a human body.... fortunately, I have found other books that do exactly that. For instance, Harold Klemp's Soul Travellers of the Far Country, or Paul Twitchell's The Key to the Secret Worlds open anyone who has a genuine desire to "explore his/her inner worlds" CONSCIOUSLY ! I tried the techniques, and I was able to see some of my past-lives for myself... no, I can't prove it to anyone, but you sure can prove it to yourself!
I just hope Michael Newton writes a sequel... I'll buy a case of them which I will give to family and friends without a doubt!
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