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am 9. Juli 2009
"Danse Macabre" is a natural evolution from the first album "Esperanto Rock Orchestra".
The dramatic theme running though this second album reflects all aspects of Esperanto and shows a willingness to look for a definitive approach to contemporary music.
Much of this direction has come from Peter Sinfield, who has produced this album following work with King Crimson, ELP and PFM and his influence can be clearly heard throughout.
"Danse Macabre" does not require listening to and should not be played on speakers less than 8" in diameter, in airport lounges, elevators and at dinner parties or immediately after sexual congress.

"Last Tango" is excellent. It opens with a particularly murderous version of "Eleanor Rigby." Purists, who want covers to stay near the original, will simply die, while those looking for original interpretation will be slayed! =8) Except for a brief statement of the theme, which is buried in the complexity, you won't positively recognize the song until the lyrics start. Excellent. Esperanto have the usual drums, bass, keyboards, and male and female vocals, but also use two violins and a cello. ELO? No way. These guys are fairly complex (but we're not talking UZ or Art Zoyd) and build good intensity. How to describe? Not easy, really. Strong string presence obviously. Kinda classical, kinda fusiony, kinda proggy, pretty unique. Six songs, three per side. Three of these are longer (7-12 minutes) and three shorter (3-4 minutes). The shorter songs are kinda "singlish" and coulda been heard on the radio in the mid-'70s. That's not to imply they are bad songs, but the longer cuts are much better developed. I'm doing a hack job here. Oh well. Good stuff...
...On Last Tango the band is reduced to eight members and the music is a lot better and more progressive than on Rock orchestra. There is some killer stuff on Last Tango.
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