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4,5 von 5 Sternen88
4,5 von 5 Sternen
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1 von 1 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich.
am 31. Mai 1999
I really read this through fast. It was so involving and gripping, I did not want it to end but I really wanted to know what happens on the next page - both these attributes are rare, and I thank Anne Bishop for writing books that offer both.
And - and this makes Anne Bishop outstanding for me - she manages this with quite a number of flaws in her story: Jaenelle's friends are not quite fleshed out (such a lot of names, such a lot of alliances between them and none of it told, all of it just mentioned in passing - I had no chance of even remembering who is who), there are a lot of jumps in her story where transitions are sketchy and a few sentences thrown in are supposed to explain a battle or disaster scene of many pages, the emotional growth of Jaenelle (respect for her body, e.g.) just happens in a page or so, Sadi is "forgotten" by everyone for endless amounts of time and the justifications for that are sketchy, Jaenelle's marriage just happens in passing.
So, yes, I had a lot of criticism after thinking it over, or even while reading. But, and that is why this book gets five stars, I still wanted to read it, I enjoyed it, it kept me hooked and completely distracted from all else. I hope that Anne Bishop's writing gets even better, but even if it never does, I will wait for each of her books and look forward to them with anticipation - and have pleasure from reading them.
Finally, to respond to other comments: I found the violence and the sex all necessary to the story and not excessive at all - it fit into her dark tale very well.
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1 von 1 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich.
am 21. September 1999
The only reason I didn't give this book a 5 star rating is because it didn't have Deamon my favorite charactor, (other than Jaenelle)in it a lot. This is the long awaited continuation of Daughter of the Blood. Jaenelle returns to her body after her nerve racking time in the abyss. One thing is different... she doesn't remember anything from the night at Cassandra's Alter back to who knows when. Most important... she forgotten Deamon. Deamon uncertain of what happened at the Alter slowly drives himself mad working away on his already weak mind. Although Jaenelle is back she isn't healed she puts a wall between herself and everyone else, and treats her body like an enemy worth nothing but her contemp an anger. She can't hold those memores away for ever. The twisting shadows that haunt her mind. Saetan, Lucivar, Jaenelle all do their own growing up but where is Daemon? Daemon the fourth side of the triangle, the golden key, the lover, the sadist, the consort of Witch? Will there be anything left of him worth saving if they do find him? Another great novel from Anne Bishop is now on my bookshelf.
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am 16. Juni 1999
Love this book. Especially for the glimpses of what's to come. Could I get hands for war and political rhetoric? What Heir did was set-up everything for the 3rd book. Somebody else said that this was probably a 4 book series . . . I think so too that's why every mention was so fleeting. This book was amusing and gave you all the information you're probably going to need for the last *sniff* book in the series. Can't put any of them down. These books have actually made me start reading again after severe disillusionment with the fantasy novelists . . . I thought there was nothing left to read. Then (AFTER telling my friend specifically that I DIDN'T want to get involved with a trilogy . . . I just wanted to read something fun that I didn't have to think about and trash it . . . ) . . . she gave me this book and Daughter and I've been slapping her around and kissing her feet ever since. PLUS passing them around to all my friends. (Sorry Kimberly)
I'd also like to say that I'd love to see Micheal Turner turn this into a 'graphic novel' or an Anime version. Just 'cuz it'd be neat.
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am 3. April 1999
Ms. Bishop had to slow down, those of us who read (& adored "Daughter") were treated to a quick paced novel introduction to a very powerful and tortured young girl. In "Heir" Ms. Bishop needed to fill us in & at the same time do the same for Jaenelle, the most important of all her characters. She's done it again, I gritted my teeth waiting for this book, I knew it would be worth the wait and it was. With only a few sighs of frustration I sat down with Heir to the Shadows and did not come up for breath until the evening of the same day done with the book and lost in Kaeleer. Pick up this book, (of course read "Daughter of the Blood" first) settle down and feel nothing if not sympathy of the High Lord of Hell himself, after all it is gut wrenchingly hard to deal with a teenager daughter under the best of circumstances, imagine if she could wipe you out of existence? :) Enjoy I did.
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am 4. Mai 1999
I just wanted to write this not because my opinion has any weight, but because I wanted to express how very impressed I was with this book. I normally don't read any fantasy books, but I was told that Daughter of the Blood was such a good book. At first I wasn't so convinced of its reputation as a great book, but I slowly came to believe it as I read further and further into this dark world that Anne Bishop has so amazingly put together.
The very next week after I finally finished Daughter of the Blood I went out and bought the sequel, Heir to the Shadows. I found that book to be even better. I couldn't put it down and I have just finished it today. I just stumbled over this web site looking for the next book and well I thought I would write and just express how very happy I was with the two novels that Anne Bishop has written, and I am eagerly awaiting the third book of the Black Jewel trilogy!!!
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am 11. August 1999
This was a great book. I can't remember the last time I read a trilogy (or a series, for that matter) where I considered the second book as good or better than the first - especially when the second book is a direct continuation of the first. And I include the most recent trilogies by L. E. Modesitt, David B. Coe, David Eddings, Anne McCaffrey, Piers Anthony, Barbara Hambly, and others (all of which happen to be favorites of mine!). This is a startlingly original world with characters that came alive for me from the first sentence. After an endless succession of "go quest, young man" story lines, the sheer creativity of this was amazing. I can't wait for the third book. I started the first book on a Sunday, and couldn't quit reading. I looked up and it was 2:30 am Monday morning, so I just finished the second book and went to work on no sleep. It was worth it!
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am 14. März 1999
After much anticipation, I've finally gotten my hot little hands on this book. And folks, it's not good, it's Fantastic!!!! Beyond words. This second installment picks up right Jaenelle's brush with death and continues on until...that's right, she came into her full glorious power as Witch. Along the way, I laughted, cried, and laughted as Ms. Bishop took us through a fasinating journey. All of those friends in the Forbidden Territory that was refered to in the first novel comes to light. And you will love them. But beware, you will cry for Daemon and others...just as surely you will feel the tenticles of hope at the end of this book and desperately wish that the third book would come out right away. I just spent 6 continuous hours reading this book and it felt like minutes...ah well, I guess I must somehow wait for the third installment...but Ms. Bishop, HURRY!!!
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am 22. April 1999
I picked the prequel on a lark, in spite of teh cover and the odd introduction. I found a book where super-powerful characters are also interesting, and often quite weak in their own ways. Unlike many, many other fantasy series, there are very strong characters, world-killing magicians and such, who are interesting. Very few authors have managed to make good supre-magician tales--and this is one of them. I do have a few quibbles. Mainly, I found Saetan's character very weak and miscast. 50000 year old demons of great power and experience should be intelligent. It bothered me to see him acting like a fool. However, the story was good, and I can only think of a few other fantasies that have been anywhere near as consistently interesting. And sensuous--and not sexual. All together an enjoyable mix.
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am 13. August 2007
The 'Heir of the shadows' really convinced me of this trilogy. Suddenly things that made no sense in the first book were clarified. Names mentioned before finally got a person attached to it and the story was overall more continuous involving not so much jumping around between the three realms. At the beginning of the book Jaenelle is still recovering from the trauma of the rape at the end of book one and in order to heal psychical she can not remember it for quite some time and has even forgotten all about Daemon. But were in book one you could not really see anything of her personality in book two this is finally applied to, showing some of the 'Witch' she is going to be. And this not only goes for her, other characters like Lucivar are also more developed.
One point taken off for Saetan's stupid jokes.
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am 10. Mai 1999
Well, I am kind of disappointed with the plot of the book. It basically just chronicles the coming of age for Jaenelle and a showpiece for Anne Bishop's humour. However while it may be funny it seems at odds with the original dark tone of the first book. The plot goes nowhere except for hints of Daemon's return and Jaenelle's taking of power. The political intrigue is clumsily done and whatever evil plots were hatched were cursory described and ditched in favour of humour. It only starts to pick up at the end but only at the end! To be fair, maybe the third book might just be all too dark and the second book is just to prepare us for it. In any case, the book is fun to read on a lazy Sunday afternoon but definitely not as addictive as the first.
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