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am 7. August 2008
Being in sales, I spend a lot of my time in the car, so I thought, why not try the Audio book. And it's brilliant! I've listened now a number of times to the 2 CD's and each time I catch different suggestions. Bob Rotella reads it himself in a calm, convincing manner. His advise makes a lot of sense and after listening twice to the CD's I already had more confidence on the golf course. This week I played a round at the same time as some extremely annoying, loud, cheating group and I was not one bit bothered about it! My game has become better, more stable, less frustating and therefore even more fun.
Each time someone comments on a exceptionally good shot, I just say: "Bob Rotella, thank you".
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am 6. August 2012
Nicht mehr und nicht weniger will einem dieses Buch vermitteln. Mit tollen Anekdoten und einem Gespür für das Innenleben eines Golfers gibt Bob Rotella eine Anleitung, wie man den so heißgeliebten Sport trotz des selbstauferlegten Leistungsdrucks mit Gelassenheit angehen kann und soll.

Kaufempfehlung! (Ich habe das englische Buch gelesene, kann also über die Qualität der deutschen Übersetzung nichts sagen.)
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am 31. August 2011
Wieder ein tiefgründiger informationsreicher Hit von Dr. Rotella. Wird den Leser in seinen Bann ziehen und seine Denkweise über Golf(sport) positiv verändern. Ich führe das Buch auf sämtliche Turniere mit und schmökere Abends in meinen Lieblingskapiteln. Mir ist dabei noch nie langweilig geworden.
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am 19. September 1997
Having purchased the audio version of "Golf is not a Game of Perfect", I can honestly say this book is a must for those who want to strive at improving their game. All serious and non-serious players have spent some amount of money to help improve their game. The true value of this book lies not in the price, but in the reward. For less than ten dollars you are introduced to effective, simple philosophies that will mentally jump start your golf game. Dr. Rotella's style teaches how you can blend the mental process of golf into each and every shot. The authors commitment and enthusiasm to the game of golf is obvious throughout the book. The book provides detailed descriptions of how tour professionals have benefited from working with Dr. Rotella. If it can help them win millions, then it can help us hackers appreciate the value of possessing a sound mental game. The book teaches the importance of a pre-shot routine that will help you mentally get through the round. As Dr. Rotella states, "Golf is meant to be played with the eyes." The book aims at helping golfers feel and trust their swings by relying on routine. A cornerstone for any good golfer
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am 18. Juli 1999
Simply put, this book is incredible. I am a 16 year old addict, who was last year, the worst player on the school team. I had taken lessons from pros, watched instructional videos, and attended numerous golf camps. At the beginning of the this year's season, I was considering quitting, when I picked up this little treasure. Bob Rotella's book has completely changed my attitude about this wonderful game. It taught me to forget about what other people thought about my game and remember how to have fun. Due to the weather this year, our golf season was only two weeks long. It took me one week to make junior varsity, and I give half of the credit to this book, and half of the credit to me for reading it. By utilizing the mental techniques found in "Golf Is Not A Game Of Perfect," I was smashing my previous scoring records and setting new ones almost every round! I was shooting in the mid-70's (9 holes) last year, and now I consistently score in the low 40's! This fantastic book is the real deal!
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am 13. Februar 1997
We are all fascinated by the game of golf because of it's
many complexities and and even contradictions. Most of us
play for relaxation and companionship. We enjoy the outdoor
arena, the beautiful scenery and the challenge of the hardest
game there is.

At the same time we can rapidly turn from Dr. Jekyll to Mr.
Hyde by the simple missed three footer. Acceptance of this
natural contradiction is the key to success. Rotella
provides a pattern to help overcome the inconsistencies in
our mental games and learn to accept the unpredictable
nature of a game using a bouncing ball.

The best result to be gained by reading this book is the
need to include a pre-shot element to the shot routine.
Proper planning with key mental processes are elementary
to the game. Rotella will help you find the process and
accept the imperfections.
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am 30. Januar 2000
"A great green book" I have to call this book like that.I think every golfers have to read this book if they want to play golf "sucessfully";I mean joyable in game and lower your scores as possible. I have played golf for 3 years and now are a 17- handicap amateur player.I have been very happy when my scores is good , occasionally I can break 80, and once I had my first hole-in-one.In the other way,I feel very unhappy,frustated when I could not play well, sometimes nearly 100. After I read this book, I can be very happy and joyable in game either the scores is good or not.Actuallly,I observe that in average my scores is much improved.I have a dream of being a single-handicap in the next 4-5 years. But now ,after I have this great green book ,I think I can reach my dream within 1-2 years.
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am 13. Januar 2000
This book provides incredible insight into the game of golf. Rather than attempting to teach the infamous "perfect swing," Dr. Rotella allows the reader to maintain his current swing and instead he addresses the mental side to lower scores. Whether you are a beginner or carry a low handicap, this book is sure to knock strokes off. This book enables a player to think correctly on the course and develop confidence in his game. It is easy and fun to read since Rotella recalls past memories that support his point. I'd recommend this book for yourself or as a gift. I re-read chapters nightly before playing in tournaments as an instrument to mentally prepare myself. It has helped me to win national junior events and I guarentee that it will help you as well. Hit 'em straight!
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am 8. November 1999
I had put away the clubs for 9 or so years after a divorce, career change and moving to another city. My first season back, this book was recommended by my golf instructor who had given me one lesson. To this date, I have had only that lesson, and one about 10 yrs ago. The book was easy to read at lunchtime, while I might then be preparing to hit the practice tee after work that day. My golf suddenly went from the mid 90's, back into the mid 80's, where I had been during the late 1980's. The focusing and targeting skills this book helps one develop are very very powerful. If you want swing basics, look at mags and the other swing books. If you want scoring strategies, and a winning mindset, this is your book.
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am 23. März 1999
but I was very happy with the results. I read the book during the winter as a break from Connelly and Hiaasen novels, and I doubted the information would have any effect on my game. My first round of 1999 was the most enjoyable round I've played in a long time. Why? I didn't spend the whole round worrying why I wasn't hitting perfect shots, and then trying to fix my swing. I selected the right club, went through my pre-shot routine, concentrated on the target, and trusted my swing. It wasn't perfect, but I got into less trouble, got out of trouble easier by playing the smart shot, and walked off the course smiling. Didn't do that too much last year!
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