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5.0 von 5 Sternen If you only get one body manual...this is the one you want, 27. Januar 2008
Mark Hyman, M.D., combines the best of conventional and alternative medicine with a blend of science, intuition, integrity, and compassion. He is editor in chief of Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, the most prestigious journal in the field of integrative medicine. In Ultrametabolism: The Simple Plan for Automatic Weight Loss Dr. Hyman provides a vivid road map to navigate your way back to health and fitness. As well as help you achieve your goals for long-term weight loss without counting calories, fat grams or carbs. You don't have to starve yourself anymore. You simply need to eat in harmony with your genes.

the first step in Ultrametabolism exposes seven myths that make you unhealthy as well as gain weight and keep it on. First Dr. Hyman discusses Starvation-- "Eating less and exercising more does not equal weight loss." Next he discusses Calorie's-- "All calories are created equal." Next is Fat.-- "Eating fat makes you fat." Fourth is Carbs.-- "Eating a low carb or no carb diet will make you thin." Next Dr. Hyman discusses that skipping meals doesn't help you lose weight. Next is the French.-- "The French are thin because they drink wine and eat butter" And lastly, Dr. Hyman discusses government food policies and food industry regulations. Dr. Hyman points out that the introduction of man-made substances such as trans-fats, are adding to our overall exploding health and weight problems over the past 30 years. This consumable plastic disrupts our metabolism by actually turning on a gene in your DNA, which slows metabolism causing you to gain weight. He also discusses high-fructose corn syrup, which is used to sweeten almost everything these days. Dr. Hyman states that these supersugars quickly enter your bloodstream and trigger hormonal and chemical changes which induces insulin surges that tell your brain to eat more and your fat cells to store more fat. If there are substances and foods that we eat that can trigger negative results, then surly there are ways to make us healthy and lose weight.

The second step of Ultrametabolism teaches you to turn on your metabolism and fat burning genes, and turn off your weight gain genes. Dr. Hyman will teach you how to program your body to lose weight automatically. And in the third step Dr. Hyman shows you by providing menus and recipes, along with exercise and lifestyle treatments designed to create healthy metabolism and overall health. This part is designed so it can be customized to your unique genetic needs to optimally awaken your fat-burning DNA.

Ultrametabolism: The Simple Plan for Automatic Weight Loss will change what you believe as "conventional wisdom" concerning weight loss. Much of what you think, or may think you know about weight loss actually has been making you gain weight. Dr. Hyman points to the fact that for every diet you go on, you end up gaining five pounds in the long run. Obesity is now overtaking smoking as the number one cause of preventable deaths with almost 70 percent of the adult population and one third of our children now overweight. Compounding the problem are the profitable foods the food industry pushes, entrenched pharmaceutical companies and our own government's recommendations, especially when it comes to the food pyramid or low fat in our diets. Ultrametabolism : The Simple Plan for Automatic Weight Loss is not just another of many weight loss books on the market. Rather, the book is your body's owner's manual for overall health. If you only get one body manual, this is, without doubt...the one you want.
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