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am 20. Januar 2000
Overall the book raises some good points with regards to developing open dialogs with both existing and potential customers. The book definitely could have been summarized in fewer chapters. Some of the cases cited were great examples of developing interest in a product or service that definitley displayed excellent built in follow up mechanisms. However, since the jest of the book leaned towards the use of the Internet and e-mail as a marketing vehicle the case studies did not necessarily match the vehicle for outreach he was promoting. The book also left one feeling that unless games and sweepstakes were involved the Internet campaign would not necessarily be successful (I may be stretching this view point a bit but it's the impression I left with). Sweepstakes do not work within some arenas. Finally, what I was expecting was some strong advice on Intenet marketing but I felt more like I was getting a sales pitch as to why the firm I worked with should consult with Godin's firm. Perhaps an excellent method of permission marketing! But with any good book I did leave with a few good ideas I could replicate. If I increase my sales from the points of this book it will definitely be well worth the cost.
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am 12. April 2000
Like many of the business to consumer company models that gush about the virtues of one to one marketing, Godin's book is a nice theoretical and idealistic book. Even though I have given many companies "permission" to market to me, I have yet to find a company that has been able to do so effectively on a one to one basis. The stock prices of of b to c companies is not only indicative of their inability to manage the logistics of nearly an impossible proposition but also their inability to market directly to the consumer.
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am 27. Juli 2000
This is a clever little book. Not full of great wisdom nor packed with "Wow" insights. In fact the writing verges on dull and is partitioned such that every page or so is one full section.
However, it is a rich source of ideas when you are stumped as what to do next in marketing or selling. Sort of the book that you hide at home and come in Monday to throw a new idea on the table during the bull session on weekend sports.
Don't pay full price for it, but it is a handly little resource.
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am 12. Januar 2000
It was useful in that it helped me think a about customer communications as a string of relationship building activities. However, the point probably could have been made in a dozen pages or less. It was pretty repetitive. Also, I found the book to have a lot of inconsistencies like stressing a long-term relationship with customers in a short-term context of "buying" desired customer behaviors.
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am 2. Juni 2000
but if you have experience in marketing, don't bother with this book. In Permission Marketing, the author takes a lot of OLD marketing concepts, renames them, and presents the concepts as if they were new. All right if you are an engineer w/o marketing experience, but if you have marketing experience and a brain, don't waste your time or money.
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am 12. Juli 1999
This book is better than Seth's previous books and a good summary for those looking to get the quick and quite possibly "only" overview of permission marketing. Previous critics of Seth's work as "too basic" and "too flat" will see a maturity in his writing that makes this an enjoyable and worthwhile read.
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Dieses Buch über Marketing und Werbung stammt eigentlich von 1999 und früher, es wurde nur mit einem neuen Vorwort versehen. Dere große Aufstieg des Internets war zu diesem Zeitpunkt noch nicht klar - Amazon etwa wird als kleiner, verlustbringender Buchversand beschrieben.

Der zentrale Gedanke dieses Buches besteht darin, dass die konventionelle Werbung angesichts der Informationsüberflutung keine Perspektive mehr hat. Stattdessen soll das "Permission Marketing" für individuelle Kundenbeziehungen sorgen. Die Idee ist weitreichend, und der Autor war seiner Zeit weit voraus. Doch zehn Jahre sind im Internet eine Ewigkeit, so ist dieses Buch trotz seiner zukunftsweisenden Ideen hoffnungslos veraltet.
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