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Flight into Freedom and Beyond: The Autobiography of the Co-Founder of the Findhorn Community
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am 4. Juli 2003
This book is the second version of Eileen Caddy's autobiography (originally "Flight into Freedom"). It contains the original "Flight into Freedom" and a long, additional chapter telling Eileen's story after the first book had been finished. A few words for those who have not read the original "Flight into freedom": "Flight into freedom" is the story of Eileen's life, the story of a woman who found a very unique path to union with the Divine through both darkness and joy, while raising children and co-founding the Findhorn community. One of the rare things about Eileen is that she constantly allows the reader (or people who meet her in person) to take part in her life not just with all its joys but also with all its struggles and times of doubt or resistance to change. Her life-story is one of complete transformation, and she makes clear that the same door is open to all of us - "ask and ye shall receive, knock and the door will be opened".
The part of her life that is described in the new chapter has been centered around deep forgiveness, transformation and healing of several relationships central to her life. Eileen takes the reader right into the depths of those rare experiences, sharing the challenge and the profound joy of forgiving in such a way. She makes clear that a deep level of forgiveness and healing is a very powerful door to experiencing Oneness with the Divine in an ever deeper way and that it is in the parts of our life where we have not truly forgiven that we keep ourselves separate. She shares about healing her relationship with her ex-husband Peter and about her final complete reunion with her children from both marriages. She shares about finding a new way to participate in the further development of the Findhorn foundation (which she co-founded in 1962), learning to do this in such a way that she remains free and non-attached to her personal views, just offering herself as a channel for the Divine.
This is a truly rare book, deeply inspring for anyone looking for true faith within the context of "modern" life, as well as for all those wanting to truly heal and forgive in their relationships.
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