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4,6 von 5 Sternen41
4,6 von 5 Sternen
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am 18. November 1998
When I was about twelve years old, I told my dad that I hadn't ever really read a book. He told me that he would give me a crisp twenty if I would. I chose "Cat's Cradle." It was great, I was hooked- Slaughterhouse 5, Breakfast of Champions, the list goes on... Then my mom picked Sirens up at a garage sale, and I read it in about two days. I couldn't take my hands off of it. Let's put it this way, if I ever do make it through film school, you'll see this book on the big screen, and it will be a good adaptation because the book is so visual. Trust me, read it. You will get turned in circles and end up where you began while you know that you learned so much. The end of the book is much like the end of a mini-life, much like what Vonnegut creates in all of his novels.
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am 18. März 2000
Vonnegut is amazing. He wrote a novel about such a serious subjects as religion and the purpose of all humanity and makes it so every page is more fun, more enjoyable, and more intreguing then the last. The language and style of the book was so Vonnegutishly colorful and his imagery so wild, imaginative and vivid, I felt at many points throughout the book that I was actually reading a comic book, only the cartoons were created entirely with words. It was a terrific book, packed with surprizes. I thought, however, that the references to flying saucers and Martians gave the book a little of a dated flavor, but it didn't harm the book at all. A good book for teenagers who like to read or for adults who have a sense or humor and/or an imagination.
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am 27. Juli 2005
It is about 1 year ago I read this book, and was talking about it with a friend yesterday. It came to us, how much is happening within not too many pages, and how weird all this happenings fit together.
It is really a pity that Kurt Vonnegut seems to be too unpopular in german-speaking Europe to be a well-known, or rather adored author.
This story handles all major topics concerning men for all times - love and hate, the meaning of life, and can we determine our fate somehow, or is it all just a game ?
There are no heroes in this book, only victims and losers. Nevertheless it is one of the wittiest and most inventive books I have ever read, and I can only recommend it to every fan of satire and SciFi as well as to the open-minded reader.
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am 27. Januar 1999
I don't read as much as I should, or would like to. That fact, however, shouldn't condemn my opinion. There is much of value in 'Sirens'. One reviewer's comment that Vonnegut lacks anything to say reflects on the reader, not the book. It seems that many of Vonnegut's critics suffer from the same affliction as movie critics. They are so well read that they lump this book with others which they decide are similar only to conclude that they have seen it all before. The problem is that in Vonnegut's writing the process matters more than the result. The plot, therefore, rarely coincides with the point. 'Sunday reader' as I am, this book made me think. That's why people are drawn to it, that's why it should be read.
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am 18. Februar 1999
Considering that this book was first published in 1959, its amazingly original. Many of the themes and techniques Vonnegut pioneered here have been copied by other authors. For example, I read (and enjoyed) "The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" a few year ago. However, I now realize that much of "Hitchhikers Guide" is a blatent knock off of "Sirens". My only criticism is that its really drags in places (like Unk's time on Mars). Despite this, its satire is inspired and the story is incredibly complex, yet coherent. So many of the small details turn out to be important. That Vonnegut did this without benefit of a word processor makes him all the more a genius.
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am 31. Januar 2013
One thing the reader has to understand when delving into this book is NOT to take anything or anyone in this book seriously. At first it's difficult, but as the books goes on, there is a definite sense of freedom when one lets go of one's yes-I'm-trying-to-understand-this attitude and just looks at the characters and happenings with joyful aloofness. The quicker one assumes the mindset of this book's secret hero, the synclastically infundibulated (a condition perhaps comparable to enlightment) Winston Niles Rumfoord, the more enjoyment can one derive from this. It allows us to feel like the world is a bit of a joke and we're in on the punchline.

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I must say, that this is the most fundamentally important book that I've ever experienced. Some might say its plot is too fantastical to count for importance. However, I say that the greatest questions of humanity are addressed and accounted for in this novel. Vonnegut takes us by the hand and spreads his arms overlooking the wide canvas of human existence. He says to us, "Look. No one knows what the great plan is. No one knows who controls us. The one thing that we can do is to love each other and live each moment for the wonder that it gives us. That gives it meaning. That is life, despite all else. No other book does this. None.
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am 3. Februar 1999
Through the life of Malachi Constant, Vonnegut weaves a tale that jars from its moorings the conventioal view of history on this Earth. This book is filled with Vonnegut's sublte humor, biting irony, and wisdom, for example Malachi says to the masses, "I was a victim of a series of accidents, as we all are." The characters are pulled through their lives by an outside force. There is always someone other than Malachi, that is in control of his life. Vonnegut's irony strikes with power, and moved me in a way no other book has. Sirens of Titan, is a book that should be required reading for humanity.
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am 30. Januar 1999
Dies war das erste Buch, was ich von Vonnegut gelesen habe, und es wird ganz sicher nicht bei diesem bleiben (Slaughterhouse-Five habe ich mir dann auch gleich danach gekauft, auch klasse). So einen abgefahrenen, witzigen, mit ausgefallenen Charakteren und derart vielen Wendungen in der Geschichte bestückten Roman habe ich seit der "Per Anhalter durch die Galaxis"-Saga nicht mehr in die Finger bekommen. Wo wir auch gleich beim Punkt wären: Wenn Douglas Adams diesen Klassiker von 1959 nicht mindestens dreimal gelesen hat, bevor er anfing zu schreiben, weiß ich auch nicht mehr weiter...
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am 15. Juni 1999
Vonneguts 'The Sirens of Titan' is an underrated masterpiece in his extensive catalog of material. More frolicking than his later works, this book takes the reader across the solar system in a delightful foray into parody and satire. Unlike his sometimes obvious - dare I say heavyhanded - novels that came later, Sirens remains fairly subtle and always witty throughout.
A *MUST READ* for Vonnegut fans, or just casual readers looking for something to dig their teeth into. Certainly one of Vonneguts three best.
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