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1.0 von 5 Sternen an amateur book?, 3. Januar 2014
At least some of the authors arguments seem to be defied by facts. And show some kind of lack of technical knowledge of the matter. Linux just is not amateurish. It has lead to numerous technical innovations. Linux and freeBSD have been driving innovations from file system development to security. Even proprietary operating systems like OSX which is based on NEXTstep and thus on freeBSD or Novell's SUSE are generating profits based on free software. There are view internet backbones that do not run Linux (no need to call this web 2.0 though).
Even Wikipedia has been distinguished in many reviews as equal in quality to the commercial encyclopedia Britannica, so it can hardly be considered amateurish - in fact many scientists rank among the contributors. To go further, in science new open access journals are being found, to accelerate scientific progress, a development that the author seems to have missed.
To dismiss Linux and Wikipedia as "intellectual property communist" is a very narrow point of view considering how science, society and companies profit from these free tools.
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