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4.0 von 5 Sternen Empfehlenswert, 9. Mai 2014
Verifizierter Kauf(Was ist das?)
Rezension bezieht sich auf: Building 3D Models with modo 701 (Taschenbuch)
Gut verständlicher Einstieg in das leistungsfähige Programm. Leider nicht auf Deutsch erhältlich, aber man gewöhnt sich bald daran, eine englische Anleitung zu verwenden. Ein zweiter Band mit Projekten aufsteigenden Schwierigkeitsgrades inclusive DVD wäre schön. Vielleicht kommt er ja noch.
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5.0 von 5 Sternen Great Book - more than an introduction, 5. November 2013
Rezension bezieht sich auf: Building 3D Models with modo 701 (Taschenbuch)
First of all, I have to say that English is not my mother tongue, but I will give my best! :)

3D is not easy to learn, because of its complexity. If you are a modeler and focus on this part only, than it could be a little bit easier (perhaps), but other artists have to know much more. They have to know everything about lighting and materials, photography backgrounds, knowledge in animations and compositing and much more ... a really big big world!

Especially to learn every part of Modo will take a long time, but this book is really a great start to learn. It is written very well and every chapter - part of the 3D World - is easy to understand! Juan did a fantastic job!

The way the content is organized in this book is very good and helpful. It looks like a guideline for every 3D artist. So you can use it in case of searching for something special as well.

This review is based on the eBook I read, but I can say, the pictures are clear and showing everything important and they are colored. :)

You will spend a short time in the beginning to become an overview about the most important and useful tools for modeling. This overview comes to the point and if needed, you will get an extra information for each tool if it has more functionality.

In this book there are many pictures, what I find very useful for explanations. This is really nice because you will see the differences in renders or you can compare these pictures directly within Modo.

Another nice thing in this book is that you get not only a short overview how to insert lights in a scene, more how it works in a scene. Example: How you can setup a three point light technique.

When it comes down to build the scene, you will find tips and tricks to build a very nice compositing. Also Juan explains the "Rule of Thirds" and what FOV (Field of View) is. Another important point for a good compositing is to use DOF (Depth of Field). This will be very well explained too.

Last but not least the author gives an overview about render settings and render quality, which are most important and what you can do to increase this quality. Also he describes how to setup the render output for a more realistic look in post-production.

For everyone who knows Modo and who wants to dive deeper into Modo, not only scratching the surface, this is not the right book. Because this book has not the intention to explain every aspect and every tool of Modo - it is more written for everyone how wants to learn Modo with ease from the ground up and get in short time an impressive overview about a scene should look. But this is done in a very good way, I had really fun to read it!

Tip: For everyone who is new to Modo and new in the 3D World, Modo has a really big content library full of presets. Take a look into these presets as well ... you can use and study these presets, how they were created and organized in a scene.

If you will ask me, after reading this book "Building 3D Models with Modo 701", what should I do next my answer will be, most likely, read more about Lighting, look what real photographer will do for a great shot and open your eyes when you are walking around and take care of shadows, lighting and materials in the real world!

Reviewed 2013, November
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