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3,4 von 5 Sternen
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am 18. September 2000
1. The Best-Odds Diet: give me a break. I eat a healthy, varied diet with plenty of fresh produce, milk, etc. A bagel is a once-a-week "cheat" treat? A slice of pie is "terribly wicked"? Like I said: give me a break. (I read the section on "Best-Odds Cheating" out loud to my husband for laughs.)
2. Breastfeeding: "Millions of happy, healthy babies have been raised on the bottle." The encouraging-but-lukewarm attitude towards breastfeeding wouldn't bother me quite so much if they weren't so militant about their stupid diet. Breastfeeding your baby is way, WAY more important than abstaining from white bread while you're pregnant.
3. Choices in birthing: WTEWYE encourages you to "discuss" with your obstetrician whether it's okay for you to do such radical things as not lie flat on your back with your feet strapped into stirrups. Overwhelmingly, the attitude is that your doctor Knows Best and having tentatively expressed the opinion that you might like to be able to walk around during labor, you should be a good girl and do whatever your doctor tells you. The fact is that some hospital policies are actively detrimental to mothers and babies -- and the other fact is that it's YOUR BODY, and (in a U.S. hospital, at least), you can refuse to consent to unnecessary interventions.
There's useful information in here, but for goodness' sake don't use this as your ONLY reference. I recommend the Sears "Pregnancy Book" as a useful adjunct to the information in here.
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am 22. Juli 2000
I bought this book last year when I was pregnant with my first child becuase that is what you are "supposed" to do, right? While I did eagerly look forward to checking what my baby would look like every month, and what organs (and such) were developing), I did not put too much faith into the book. The diet that it expects you to follow is rediculous (who doesn't eat any sugar or white flour for 9 months?). Plus, the information on breastfeeding is so outdated as to be dangerous (the book actually says that you should wean by 12 months because the baby will not get adequit nutrition after that. This is ABSOLUTELY FALSE! The American Academy of Pediatrics reccomends breastfeeding for AT LEAST 12 months and for as long afterward as both the baby and mother want to). I feel if this book really wanted to do some good, it wouldn't preach about every little thing you eat when pregnant, and would be more encouraging about breastfeeding. I mean, come on, let's get our priorities straight!
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am 4. April 2000
If you want your pregnancy to be monitored by a group of control freaks, then this is the book for you. While every pregnancy book will encourage you to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet, this one goes further, urging you to develop "discplined" and "virtuous" eating habits. With _every_ bite that goes into your mouth, you should be thinking of the health of your baby. But it is not simply, or not merely, a question of health. You should also be worrying about your figure. In the section dealing with father's concerns, they print the following (real or hypothetical) question, "As petty as this might seem, I'm afraid my wife's going to get fat and flabby during pregnancy, and stay that way afterwards." Do they tell this father-to-be where to go? No. They reassure him that his concern is not "petty," since it's a question of health. And they offer a list of suggestions for the father-to-be who wants to keep his wife trim and slim post-pregrancy. "Lead her not into temptation," they write. "Practise what you preach" but "don't be too preachy" -- for example, "signal her quietly when in public, rather than making a pointed announcement to all within earshot about her ordering chicken breaded and fried". I am not making this up, I am quoting directly from the book. This is a new form of puritanism.
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am 3. April 2000
If there is one thing I wish I had been told when I first got pregnant and would share with any newly pregnant woman, it would be not to buy or read this book. This is a book full of "advice" which is designed to make any woman feel inadequate. The recommended "best odds" diet is just that, a diet. It is overly focused on avoding fats and sugars and establsihes ridiculous standards for the amount of food one "should" be eating. For example, the authors' idea of a "special" treat is to allow oneself a bagel once a week. It utilizes scare tactics which can give a new mother the feeling that if she does eat ice cream, white flour, or refined sugar, her precious baby will be forever damaged. The advice on washing fresh fruits and vegetables with dish soap is similarly ridiculous. In addition the advice on avoiding pollutants and other supposed but unproven toxins--preservatives, all cleaning fluids--is incrediably biased toward middle-class, suburban, married women. For example women are advised to exercise outside but to avoid all exhaust fumes; not practical for those of us who live in cities. Likewise we are advised to stay inside during high pollution days, also not practical for most people who have jobs/responsibilities. The same goes for the advice on leaving the cleaning to someone else; what about women who don't have partners and can't afford housekeepers? The worst aspect of the book is that it is written in a tone that suggests that if a woman does not follow the book's dictates that she is a negligent mother-to-be.
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am 20. August 2006
I would like to recommend this book especially to first time mothers because it has wonderful month by month pictures and information detailing the monthly changes in your body. The author has presented "everything" in a step-by-step format, which is very useful and easy to follow. This book will answer most of your questions. It provides also a lot of information about what may go wrong. I guess that this specific information could be presented in a milder way because more anxious mothers-to-be may get worried.

I want to advise you to do your best to avoid any stress during the pregnancy because it will raise the levels of Adrenalin in your body. This will cause an aggressive/depressive mood swings and higher blood pressure. That's why whenever you read something potentially disturbing in this book take it easy and if there are any complications consult with your health care provider.

Being a sexual therapist as well, I advised my daughter to buy in addition to this book scientist Ritz' "Scientifically guaranteed male multiple orgasms and ultimate sex". Pregnancy is a tough period for sex no matter how much you strive to be intimate with your husband. That's why he most probably will feel bad or even rejected from the serious decrease in your intimate contacts. Scientist Ritz has made a breakthrough with the discovery of "The VIP Muscle", which generates multiple orgasms in men with or without a partner. That's' why my daughter's husband was very happy and calmed from this book (a proof that she thinks for him). Now she reads "What to expect when you are expecting" while he reads Ritz' book and prepares for "ultimate sex" after the delivery. I recommend both books!
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am 6. Juli 2000
I bought this book because it was one of the first things I heard when someone learned we were pregnant for the first time. I hated it and put it down almost immediately. It should be titled "What might go wrong with your pregnancy - you better start worrying now!" Pregnancy is a wonderfully exciting time. Moms-to-be need positive information and support because everyting is so new and unfamilar. I strongly recommend The Pregnancy Book (Sears) or Your Pregnancy:Week by week (Curtis) for moms to keep track of how the baby is developing over the pregnancy. What's the point of being negative and scary?
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am 1. Mai 2016
After reading this book, I have no idea why it comes so highly recommended by so many people. Huge portions of the book dwell on possible complications and frightening scenarios without stressing that, though possible, most of these scenarios happen in a small majority of cases. I found the book to be remarkably condescending particularly with its repeated warnings to lay off alcohol and drugs; I'm not disputing the importance of avoiding each, I'm saying that it's really not necessary to repeat the warnings so often at the expense of not offering other suggestions on health and well being. In addition, the book gave the impression that for the duration of pregnancy you more or less cease to be an individual and instead are charged with the lone task of incubating your baby. Most women I know, myself included, took the job seriously but didn't feel that they needed to sacrifice most aspects of themselves in the process. I also thought many of the book's suggestions were highly unrealistic. For example, one segment suggested that if you're a caffeine junkie or looking for a subsitute for something like a drink after work to try and subsitute something healthy for you and the baby. Their suggestion? Scrubbing some vegetables. Yeah. Because scrubbing vegetables comes even close to something you do to pamper yourself. All told, I just didn't feel that the book was that positive or did much to address positive solutions to questions.
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am 31. Januar 1999
What to Expect when you are expecting by Arlene Eisenberg, Heidi Eisenberg Murkoff, and Sandee Eisenberg Hathaway is the bible for pregnancy? It answers everything. Its organized monthly in the sequence those topics are most likely to be "wondered" about. The pregnancies guide that reassuringly answers the concerns of mothers and fathers to be, from the planning stage through postpartum. Complete with information on choosing a caregiver, prenatal diagnosis, exercise, childbirth options, second pregnancies, twins, making love during pregnancy, having a cesarean and practical tips on coping with common and not-so-common pregnancy symptoms. The greatest strength of the book, however, is its format within each chapter of questions and answers. Chapters in this 428 page book include: Are you pregnant, Now That You Are Pregnant, Throughout Your Pregnancy, The Best-Odds Diet, The First Month, The Second Month, The Third Month, The Fourth Month, The Fifth Month, The Sixth Month, The Seventh Month, The Eighth Month, The Ninth Month (all months including "what you can expect at this months check-up", "what you may be feeling", "what you may be concerned about", and "what you need to know"), Labor and Delivery, If You Get Sick, Coping With a Chronic Condition, When Something Goes Wrong, Postpartum: The First Week, Postpartum: The First Six Weeks, Fathers Are Expectant Too, and Preparing for the Next Baby. The book helps women understand what's going on inside of their bodies, how to take care of their babies. It brings-to-light what decisions might be needed to make during a pregnancy. This is a practical, no-nonsense book; a great reference and a comforting guide. What to Expect when you are expecting calms women's nerves and provides assurance that everything is going to be fine. This well written and clearly understandable book, What to Expect when you are expecting, should be required reading material for mothers and fathers to be.
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am 26. März 1998
"What to Expect" was written for women who are hell-bent on finding a guide for "Doing Pregnancy Right." You know those women. They're also the ones that show up at exercise class with matching tights and leotards and extra weights around their ankles. They'll be the women who feed their children exactly 6 grams of protein and 9 grams of carbohydrates daily because that's what "What To Expect in the First Year" tells them to do. I've tried, but I'm just not one of those women. I found "What To Expect" generally helpful in the sense that it covered basic areas of interest and concern, but overall this book was just too rigid for me. It was also too repetitive...the sections that list what will happen in your monthly medical check-ups regurgitated the same 8 points over and over again. And in the chapter for Month 9 they're STILL telling you to abstain from bread, sugar and anything else you might take pleasure from eating...thanks for the reminder!! I _am_ a devoted fan of Pregnancy Week-by-Week by MacDougal. The content is relevant and to the point, the photos are reassuring (and much more realistic than that drawing of a woman in her granny coat dreaming away in a rocking chair), and you're spared the "author knows best" tone.

I also enjoy the Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy by Vicki Iovine. It's not as practical as "Pregnancy Week-by-Week" but there's a great dose of reality and humor in the book, which is a welcome contrast to "What to Expect."

Good luck with your pregnancy!
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am 30. Mai 2013
Habe mir dieses Buch in meiner zweiten Schwangerschaft gekauft und bereut, daß ich es nicht schon in der ersten hatte! Ehrliche, interessante Texte, gute Tipps und präzise Informationen ohne unnötigen Schnick Schnack!
Ich finde, man liest sich schnell ein und die wenigen Fachbegriffe, die man nicht ganz versteht, kann man googeln!
Kann das Buch jeder interessierten Schwangeren mit Englischkenntnissen empfehlen ,da spart man sich den ganzen anderen Plüschigen Bücherkram!
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