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4,3 von 5 Sternen
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am 2. Oktober 2011
Nachdem ich mich durch die Fackeln im Sturm Triologie gequält hatte, habe ich nun Uncle Tom's Cabin gelesen, weil es so schön zum Thema passte.
Das Buch selber ist als wichtiges Dokument amerikanischer Geschichte durchaus lesenswert, andererseits war ich nur dankbar als ich es heute morgen endlich ausgelesen hatte.
Als erstes zur Sprache: wenn die gebildeten Weißen miteinander sprechen hat man kein Problem das Gesagte zu verstehen. Wenn die ungebildeten Weißen miteinander sprechen, wird es schon schwieriger. Wenn die Schwarzen miteinander sprachen, da konnte ich stellenweise nur noch hoffen, dass diese Passage für die Handlung nicht wichtig ist. Soweit nur als Hinweis, wenn man das Buch auf englisch lesen möchte.
Das größere Problem war eher, dass mir nach einer Weile der Glaube/Frömmigkeit, das ständige Anrufen von Jesus, die Zitate aus der Bibel etc. auf die Nerven gingen.
Desweiteren wird die "schwarze/afrikanische Rasse" durchweg als eine Gruppe von gutmütigen, fröhlichen, aber doch sehr einfältigen Menschen beschrieben. Natürlich spiegelt das die damalige Haltung wieder, aber man verspürt dennoch den Wunsch lautstark zu widersprechen.
Kein einfaches Buch, ein interessantes Buch, auch wenn ich es nicht unbedingt als Freizeitlektüre empfehlen würde.
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am 1. Februar 1999
Tolstoy said that, I didn't. And I don't give stars away lightly. This book is a real humdinger! A sort of primer on slavery in the modern age with a lot of Christian moralizing thrown in, the book is nonetheless powerful, at least as involving and occasionally as violent as "Wuthering Heights," and every bit as unrelenting. Besides a ripping good story, what can today's reader find? A haunting case made for never assuming you are in the right. Just look at all those people back then who said slavery was a natural thing. How wrong they were. That much is obvious to us now. But what about today's controversies? To future generations how obviously wrong can we be (1) about abortion, (2) about Clinton's impeachment, or (3, my favorite) how we are turning our back on injustices in Rwanda, Kosovo, and Chechniya. What will history say about us if we turn out to be on the wrong side of any of these issues? Oh, and please meet the real Uncle Tom -- what nobility, and not a shuffle in sight. And find out where "shiftless" really came from. Another reader suggested this book be required reading for all American citizens. Really not a bad idea...
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am 3. Februar 2010
Der Klassiker von Harriet Beecher Stowe ist immer noch lesenswert. Mit viel Einfühlungsvermögen beschreibt sie, wie Tom, ein schwarzer Christ, auch als Sklave seinem Gott treu bleiben möchte. Er erfährt Gottes Nähe in Situationen, in denen andere Protagonisten verzweifeln. So kann er ihnen beistehen und ein wenig seiner eigenen Hoffnung weiter geben. Gleichzeitig zeigt die Autorin auf, was für unmenschliche und auch völlig unrealistische Begründungen Menschen sich ausdenken können, nur um ihren eigenen Vorteil (preiswerte Sklavenarbeit) zu sichern. Wie verdreht das menschliche Herz oft ist, wird dadurch deutlich, dass viele Protagonisten offensichtlich an die Argumente, die sie vorbringen tatsächlich glauben ("Schwarze sind nicht in der Lage, ein selbstständiges Leben zu führen. Sie brauchen die führende Hand des Meisters." U.a.) Denkfaulheit und mangelnde Zivilcourage, um sich einem gesellschaftlichen Trend entgegenzustellen, waren sicherlich weitere Gründe für die Sklaverei.
Im Vorwort wird beschrieben, wie Harriet Beecher Stowe üblen Angriffen der Sklavenhalter-Lobby ausgesetzt war.
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am 18. April 1999
This work of art evoked every emotion I have in me. From sympathy, to ire, to joy. This opened my naive eyes to what evils humans are capable of, but at the same time proved to me what spiritual and god-like creatures we have the potential to be. The plot follows several lives, all affected by slavery. The hero of the story is a simple minded Uncle Tom who sticks to his righteous christian ways through all the adversity he encounters as a slave. The symbolism and satire in this book make it all the more interesting and meaningful. I am only sorry I don't know more about the politics and characters at the time because Stowe makes reference to incidences in her time period. Stowe's views on the issue of slavery are excellently expressed. She doesn't come off as preaching, or arguing, merely objectively stating the facts.(Yeah right) By using sarcasm, satire, symbolism, and religious teachings, she kept the book interesting and to the point. Every word she wrote further supports her beliefs. In the end the overall mood gets a bit gloomy, but the finale is magnificent.
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am 24. März 1999
Having just completed this book, I am astounded--both by its(underserved) racist reputation and its sheer force. No doubt, Stowe was unable to write free of the influence of her own racism. But, this book deserves to be read--especially now, at this time of year, when Christians celebrate Easter and Jews Passover. Personally, it has given me an idea, in as much as a white woman living in 1999 may have, of the pure montstrosity of slavery. As a Jew, I am gratful to have finished this book in time for my Passover Seder. I do not think I will ever think of the Exodus story in the same way again. I think the entire country should be reading and discusing this amazing book. I'll be talking about it at my Seder. I would welcome e-mail from other readers. Maybe we can start a campaign to have Oprah choose the book as one of her book club selections.
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am 4. Mai 2000
I highly recommend "Uncle Tom's Cabin." Wow. What an amazing and well-written book! This book is very powerful. It made me cry. I also enjoy writing and I realize what an amazing story it was and still is. It is also a lasting controvery. Many people feel that teachers should not make their students read this book. Much like "Huck Finn," people feel that it is unreasonable to put a child through emotional stress and to put emphasis on race in a classroom. They feel it is belittling the child and I suppose it is. Despite this, it is truly a classic novel. Unlike "Huck Finn," this novel puts emphasis on the good in people, no matter what their race or beliefs. This is what I got out of it. Again, I highly recommend this book to any interested in a truly valuable reading experience. Happy reading!
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am 31. März 2015
Dieses Buch ist von der Verarbeitung her absoluter Schrott! Die Schrift ist so klein, dass man es fast nicht lesen kann. Ich kann vom Kauf nur dringend abraten!!
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am 9. März 2005
Uncle Tom's Cabin is a very melodramatic book. I have read it several times over the past twenty years and must say that it has something new for every decade or even for every generation. When considered for our time, Uncle Tom's stands out as a classic prose that hits directly at those turbulent times before the Civil War, and reflects issues of war and principles today. Harriet Beecher Stowe had a great cause to write about and wrote a work that still is as relevant today as it was during his time.

The author's masterful story summarizes the conflicting attitudes of a nation on the brink of civil war. Melodramatic though it is, it was written in the style of the times and for a situation that required it. This is a highly recommended book.

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am 19. September 1999
Uncle Tom's Cabin is one of the best books I have ever read. You laugh with it, you cry with it... I felt as though I was tight there with Eliza on her frightful journey... I was crying with Tom when Augustine St. Clare's family fell apart. Some people think that old books are boring, and I have to admit that before I started reading this I thought it would drag on and on, boy once I started reading I couldn't put it down. Anyone who appriciates a good book should definintley read this. And believe me, DO NOT judge this book by it's cover or by the southern accent that is hard to understand at first. But after the first chapter, I was totally enthrolled in this book. This book is great and you will not regret spending your money on this. This will be a book that you will remember for the rest of your life.
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am 23. März 2000
I'm a bit late in reading this classic as my high school and college English classes were probably too afraid to have us read it. I think reading it now, in my twenties, that I have a better understanding of the content. I am aware of all the criticisms for this book, but I think that the essence of its story is all too true. I think the aspect of the story that deals with interactions and treatment is probably true. After reading this book it's apparent why, at least in America, we have such social strife today. I believe how we treat each other is handed down from generation to generation, and if we treat certain people a certain way then they begin to have no choice but to behave in a certain way. This book is a strong, but sad testament to this theory. I would definitely recommend reading this book.
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