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4,7 von 5 Sternen42
4,7 von 5 Sternen
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am 26. Februar 2000
What a great story Loung Ung has courageously shared with us! I was totally captivated by her honest and real account of what happened to her and her family. I was reluctant to read the book (even though I knew it was "my" kind of story) because I feared depression. Not only was I NOT depressed, but I could have read thousands of more pages. I was so surprised at how strong I felt after reading the book. It is empowering to feel a real person who has suffered from genocide, not just nameless statistics. Getting to know Loung Ung was fulfilling. Yes she was Cambodian and spoke a different language and had different customs, but she was like every other five-year old that has ever lived. Read this story and feel more alive. Appreciate your own strength inside you, even though you may never be tested of that strength like Ms. Ung and her family and countless others who have lived before, live know and will live in the future.
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am 14. Februar 2000
First They Killed My Father is a compelling story of security, destruction, hope and survival. Apart from the specifics of location and time, this is simply a great read. That the story is true, and that it is recent, only makes it more compelling.
I did not pick up the book because of an interest in Asia, or in the politics and history of Cambodia. I read the book because it sounded interesting; the book did not dissapoint.
It is a classic story, someone happy becomes unhappy, faces extreme odds, and in the end finds happiness again. The success of the book is in the telling of this tale, in its immediacy and sheer presence.
For those interested in Pol Pot and Cambodian history, I imagine this is a good book to read. For those of us interested in reading good stories, written well, this is a great book.
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am 5. April 2000
Oh please get everyone you know to read this book. When you put your problems into the perspective of the trials and struggles of this remarkable young woman you will feel as though you have no problems at all. I believe this book is a must read for all Americans. We have so much, they had so little and all was taken away from them. This book is powerful and life changing. After you read this book you will view life from a different perspective. You will be totally grateful for America, our system of government, who you are and how you live. I was stunned by the visual picture painted for me by this author, a picture both disturbing and enlightening. I will never take life in America for granted again. I think this book should be required reading in every high school in America.
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am 13. April 2000
Loung Ung tells an absolutely horrible story. And she tells it wonderfully! I was affected by Angela's Ashes. First They Killed My Father has overwhelmed me. It's the story of the strength of a family's love through unimaginable circumstances. You must read this book. But you must know first that you will not be able ever again to utter the phrase "I'm starving," without thinking of Keav and Geak. You will not be able to remember the joy of your childhood on a playground without thinking of Loung. I have thought continually of Loung, her brothers, sisters, and parents since picking up the book. I have put down the book, but I cannot put away the story. You are tougher than I if you can read even the closing "Acknowledgments" page with dry eyes.
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am 18. Juli 2000
First, let's get the nitpicks out of the way. Like other reviewers, I was bothered by the poor editing of this memoir, with its verb tense switches and simple errors in usage.
However, I was most disappointed that Loung Ung ended her story with her boarding the plane for America. I had fallen for this spunky, strong-willed little girl and wanted to read about her experiences in her new home in Vermont. Please, Ms Ung, write a new chapter to your story! Tell us how you adapted to Vermont and your new American lifestyle. Your epilogue only hints and teases at the new life you found here and many of your readers are bound to want more! Tell us more about your crusade to banish landmines and about your visits to various American cities as you speak about Cambodia's past and future. We'll be looking forward to it!
As for this volume, it is as most reviewers have said--an uplifting story of survival in the most horrific of circumstances. Five-year-old Loung's curiosity and perseverance are truly wonderful to behold as she watches her comfortable world destroyed by the Khmer forces.
The "dream" or "imagination" passages in which Loung describes the possible ways in which two of her sisters, her mother and her father all died are to me the most heart-rending of the entire book. It doesn't matter that they may not necessarily describe the actual events. What's important is that they describe the events as they were imagined by a child, a child who should never have had to imagine such things. To Loung, the deaths were the overriding fact and the created details of them were her child's way of visualizing her loved ones' last moments, not in a morbid way, but in a sympathetic way.
Another aspect of the story that struck me was the strength of the desire to reach America and the deprivation and dangers many Cambodians were willing to risk to enjoy the life most US citizens take for granted. Simply incredible--and still important today as the US government and people struggle with immigration concerns and as the gap between the "haves" and the "have nots" of the world grows ever wider.
This is an amazing story, an inspiring story, and an unforgettable story that will affect you long after you have read the final sentences.
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am 31. Januar 2000
This is truly an extraordinary book and I would highly recommend it. When I began reading the book, I was drawn in by the descriptions of this young child's world...the sights, the smells, the tastes. I was pulled into the story right from the beginning. As the author begins telling the story of the world collapsing around her, I found I could not put the book down. As the story evolves, you ask yourself, "How can a young child survive all of this?" I cried as Ms. Ung described what happened to her family and the world around her. I think this is a must read for everyone.
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am 5. Dezember 2014
Ich las das Buch während unseres Trips durch Cambodia und konnte mich so noch viel mehr mit dem Thema befassen, das Loung so ergreifend, emotional sowie historisch beschreibt. Das Buch habe ich beendet als wir in Phnom Penh eintrafen und ich habe mich während der 2 Tage in der Stadt immer heimlich gefragt, wo Luong wohl als Mädchen gespielt hatte, Cyclo gefahren ist und welche Schrecken die Bäume dieser Stadt wohl gesehen haben. Es gibt einige Stellen, an denen ich einfach Schluchzen musste, weil es einfach sehr berührt. Ich freue mich auf das Folgebuch und empfehle es gerne weiter.
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am 19. Mai 2000
This book is well worth reading.
The author tells her story of survival during the years l975-79 in Cambodia.
I thought the book was especially interesting because you wonder how does a regime kill two or three million people out of a population of seven or eight million.
Well, this book shows how. And you see how a certain number were simply murdered. Yet many others died through the negligence of a regime that just did not know how to manage the feeding and care of a country of seven million people.
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am 4. April 2000
Few fantasies of horrow could match the Khmer Rouge reality. Unfortunately, approximately eigh millions people shared Ung's predicament and two millions of them did not live to tell their tale.
Ung's chilling depiction of the cruelty of the genocidal regime, the Khmer Rouges, is,perhaps, the greatest gift a survivor could ever give to the current and future generations. For if we were wise we should cherish her gift so that hopefully no one had to experience hell on Earth just so to produce such 'precious' thing.
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am 10. März 2000
I often imagine what would happen if society suffered a meltdown around me. Could I survive? What would happened to my loved ones? Could I protect them? Would I fight back?
Loung endured and survived such a meltdown. She walks the reader through her voyage into and out of the abyss. I had no choice but to read the entire book in one night - it's that powerful.
Both a human tragedy and a truimph of the spirit. I am grateful that Loung was strong enough to survive and tell her tale. I am better for it.
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