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am 18. März 2014
Once again I find a title from within this series of books from which I have been able to learn a great deal. In a work measuring 9¾ x 7¼ in. (248 x 184 mm) and containing only 48 pages of text, this is not intended as the definitive work on the aircraft carriers in question (Forrestal, Kitty Hawk and Enterprise classes). Nevertheless, it does score heavily for being probably the best introduction to the subject you are likely to find and that is always welcome.

In addition to the usual Contents, Bibliography and Index, the main chapters are divided into: Origins of the Carrier and Supercarrier, The Forrestal Class (sub-divided into; Forrestal as built, Structures, Flight Deck & Hangars, Launch & Recovery, Stores, Defensive Systems, Electronics & Radar and Propulsion), The Forrestal Carriers (4 named vessels), The Kitty Hawk Class, (Main differences from Forrestal Class, Defensive Armament, Dimensions & Displacement, Propulsion, Electronics & Radar, the USS America and USS John F. Kennedy), The Kitty Hawk and John F. Kennedy Carriers (another four named vessels), The Enterprise Class (Propulsion, Stores, Flight Deck & Island, Defensive Armament and USS Enterprise).

Another reason why this series of books are so popular is for the way in which the overall focus is carefully planned in order to provide the best possible introduction to the subject in addition to including all relevant information. If you know nothing whatsoever about these classes of aircraft carrier - this is probably the best place to start.

In the opening chapter we are treated to a relatively simple introduction to the subject followed by the origins of the aircraft carrier. Surprising as it may seem to some, this very concept first emerged as early as the 1890s! That famous first take off from the modified deck of USS Birmingham is also mentioned. Having set the scene, we then find a very clear explanation of the subject - class by class and vessel by vessel within that class, whilst dwelling on various differences as we move forward. I am certain those readers who are far more expert than myself will understand more fully the reasons why this was changed and that was modified as design techniques progressed.

The entire product is lavishly illustrated. In addition to the plentiful supply of photographs (historic and modern), we also find the 3 types of illustration which are the hallmark of this particular series: Firstly, there are side and deck profiles for each class of ship. Secondly, there are 2 paintings of carriers underway at sea (USS Saratoga with S-3 Viking aircraft on the flight deck - with one in the foreground having just taken off and USS America with A-6E Intruder and A-7E Corsair II aircraft on the flight deck). Finally, across pages 28-29, there is a remarkable cutaway diagrammatical picture of USS Forrestal - looking towards the stern, showing aircraft and their attendant vehicles both above and below decks.

Altogether, quite educational.

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