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4,7 von 5 Sternen
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am 22. Februar 2013
Sam and Dean Winchester meet up with Bobby Singer at a little town near the Tahoe National Forest where hikers and tourists have been killed. Rangers think it is a rogue bear, but Sam and Dean suspect that the trouble is due to a wendigo. Bobby Concurs. While hunting in the woods they meet Ranger Grace Cumberlin with the US Forest Service. If Grace did not see the next odd event with her own eyes, she never would have believed it. A naked man, covered in blood, walks out of the trees. The silent man stares straight ahead and does not stop walking, even while in a vehicle en route to the hospital. But that is not all. The walking man has no pulse and he has organs of several other people within him.

After the wendigo is dispatched, the Winchesters believe the hunt is over. That is, until they learn that people are still disappearing. Once back in the Tahoe National Forest, the hunters find a mysterious flying creature attacking them. The tall monster looks as though it has a hide of leather and resembles a pterodactyl. But this sly creature can assume human form.

Sam and Bobby head out to find ingredients to make a weapon against their latest foe. Dean and another hunter remain in the area to ward off hikers from entering the creature's territory. When a blizzard strikes the area, Dean must battle the elements as well as the creature. As for Sam and Bobby, they are being ambushed by vampires as they rush to complete the weapon. But once done, they will still have to figure out a way to locate Dean before the creature or one of the avalanches kills him.

**** FOUR STARS! The story starts out like many of the television episodes; the brothers are at the end of a mission, being attacked by a very nasty spirit. The author keeps Sam, Dean, and Bobby's characters true to form. I could easily envision Dean yearning for some type of greasy meat f or dinner. The story takes place during season seven, between "Shut Up, Dr. Phil" and "Slash Fiction". Therefore, Sam is still fighting off images of Lucifer and flashbacks of the time he spent in the cage. A few of the secondary characters from previous television episodes are mentioned but do not make an appearance.

Author Alice Henderson does a fantastic job at keeping the identity (human form) of the creature from the reader. She had me guessing everyone at various times. (Ultimately, my guess was wrong.) The story slows down and drags for a brief time in the center, but by the time Dean finally gets a good look at what they are up against; things begin to speed up quickly and become intense. The author also seems to know what she is writing about. I checked with a park ranger I know and Henderson describes avalanches and the procedures done for avalanches perfectly. I hope to read more novels from Alice Henderson in the future. ****

Reviewed by Detra Fitch of Huntress Reviews.
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am 16. März 2013
Wie alle Bücher ist es nicht so gut wie die TV Serie. Trotzdem ist das Buch durchweg spannend, die Handlung ist gut vorstellbar und abwechslungsreich. Die Beziehung zwischen Sam und Dean spielt eine wichtige Rolle und viele Rückblicke binden das Buch gut in Staffel 7 ein. Eines der besten Bücher zu Supernatural.
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am 16. Januar 2015
Die Bücher sind für jeden Fan der Serie ein Muss. Sie sind genau im Ton der Serie gehalten und geben die Figuren richtig gut wieder. Spannend sind sie dazu auch noch! Top!
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