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4,4 von 5 Sternen
4,4 von 5 Sternen
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am 23. Februar 1999
The Song of Albion trilogy are some of the best books I have ever read!! They deserve 10 stars! I read fiction critically, paying attention not only to the quality of plot, but also quality of writing and, most importantly, development of characters. Stephen Lawhead's books in general, and this trilogy in particular, satisfy me in every detail. The plots are original and very well researched, and the writing is excellent, with inspiring but not over-used metaphors and subtle alliteration. The characterization is excellent! I could not believe when reading some of these reviews that the reviewer had read the same books that I did. I can truly say that I have never read books in which the characters are better developed than in these. These books deserve to be compared with Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, which are my all-time favorite books!
Read these books if you like, as I do: Celtic mythology; high fantasy; believable fictional characters; writing that is at once both poetic and gritty; anything written by Tolkien; well-written fantasy with Christian values...I could go on, actually--let's just say READ THESE BOOKS.
For those people who thought that the Celtic mythology setting of these books was not accurate and rather forced, I beg to disagree. Having studied Celtic mythology informally quite a lot for the past couple of years, I happen to know that these books are VERY well researched. The more that I learn about Celtic mythology, the more I am impressed by the accuracy of the Song of Albion setting. You will have learned more than you know, as you will find if these books inspire you to look further into this fascinating genre of mythology! And the Otherworld setting is, to me, very believable. I could almost believe it is real. It was a mysterious experience to visit a full-sized model of Stonehenge at sunset, during the time-between-times.
Another great thing about these books is that musicians Jeff Johnson and Brian Dunning have written music to go with them. I originally heard of these books through this music. I have all the "Songs from Albion" CDs and highly recommend them, especially if you like contemporary Celtic-style music that is original composition, with a touch of New Age, rock, and medieval styles.
That is my review of the series. About this book in particular--I do not need to go over the plot since that has already been done here, and I would not want to ruin it for you anyway. Although it is still very good, this was my least favorite of the three books in this trilogy. It seemed a bit drawn out, as if the author ran out of things to say before the 400 pages were full. But there are still many important ends tied up. The ending may be to some people disappointing, although it was certainly "coming" no matter what. I will not give it away, but you will probably also be very surprised by the ending. While the "end" is not hard to guess for a reader of the first two books, you will never guess the "means"!
Well, I'm done raving now. READ THESE BOOKS!!!!!!!!!
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am 30. August 1999
I believe that one of the marks of a classic is that it can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. Well, this book certainly fit. I'm 11, and I loved it! Another is that it can discussed for a long period of time. I finished this book a while before my dad and after he finished it, we discussed it for half an hour. There was quite a bit of symbolism combined with Christianity to make you wonder for a long time. One thing that he suggested near the end of the book is that everyone in our world has a parallel in Albion. I noticed a few similarites between Cynan and the old Simon, as well as Tegid and Professor Nettleton. Lewis probably didn't have one, since he was the hero. Book Two ended without a cliffhanger and a happy ending. At the end, this one almost made me cry. Too many plot details have already been revealed, so I won't tell you anymore. This trilogy is one of the best of all time, up there with Lord of the Rings and Chronicles of Narnia. However, if you are a kid, have your parents read them first and make sure they're all right for you. It's fairly graphic and has some...ahhh...content. (If you catch my drift) I guess the point of my review is: BUY THIS BOOK! You won't be disappointed.
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am 18. Januar 1999
The first time i picked up these books, reading them became an obsession. I read all night long for a week, until I finished the series. I loved the story, characters, and fantastical setting -- the whole thing! I also love the symbolism and allegorical quality of the three novels as a unit. Now I've re-read them several times, and still enjoy Lawhead's masterful story telling throughout. These are some of the best!
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am 1. Mai 1999
I read this book a year ago when I was 12, and what can I say? I'm still in awe of this masterful work of art. Stephen Lawhead had been my favourite writer ever since Dream Thief, but his wonderful blend of celtic history and fantasy writing in the Song of Albion trilogy never made me turn back. It definitely deserves the 5 stars I'm giving it.
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am 5. November 1998
This series is just amazing. With its rich tapestry of both Celtic mythology and Christian values, this series is a winner in every way. Llew's journey to recover his beloved, while sometimes too predictable, is still a great way to end the trilogy. Many thought provoking issues there!
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am 31. März 2000
This book rocks. I love Celtic history, and happen to be a Christian so this melds the best of both. The story is entrancing and spell binding, with characters you can understand. Just borrow these books, and find out for yourself how good they really are.
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am 11. April 2011
Der Anfang ist ziemlich langweilig und erst zum Schluss wird es spannender. Für mich sind aber zum Schluss der Trilogie noch einige Fragen offen geblieben. Mein Fazit: ich empfehle das Buch nicht weiter.
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am 28. Dezember 1999
The 3rd and last book. I am sorry to see the adventure end. These are fasinating books. Ones I am sure will be read repeatedly as treasured books of my library.
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am 26. Mai 2000
All I can say is that i LOVE LOVE LOVE this book as well as the other books READ THEM. P.S if a 13 yr old like me should love these books then so should you
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am 31. März 2014
ich bin sehr zufrieden, es war ein Geschenk für meinen Mann und das bestellte Buch kam rechtzeitig an.Vielen Dank dafür
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