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4.0 von 5 Sternen Helpful book - list of foods not very comprehensive, 20. Februar 2011
Rezension bezieht sich auf: Diet & Fitness Journal: Your Personal Guide to Optimum Health (Little Black Journals) (Spiralbindung)
This book is the first diet journal I ever used - and I am very happy with it except for the fact that the list of foods with their calories/fat/saturated fat/carbs/protein/cholesterol and fibre is not very comprehensive and the measurement is based on cups/piece etc. and not on grams. Therefore I had to use an internetsource to look up the food that I have actually eaten.
It has enough pages to last you for 14 weeks if you monitor your food/workouts on a daily basis.

Now to the good aspects:
The book has a short but very good introduction that gives you information about diet (where we are now - where we want to be), nutrition (food groups, when is it best to eat, nutrition tips & tricks, portion control) and fitness (basal metabolic rate, body mass index, resting heart rate/max heart rate, cardio, weight training, fitness tips and tricks). It also lists helpful online resources for further information. It explains how to use the daily food log, the daily fitness log and the weekly progress section.

Your daily journal consists of two pages. On the left hand side you have your food log, on your right hand side the fitness log. You number the day and week and note down the current date.
The food log is basically a chart, where you write down what and how much you ate at at certain time (breakfast/snack/lunch/snack/dinner/snack - you can write down the exact time). Each part has a line where you can add up the total amount of calories etc. For each food you have the following columns: clories/fat/sodium/carb/fibre/protein/other. Finally you sum up your daily totals at the bottom of the page. You can also monitor your portions of water/veggies+fruit there. Finally there's a little chart to compare your target amount of calories/protein/carbs/fat with the actual amount you consumed.
The fitness log is divided into cardio and weights. Here you can note down the name of your exercise, the time of day, for cardio heart rate/speed/level/intensity/other/calories used and for weights muscle group/reps/sets/duration/intensity/other/calories used.
Finally you note down the calories consumed (food log), subtract the calories used and get your net calories from which you subtract your BMR to get a net calories deficit.
There's additional space for vitamins/supplements, dosage and quantity, for whether you met your goals, your mood and your energy level.
Finally there is room for notes.
The weekly progress log contains two lines: one for last week and one for the current week, where you can compare stats (weight, BMI, BMR, heart rate, cholesterol, blood sugar, other) and measurements (neck/shoulder/chest/waist/hip/thigh/calf/arm/other). There's plenty of space for notes and goals for the next week. Finally there is a little chart where you can fill in the daily calorie deficits from your daily food logs and a box where you calculate your current waist hip ratio.
At the end of the book there is a personal progress chart, on the inside of the cover there is space for a "before" and "after" photo. Besides the layout of the book is very good and it has an overall appealing design.

The extent to which you use the book (e.g. use it daily or just from time to time, calculating the basic calories or going into detail to the amount of protein/carbs etc. per day) is up to the user. The book offers a great variety of possibilities to monitor your eating habits and your workouts.
As the book worked very well for me I can recommend it to anyone who is willing to put some effort into losing weight. It is of course not going to work if you cheat on yourself.
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