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3,5 von 5 Sternen43
3,5 von 5 Sternen
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am 11. September 1999
this was the very first star wars comic i have ever read, and i look forward to getting the sequels. yeah sure, the pictures weren't the best i've seen and the color was different(still interesting), it gave a lot of information on what happened between "the last command" by zahn and "jedi search" by anderson. being one who absolutely loves star wars and reads every book (and comic) that looks interesting to me, when i read the books they would sometimes talk about luke's time on the dark side, and i would be totally lost. when i saw this comic book in a book store, i quickly flipped though it, liked it and then bought it. needless to say, i am no longer lost when reading star wars. besides the fact that most people doing these reviews didn't like it, I DID, i loved it, and so did some other people. just remember if you DO get and really don't like it, lets you return a book if your not fully satisfied. thanks
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am 6. März 1998
in this enstallment we find our usual characters, Luke, Leia, Han & gang in quite an akward situation. in a plan to overthrow the empire and his greatest foe [yes, the emporer returns], Luke Skywalker joins the dark side, but soon finds he has lost control. all in all leia and han make an attempt to save him, but fail the first time, so at the last minute leia returns to convince him to rejoin to the alliance. this the first post Star Wars story i ever, and happens to be my favorite. it's a wonderful twist on Luke Skywalker's character, and i am almost reminded of the storyline of AKIRA, in the fact that someone previously good so can develop into something so evil. the style is very macabre, and the artwork definetly fits the story. i am a very hard consumer to please, so you'll have to trust me that this is an essential read for all SW fans. and don't forget the sequel: Dark Empire II
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am 26. November 1999
My son acquired the audiocassette versions of Dark Empire and Dark Empire II when he was six years old, and after 2 1/2 years he still hasn't tired of them. What higher recommendation is there? The cast performance is energetic and faithful to the original film characters, the sound effects are first rate, and the whole production is very well paced. The tapes are visceral in the way that the films were at their best. As an adult, I roll my eyes a bit at the "Will-Luke-go-over-to-the-Dark-Side" cliffhangers and the repeated demise and reappearances of the Emperor. But it's no more silly than the Saturday morning serials that inspired the series, and the kids don't care a bit!
The bottom line: it will keep the kids entertained for hours...or maybe even years.
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am 4. April 1999
I'm really surprised by the other reviews of this series. I thought _Dark Empire_ (along with its sequels _Dark Empire II_ and _Empire's End_) was far and away the best of the _Star Wars_ comic books. I wish ANY of the Star Wars novels were as good as this. I confess I've been bored to tears by the ever-multiplying Star Wars novels by Timothy Zahn, Kevin Anderson, etc. THIS series has what I've been missing: that feeling of genuine menace and insidious temptation of the Dark Side that was the best part of _Empire Strikes Back_ and _Return of the Jedi_. I wish they'd make a novel of this.
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am 5. September 1998
Luke Skywalker Using the Dark Side? It's true! Thank god leia brought him back or the remnants of the New Republic would have died for sure! Howcome the Emperor didn't come back sooner, I don't know. But That Star Destroyer he had! Twice the size of the Super Star Destroyer at Hoth! Wow! What a great comic! And then the Emperor comes back in Darke Empire II!!! Why they don't have Empire's End I don't know. But What are you waiting for? Buy this comic NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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am 14. Oktober 1999
If the Emperor can enter anyone when his clone body deteriorates, why doesn't he just enter Luke as soon as he goes over to the dark side? Then he could have the combined powers of Luke Skywalker and himself, and would have been able to capture Leia and the unborn Anakin! Another note: the ship Eclipse was underplayed. Why didn't Veitch actually use it in combat?
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am 30. Januar 1997
if you like star wars history you will like this story.
as luke studies the dark side and the aliance fights on
you will connect pieces of the star wars tale.

you will also want to buy the sequel " dark empire II".
hopefully they will release the next book to finish the
series " dark empire III"

hope you enjoy
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am 26. August 1999
Compared to Episode I, this comics story is really great... Lucas should have filmed this one! You'll like this, but only if you aren't demanding that the character's are drawn exactly like the actors (I think that this artistic freedom is a really pluspoint for this comic...)
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am 29. Oktober 1999
Great book,I loved the colorful drawings and good portrayal of the characters.I was very,very pleased at the return of the Emperor. Ever since Return of the Jedi I wondered if he would make a suprise return overall, great story just wise up on the dialouge next time chaps.
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am 16. August 1998
This was a truly excellent story. Luke was by far the best character in it, becoming one with the darkside. The plot was well thought out, especially for a comic, and the art was great. Indeed this is a story worthy of the name Star Wars.
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