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5.0 von 5 Sternen Lessons from Tycoons on Making Money with Your Mind, 17. Juli 2007
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When Napoleon Hill met Andrew Carnegie, Carnegie challenged Hill to interview the other most successful business leaders to find out what had helped them. Think of this as the equivalent of interviewing all of today's self-made billionaires. Carnegie offered no financial resources, but did help with making the introductions. Napoleon Hill was thus launched on the adventure of a lifetime that led to this intriguing book. In the book, Hill distills what each person had to say into simple concepts for setting goals, staying focused on them, and being persistent.

Napoleon Hill does not lay it all out in the way that modern "get rich now" writers do. He wants to leave room for you to discover what he has learned in the interviews for yourself. You will learn better and remember the lessons longer that way.

Some of the key points involve tales of overwhelming commitment to a goal. He then talks about the ways that people have reinforced these goals. The book deliberately leaves it unclear how much this goal setting and focus succeeds because of your concentration and how much because of human mental powers of some undefined sort. That source of success is beside the point, because if you do what Napoleon Hill suggests, I believe that you will have remarkable success in your life.

More recent research with young people shows that those who accomplish the most in their lives are those who have written goals at a fairly young age, and continue to focus on those goals. The point: Without goals, most people wander around aimlessly and accomplish less than their full potential. This does not mean that you have to work any harder or longer to be successful (although your commitment may encourage that). It does mean that your life will be much more purposeful.

I heartily subscribe to that belief. Whenever I have had firm goals, progress has been rapid. Exceed those goals, and progress stalls until new goals are set and pursued.

Another reason for reading this book is because you will meet many people in your life who will have read and used this process to accomplish a great deal in their own lives. Your ability to form valuable alliances with these people will be increased by your understanding of this book.

Unlike many positive thinking books, Think and Grow Rich is based on actual experiences of people whom many would like to emulate. The experiences that are shared here are all ones that you can follow. For example, if you would really like to have Bill Gates as your business partner without investing any money, you can see how people did this who wanted to have a partnership with Thomas Edison.

If nothing else, you will uncover whether or not you have the dedication it takes to create astonishing wealth through concentrating your mind on your goals. If relaxing on the beach sounds good to you as you think about creating wealth, this methodology is not for you.

If you find that you do not understand Napoleon Hill's message, feel free to read any of his later books. He lays out the key points in great detail in those.

From the title, you may think that this book will give you a very detailed get-rich process. It is just the opposite. You will still have a lot of work ahead of you to learn how to achieve your goals if you use the Think and Grow Rich principles. Your work will go better because it will be purposeful about something that you care passionately about.

May you find a path to progress that stimulates an overwhelming passion in others to work with you!
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4.0 von 5 Sternen Interessant, aber nicht Welt bewegend., 11. August 2006
Rezension bezieht sich auf: Think and Grow Rich: The 21st Century Edition (Taschenbuch)
Das Buch hält sich seit vielen Jahrzehnten an der Spitze der Motivationsbücher. Es gibt mittlerweile bessere Bücher. Dieses ist zu sehr in der Vergangenheit verankert. Carnegies Bücher sind zeitlos. Dieses ist interessant, aber nicht Welt bewegend.
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