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am 22. Mai 2000
I have been colletor of Elvis Presley for 15 years and collect almost all made on him.
I have started to buy books 4 years ago, and read all on Elvis. I will say that many books are bad, some good, and only few that are great. Jim Curtin is the best books.
He tells everything in truth and very thorough detail. I am very happy with this book, and his others
Unseen Elvis ..... Candids of King ..... Elvis and Stars ..... Unknown Stories ..... Christmas with Elvis ..... The Early Elvis
I say this man is very dedicated in preserving the best on Elvis; and he does wonderfully. Thanks you
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am 13. Dezember 1999
Well I have never posted a review before, but being how this book affected me, I wanted to share it with all of you readers.
I basically strolled into a local bookstore and as I browsed the shelves, I came upon this book. The stark white cover with that amazing black and white photo of Elvis, attracted my eye.
I then flipped through it, thinking I would just quickly label this book as one of the TOO MANY books on Elvis. Another make a quick buck scheme as Guralnick's books are. Well one of the stories in the beginning caught my eye! To quickly name it, the story about the Dorsey's Stage Show under the table payoff! I never even knew about it! I was stunned, so I kept reading. What I instantly like about the book, besides the information, was the way the book was written. I love the fact of being able to read just the facts of the event, and not be forced to read and read about all other unimportant things, as I was with Guralnick's books. This book is quick to point, no beating around the bush. I think by now, 23 years after Elvis' death, I believe even the youngsters know about the life story of Elvis Presley, whether they like him or not.
Not this book though! Oh no, this one purposefully omits that overheard life story and gets to the heart of the matter- actual accounts of events, happenings, etc.
Hmm, seems I am getting to gabby here, so I will make this short. Instead of just browsing through the store, I spent over 2 hours just reading Jim Curtin's new book! Obviously I did not finish reading it all, so I bought it and finished it at home!
And believe me, I would have paid a lot more for this book!
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am 26. August 1999
Hi to everyone reading this review. You are either here to see how good or bad this book is or to see if its worth buying. Well I hope I can answer your questions.
First of all, I am not a big Elvis fan. I dont have hundreds of books in my collection; I have several which I thought were decent. But I do know a good book when I see one; and this is a GREAT book! This Jim Curtin has turned someone like me into an Elvis fan just through this one book! By far this is the best book I have read in any genre.
This book is just perfect for everyone! Whether you are a die-hard Elvis fan or someone who casually likes Elvis. But its a must to have! I liked the style the book was written in. I like the feeling that comes through the writing and the photos just accent this prize even more.
This book is class "A" from start to finish! Beginning with the cover - which is classy, asthetic and mesmerizing; going into the center you find biting and captivating stories that wuld impress even Elvis himself!; then you are left with the story of all stories - how the author made a beautiful guitar for the King and how that meeting happened. I mean CLASSIC!!!!
Jim Curtin shows that he is ... a) a big Elvis fan ... b) a true friend of Elvis' ... c)someone who has class and doesnt resort to hype and lies to sell his book d)someone I would like to say "THANK YOU" to!
And to Celebrity Books: You've got a winner on your hands!
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am 11. Januar 2000
I thought the book was very good.It gives a lot of good short stories on Elvis.Sometimes though a little too short.Some are only a paragraph or two long and they leave you hanging for the rest of the story.But it is a good book to "sit" down and read for ten or fifteen minutes at a time.could have used more pictures
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am 21. August 1999
In my collection I have approximately 200 books on Elvis. This book has to be the best by far for several reasons. #1 - the book is truth #2 - the book is fun to read #3 - the book is written by someone who actually was friends with Elvis!
All in all, I have visited other sites, seen other books and not one can compare to the contents in this book. Jim Curtin did his job beyond the call of duty. Nothing falls short of information. He even has names, dates and places mentioned as if he were there himself. Not once did I have any unanswered questions when I read this book (which took me just 1 day I might add). Yet a book of this caliber ... is last in line! The publisher should be informed that they have a WINNING SERIES on their hands! What gets me going is that the book by Peter Guralnick is getting all the glory; and for NOTHING! That book truly is distasteful and full of everyone else's material! I mean just look at the bibliography -- it even lists Jim Curtin's book! What does that tell you???? Whoever gets this book will only be AMAZED! Signing out from Dallas, Texas -- GREG
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am 16. März 1999
There are only two words for this book - super and the best. Wonderful reading from cover to cover - couldn't put it down without wanting to read more. This book is truly one of thee most (if not the most) informative publication on Elvis ever! This book truly 'introduces' you to Elvis as the man and person and not the hyped performer -- as most of the books out there are about.
This book was also done with a lot of love, care and time. You can feel the warmth of the relationship and love the author had for Elvis.
This is a true Elvis book! I highly recommend it! This book is incomparable and will never be beat!
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am 20. Januar 2000
If I could only bold words and make them bigger I would scream out. ..... "DEAR LORD HELP ME! "
This book is magnificent and packed with tons of information and stories! And the best part is that many of them disclaim all those phony Elvis experts and state the truth of the situation!
I read it in one day .... and its a book I can take out again and again and reread without getting bored. Just toooo much information for any little book!
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am 13. April 1999
I just can't say enough about this book. It was one of the best books on ELvis. Very informative as well as entertaining.
I have Jim Curtin's other books, and all I can say about Jim is .. pure devotion! Jim puts all out with his books.
This is a definite must-read for the Elvis fan!
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am 13. Oktober 1999
What a refreshing book!!!!! All clean - all great - all true!Had a lot of fun reading this book and cant wait for more. And here Ithought I knew about Elvis Presley. I think no one ever knew the real man -- but hey Jim does a great job of telling us who he really was! Thanks!
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am 30. Juli 1999
I have read many, many books on Elvis Presley. This book gives you a RARE inside look of Elvis Presley the well as the star. A collection of many wonderful stories...Some made me laugh...and some made me cry! I can't wait to see volume 2!!
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